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21 Small But Perfect Moments In Everyday Life

Small moments of perfection.

1. When you're thinking something and the exact word you were thinking about is said by someone else.

2. When you get the tea to milk ratio spot on.

3. When you come out the shower and are greeted with a drop of heaven in the form of toasty underwear straight from the radiator.

4. The moment when you realise you have another cookie left after thinking you had finished the packet.

5. When you're in the car and an emotional song comes on the radio so you pretend that you're in a music video.

6. When you wear new clothes for the first time and walk around like this.

7. The tranquil moment when it's raining and you're in the car listening to raindrops hit the roof and feeling all cosy.

8. When you go to a bathroom when you're out and they have paper towels.

9. When you come back from the bathroom at a restaurant and your dinner is on the table.

10. When you go to pay and have the exact change.

11. When the train doors open exactly where you're standing.

12. When your toast comes out perfectly browned.

13. The cold side of the pillow.

14. That feeling after you shave and your skin comes the closest it will ever be to being as soft as Beyonce's.

15. When you get the tap water to the perfect temperature for washing your face.

16. When you arrive somewhere as soon as it starts raining.

17. When your favourite underwear is fresh out the laundry.

18. When Ben & Jerry's is half price at the supermarket.

19. When all the traffic lights are green on your way to work.

20. When you have a strange taste in your mouth and someone offers you a piece of gum.

21. And when you wake up and realise you have another 3 hours of perfect sleep before your alarm goes off.