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23 Thoughts Everyone Has Whilst Scrolling Through Instagram

Everybody does it

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5. Phew! Thank god. She does not deserve my likes

You ain't getting none of this

7. And stop posting as many photos of my dog I guess

If I have to

9. Remind me why I follow so many supermodels?!


12. Oh and now the same photo 10 times by every Kardashian family member/entourage/I need to address my Kardashian addiction

Maybe it's time for an insta-vention

14. Another Kanye meme

KAN-YE come up with something original? Ha. I crack myself up.


I need to get a life.

17. Why does she post 10 photos in a row?!

That's not how Instagram works! They need a rule book.

19. Jamie Oliver will you just stop. The jealousy is reaching new heights.

@jamieoliver / Via Instagram

Especially when my dinner consists of beans on toast on a more regular basis than I'd like to admit.

20. Damn, a video, should have brought my headphones

I'll just watch it and guess what they're saying

21. Enough with the product placement! I'm not going to buy some teeth whitener!