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    10 Underrated Millennial Kid's Shows That'll Hit You With A Wave Of Nostalgia Like A Brick

    So many nostalgic cartoons canceled way before their time. No wonder '90s kids have abandonment issues.

    1. Xiaolin Showdown

    Picture of the main characters - Omi (middle), Kimiko (Right), Raimundo (Left), and Clay (Back)
    Kids' WB

    Sleeping in on Saturdays was for the cool kids. For everyone else, we were watching Kid's WB. Lasting three seasons, and then a short one-season revival (Xailon Chronicles), Showdown was a fun and eclectic show about four very different Xailon warriors fighting to save the world from a cranky ghost named Wuya.

    2. Code Lyoko

    MoonScoop Group

    Brought to you by France, Code Lyoko was ahead of its time with a plot based in the digital world. The first three seasons aired in the US and now thanks to all the streaming services, you can finish the series and watch the full four. #closure

    3. X-Men Evolution

    animated character with chin-length hair, mouth frowned
    Kids' WB

    Although it strayed far from canon, Evolution was definitely the show that got a lot of us into Marvel. With the potential for a fifth season, the show ended at four with a half-tied bow that could leave room for the planned Phoenix arc.

    4. Static Shock

    Picture of the main character, Static Shock
    Kid's WB

    Another Kid's WB gem. Honestly, that segment itself was underrated. Back in October of 2020, there were rumors that Michael B. Jordan would be producing a live-action version based on an ambiguous tweet of his. No new updates since.

    5. Gargoyles

    Picture of main characters Goliath (Left) and Demona (Right)
    Disney+ / Via

    Much like the other shows in the mid-to-late '90s (Think Batman: The Animated Series), Gargoyles was dark with complex storylines that made kids actually have to pay attention. BTW Did Demona give anyone else nightmares?

    6. Teen Titans

    Picture of main charatcers. Left Cyborg, Beastboy, Robin, Raven, Starfire (flying)
    Cartoon Network / Via

    None of this GO nonsense. Teen Titans was the perfect mix of DC dark. "Low ratings" cut the show before its time or rather the demographic grew up and there wasn't room on Toonami.

    7. Filmore!


    Who knew hall monitors could be so interesting? An animated parody of a cop drama, those who watched Filmore! are now 100% watching one of the Law and Order series.

    8. Sym-bionic Titan

    Toonami/Cartoon Network

    From the mind of Dexter's Labratory and Samurai Jack, Sym-Bionic Titan was Tartakovsky's version of Mecha Vs Kaiju, but in true Cartoon Network fashion, it was deemed too smart and had "low ratings." The show was canceled after three seasons leaving a major cliffhanger. For a short time, there was hope Netflix would pick it back up as the show was popular on the platform. No such luck as of yet.

    9. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

    Cartoon Network

    Chances are if you were a fan of Powerpuff Girls, you were a fan of McCraken's Foster's Home and you caught all the easter eggs throwing back to his OG hit. Much like Pixar, Foster's was a witty show that both adults and children could get behind with whimsical fun and cheeky jokes. The series ended properly after six seasons with the outline of the house which was always drawn as part of the intro, slowly being erased. #Imnotcryingyourecrying.

    10. And The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

    Picture of main characters; Monroe (Dog), Juniper (Girl), and Ray Ray (Boy)
    Cartoon Network

    The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, along with Jake Long: American Dragon, were stand-out shows for American Asian kids at a time when representation wasn't a huge concern for the entertainment world. Although set for a fourth and fifth season, Juniper never made it past three seasons due to unknown reasons.

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