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21 Unbelievable Moments In VMA History

From Kanye jumping on stage to defend Beyoncé's title as the reigning queen of all things music video to Miley's major twerking phase, some seriously weird stuff has gone down at the VMAs.

1. When Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Video by a Female Artist and the whole world collectively lost it's mind.

2. When Miley Cyrus twerked on Robin Thicke and then almost immediately split from their respective significant others.

3. When Brittney Spears and Madonna kissed in 2003 and it sent shock waves through the entire entertainment industry.

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Justin Timberlake looking on in horror is *chef's kiss*.

4. When Beyoncé announced her pregnancy by exuberantly rubbing her belly.

5. When Lady Gaga showed up in a dress made entirely of meat and vegans everywhere let out a collective whine.

6. When Lady Gaga pointed Justin Bieber towards to steps to the stage when he was looking a little lost.

Lady Gaga shows Justin Bieber the way to stage when he won “Best new artist” at the VMAS back in 2010.


Lady Gaga is clearly the heart of the best VMA moments.

7. When Brittney showed up with a snake.

8. When Madonna lost her shoe on stage and, instead of slinking away, decided to go with it and roll around on the ground.

9. Beyoncé makes a political statement with the word "Feminist" lighting up behind her as a part of her performance in 2014.

10. When Nicki Minaj astutely got her point across with three little words: "Miley, what's good?"

11. When Diana Ross copped a feel, bringing attention to Lil Kim's now iconic single pasty look.

12. When Lady Gaga wore a red lace face covering and gave her acceptance speech behind the veil.

13. When RuPaul hung out with Nirvana backstage in 1993?

Nirvana with RuPaul backstage at the 1993 VMAs. #Nirvana


This is so crazy?

14. When RuPaul threw shade at Milton Berle.

They be throwing beaucoup shade! #TBT to @RuPaul with Milton Berle at the '93 @MTV #VMAs. #RoadToTheVMAs


“So you used to wear gowns, but now you're wearing diapers" was the phrase that sent old and new fans of drag into a tizzy.

15. When Fiona Apple declared "This world is bullshit" in a controversial speech about the youths not modeling their self-worth off the entertainment industry.

Kanye West went Fiona Apple on the #VMAs


Doesn't sound all that controversial to me, but it got a lot of hate.

16. When Lil Mama jumped on the stage during Jay Z and Alicia Keys' performance of Empire State of Mind and Beyoncé tried to STOP HER.

Here’s how @LilMama handled the backlash from the 2009 MTV VMAs incident: http://t.co/CyWgpECedt


There's so much to unpack and just not enough time.

17. When Courtney Love crashed Madonna's interview and she wasn't having it.

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"Courtney Love is in dire need of attention right now" were the exact words I believe...

18. When Paula Abdul rocked this sequin outfit and gave us major child dressed like Ariel for Halloween vibes.

Paula Abdul at the 1987 MTV VMA show. 💃 🎵


We know it was 1987 but... this looks itchy.

19. When MC Hammer wore the most lamé ever.

If I go to the VMA's I'm dressing like MC Hammer back in the days


So much fabric.

20. When Lenny Kravitz wore this outfit while escorting his MOM to the VMAs and then posting a throwback, therefore drawing out attention back to it?

.@vmas with my mom back in ‘93. Presenting tonight, see you there.


The confidence.

21. When Beyoncé showed she truly is a feminist and brought Taylor up on stage to finish her speech after her win for Video of the Year.