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    • averyg

      I was babysitting forafriend of mine andIset out the kiddy pool for his daughter to play in. Everything was fine while she played with her toys in the pool then all ofasudden she started splashing around and screaming bloody murder soIasked her what was wrong? “I’ve been bad and my mommy is putting me in the freezer!”  The same little girl disappeared on me in the house one time and whenIfound her she was sitting in the corner in the kitchen.Iasked her what she was doing and she said that she was playing hide and seek with her sister. (She’s an only child btw).Iasked her where her sister was and she pointed toacupboard andIhesitated to open it up becauseIknew this is how horror movies start out… the babysitter dies…
      WhenIopened it, the little girlIwas babysitting ran off laughing and saying, “She must be somewhere else!”

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