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Which Iconic VMAs Look Are You?

I'm the meat dress!

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  1. Which of these 2000s VMAs outfits do you love the most?

  2. Which of these almost-naked looks would you rock?

  3. Which of these latex looks is your favorite?

  4. Which Destiny's Child makes you the most nostalgic for a reunion?

  5. Which Gwen Stefani outfit would you have worn in the 90s?

  6. Which of these Fergie 2000s classics makes you want another album?

  7. Which of these now defunct pairings do you miss most?

  8. Which of these artful Lady Gaga get-ups speaks to you the most?

  9. Which of these maximalist outfits makes you most excited for your next occasion to get dressed up?

  10. Which of these bathing suit looks is most your speed?

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