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    10 Underrated Millennial Kid's Shows That'll Hit You With A Wave Of Nostalgia Like A Brick

    So many nostalgic cartoons canceled way before their time. No wonder '90s kids have abandonment issues.

    1. Xiaolin Showdown

    Picture of the main characters - Omi (middle), Kimiko (Right), Raimundo (Left), and Clay (Back)

    2. Code Lyoko

    3. X-Men Evolution

    animated character with chin-length hair, mouth frowned

    4. Static Shock

    Picture of the main character, Static Shock

    5. Gargoyles

    Picture of main characters Goliath (Left) and Demona (Right)

    6. Teen Titans

    Picture of main charatcers. Left Cyborg, Beastboy, Robin, Raven, Starfire (flying)

    7. Filmore!

    8. Sym-bionic Titan

    9. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

    10. And The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

    Picture of main characters; Monroe (Dog), Juniper (Girl), and Ray Ray (Boy)