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    • averyh4

      If Artpop had been any good NOTHING could have ruined its success. Bill Werde is a fraud and still has to explain how Billboard made Dope, a song nobody knows, heard on the radio or anything got to number 8 on the charts because he allowed the streaming of the performance of the song at the Youtube awards that was played automatically before EVERY video on Youtube for 2 days to plus the Youtube awards to be counted as views. The song fell OUT OF THE CHARTS the next week and into oblivion since then. He’s responsible for allowing streaming on Youtube to be counted in the main Billboard charts without any monitoring. GAGA even adressed the subject on Twitter when she asked her fans to use a cheating technique to have multiple repeats of her applause video played all day long. Bill Werde is still defending her on his blog and whenever he has the chance to. His last words in Billboard were “Please stop calling it artflop”. It makes you wonder if he wasn’t placed there by Interscope Records or if he was getting paid by Gaga to help her cheat the charts. Angela Cheng, Perez Hilton and the others do not matter because they only are an internet phenomenon BUT how Bill Werde handled the charts when he was at Billboard and how much he defended and plugged Gaga is something to be looked into.

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