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    15 Times Blake Lively's Instagram Made Us Want To Be Her Best Friend


    1. When she entered instagram so gracefully with her unbeliavably perfect wet hair don't care look

    2. When she showed us she's not only a great actress but a great cook too

    3. When she demonstrated her cookie making skills (and wrote bitch on one of the cookies)

    4. When she managed to still look gorgeous whilst pulling this face

    5. When she showed us she's a social media stalker just like us!

    6. When she showed us she doesn't mind looking silly

    7. When she shared this hilarious photoshop

    8. And then this one

    9. When she shared this photo of herself slaying the red carpet whilst "checkin' (her) Loubis and (her) boobies"

    10. When she gave us fashion, hair and photo-posing goals all in one photo

    11. When she acknowledged that her husband is fit af

    12. When she showed us that off the red carpet, she doesn't take herself too seriously

    13. And that she has a huge heart

    14. Sharing who inspires her whilst demonstrating that smiling beats pouting any day

    15. And lastly, when she gave us life goals.