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    Posted on Feb 13, 2014

    Colorado Springs: A Photo Love Story

    Colorado Springs is not what you think. It's everything you love about Colorado in one community. © Kate's Lens Photography


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    “We drove straight down that street”, Latoya said, and pointed right, “and we were there at the perfect sledding hill for the girls”. Craig, is an employee of the ARC and advocates for individuals with disabilities and Latoya stays at home with their girls. - Craig Severa, 53, Latoya Severa, 41, Alannah, 10 and Alexandra, 8.


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    "This Georgia boy loves Colorado Springs." -Stanley Adams, 59, Retired Military United States Air Force, Retired Teacher


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    "We are changing the world of business through people and potential."-Lisa Tessarowicz, 32 and Hannah Parsons, 37 Co-Owners of Epicentral Co-working space, a hub for creatives and professionals across the city.


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    "I'm a fan of theater and the symphony I sing in the Colorado Spring's Chorale and I am a member of Theaterworks. When I'm not enjoying the arts it's just a short drive to the mountains."-Dick Hilt, 77, Colorado College Professor


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    “When I moved here from Lithuania at age 16 I had no idea what to expect. Now I own an organic business in a community of people who share my values and support my business.” -Indre Roy, Owner of Royal Salon


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    “I grew up here. I did travel away from home but my love for Colorado and the Pikes Peak region brought me back. My love for the diversity of Colorado Springs did too. This place is a melting pot of people from all over the world and a city with great opportunity!” -Carl “CJ” Petersen, 33, Rancher and Bartender at Boodads


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    “I do love Colorado Springs! That’s why I’ve given my life to this community." -June Waller, Community Activist and 2014 Citizens Project Divine Award recipient


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    "A job brought me here. Passion, community and the mountains keep me here. Before I discovered yoga, I used to be an engineer, competing in a man’s world. Now I empower women as a prenatal, birth partner, and Mama & Me yoga instructor. I am also a labor doula. I love the community I serve."- Bea Wilds, 38, Yoga Instructor and Doula


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    “We love it here. Delanie attends school and volunteers with great organizations like Happy Cat Haven and the Public Library. To have my daughter so involved and thriving in the community makes my commute to Castle Rock worth it. Plus we get to see the mountains every day.” -Patsy and Delanie Bjork, 53 and 16, Single Mom and Daughter


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    "There are so many things that I love about Colorado Springs. I met my wife on the summit of a Colorado Fourteener. I came to Colorado Springs with a Fortune-500 company and I spend a lot of time at the State Capitol. I love this town because I enjoy working with multiple non-profit groups that are engaged and passionate in changing the hearts and minds of the community.I love the Springs for the landscape and fresh air. I always make time to be outside. I managed to complete the Pikes Peak Marathon 20 years in a row." -Pete Lee, 67, State Representative


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    "As a young professional and a competitive athlete I can build a career in a thriving city while still having access to trails that are literally out my back door." -Jeff Mohrmann, 32, Principal at Rogue Mountain Law


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    “My family and I moved here from New York by way of North Carolina three years ago when I became the President of Colorado College. I simply love the people! This town excites me, the students and professors of Colorado College are so involved.” -Jill Tiefenthaler, 48, President of Colorado College


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    “I want to make this community great for runners, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who are inspired by our natural surroundings.” -Tim Bergsten, 54, Founder and Editor of


    © Kate's Lens Photography

    “Our home reflects our values. We now live in a community that recycles abandoned land close to the city and creates energy-efficient homes. Not so different from our sweet Sammie, a blue heeler we adopted this past year.” -Lisa Reaves and Stephanie Thomas, Colorado Springs New Homeowners


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