10 Stages Of College Seniors Applying For Jobs, Told By ‘Game Of Thrones’

Graduation is coming.

1. After four years of college, you’re pumped for your first big-time job.

2. Brace yourselves, job world. I’m about to take you by storm.

Who wouldn’t want to hire a recent college grad? I’m young and full of energy and ready to learn.

3. You have a rockin’ cover letter and resume.

There’s no way someone won’t hire you. NO WAY.

4. Then you realize you’re technically not qualified for ANYTHING.

I know one thing I’m proficient in: Drinking wine.

5. When you don’t have something lined up, that’s when everyone starts asking you what you’re doing after graduation…

SHUT UP, WHY DON’T YA?! Give me some time. It’s not a race.

Okay, maybe it is.

6. You start becoming desperate.

Someone just pick me, choose me, hire me.

7. Commence the crying because you feel like a loser.

Isn’t there any job that DOESN’T require 3-5 years of job experience?!

8. There comes that time when you doubt everything you know (or thought you knew).


9. You come to the realization that there are no jobs for you. At least none that you want.

Meet future President and CEO of Couch Potatoes, Inc.

10. But you don’t give up. There’s always tomorrow.

Only a few weeks left till May. You can do this!

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