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    31 Things From Walmart You Just Might Want To Buy For The Reviews Alone

    Because the reviews speak for themselves.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A wrinkle-resistant microfiber sheet that will offer you the best sleep of your life. It's super soft and it has anti-wrinkle technology so it'll look as good as it feels.

    The wrinkle-resistant microfiber sheet in arctic white

    2. A modern shag area rug for the person who can't resist spiffing up their home. Now that we're spending lots more time in our living rooms, this may be a perfect way to bring a little comfort and excitement to your space.

    The modern shag area rug in beige

    3. A black tuxedo scented candle because there's never been a better time to make your house smell incredible than this very moment. The reviews for this versatile favorite speaks for themselves.

    The black tuxedo scented candle

    4. A plush oversized blanket you can get snuggle with — it's super soft and comes in five different patterns, so you can be sure it'll fit your style.

    The plush oversized blanket in red

    5. An essential oil diffuser that is a perfect for a household that appreciates some serious aromatherapy. It's reviewed highly — and that reason might be its remote inclusion, multiple settings, or variety of scent offerings.

    The essential oil diffuser

    6. A 6-quart Instant Pot so you can make rice, stews, and even porridge with just the click of a button. This really is a product that does all the work for you so that you can kick back and relax until dinner time.

    The six-quart instant pot

    7. A rolling armless office chair for the person who's all business. If you've been working from home and are looking for a quality item for an unbeatable price, look no further than this chair.

    The rolling office chair in white

    8. A 10-inch ceramic planter because if you've been looking to work on your green thumb, this is a great place to start. For a planter of this size and quality, the price is unbeatable so you'll know you're getting a great deal too.

    The ten-inch ceramic planter in white

    9. A four-square storage organizer so you can keep your books, knickknacks, and other items organized and displayed in a way that doesn't feel cluttered. It's an innovative storage solution and for the price it's truly a steal.

    The four-square storage organizer in rustic gray

    10. A Keurig coffee pot for the family who likes to move quickly in the mornings. Don't have time to grind coffee beans? No problem. This pod-based machine will cut coffee-making time in half.

    The Keurig coffee pod maker in black

    11. A mesh metal caddy you can use for all the office supplies that are scattered between multiple drawers currently. It's great for keeping pens handy and will definitely inspire productivity.

    The black metal mesh caddy

    12. A six-shelf metal bookshelf for the person who has a lot of books. If your current bookshelf looks like it belongs in an understaffed library, this is a great solution that uses vertical space to bring dimension to any room.

    The six-shelf metal bookshelf

    13. A lamp with a USB port because, face it, the first thing we look at in the morning is our phones. Why not lean into the obvious and find a solution to the never-ending iPhone on 10% battery problem?

    The lamp with a USB port in silver

    14. A seven-quart Crock-Pot that'll be a time-saver whether you're meal prepping for the work week or making large meals for the whole family.

    The seven-quart crockpot

    15. A set of six fabric storage cubes so you can discretely store and organize clothing, toys, and more. It'll make any room of the house feel instantly tidier and it comes in multiple colors so you can match it to your decor.

    The set of six fabric storage cubes in aqua

    16. A backrest pillow, great for those working from home AKA in bed. It'll prop you up and give the support you didn't know you were craving.

    The backrest pillow in chocolate

    17. A hairpin writing desk for those who value simplicity. It's constructed in a way that doesn't demand attention and will definitely be the silent start of every house tour you give.

    The hairpin writing desk in black with metal legs

    18. A transparent chair because adding an accent chair to your home set up is usually worth the cost and at this price point its a no-brainer.

    The transparent chair

    19. A hanging planter to help you utilize vertical space to bring a little color and life to your house through plants. The reviewers have spoken and it's definitely a fan favorite.

    The hanging planter in white

    20. A Ninja air fryer that will open up new avenues of cooking, such as making pizzas, french fries, buffalo cauliflower and fried chicken.

    The Ninja air fryer

    21. A Hamilton Beach stand mixer for the person ready to put their baking skills to the test. With a brand this renowned, it will certainly stand the test of time, plus it's heavily reviewed so you can be sure it meets customer standards.

    The stand mixer in silver

    22. A six-cup rice cooker that makes perfectly cooked rice with each use. It's very intuitive and will definitely be the only one needed in your repertoire.

    The six-cup rice cooker in white

    23. An accent chair because we can all use a comfy seating option that isn't the sofa. If your couch has become your new bed, dining chair, and everything else in between, adding a little variety into the home may offer some much needed excitement.

    The accent chair in dove gray

    24. A six-drawer dresser so you can continue your shopping hobby without worrying your new favorite items won't fit in your closet. It's great for encouraging organization and will definitely make laundry day less tedious.

    The six-drawer dresser in rustic gray

    25. A gray panel bed that is super inexpensive compared to other similar items. That's probably why reviewers can't get enough of it. That and it's super stylish.

    The gray panel bed

    26. A TV stand for the person who appreciates the media in their life more than most. This product has a shocking about of positive reviews highlighting its added storage capacity and versatility. What more could you ask for from a TV stand?

    The TV stand

    27. A set of vintage floral soap and lotion holder because sometimes spiffing up small household items can make a big difference.

    The set of vintage floral soap and lotion holder

    28. A rectangle wastebasket so you won't have to worry if your trash can fits in your bathroom, office, or any other room of the house. It's slim enough to be used next to the bathroom sink and cost-effective enough that you'll want to buy one for every other room of the house.

    The rectangle wastebasket in white

    29. A three-piece washable rug that will make any bathroom experience feel luxurious. Plus, it'll catch those pesky water leaks that happen when you take a long shower or wash your face a little too thoroughly.

    The three piece washable rug set in red

    30. A tissue holder for the person who likes to beautify every aspect of their life. It's a simple way to jazz up your most used items that will definitely make you and your home feel more sophisticated.

    The tissue holder in white

    31. A full-length mirror because we all need a good outfit check every now and again. It's made of quality materials and can act as a piece of decor as well as a functional item that you'll use every day.

    The full length mirror

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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