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    20 Things From Amazon That’ll Help Even The Laziest Cats Get A Little More Exercise

    From wand toys to laser pointers, here are all the things your kitty needs to actually stay active.

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    1. A two pack of electric fish toys that is ideal for the cat that needs a little stimulation to get in the spirit of playtime. It's USB chargeable and has a pouch for catnip, so both you and your cat can be happy about the fact that you'll use it again and again.

    The reviewer's cat with the toy

    2. An electric remote control cat toy for the pet that enjoys a moving target. It'll keep your cat running around the house for hours, and will leave them content and tired at the end of the day.

    The reviewer's cat with the electric toy

    3. A windmill interactive cat toy because if your cat is like ours, they love to chase anything that lights up. It'll attract and keep your pet's attention by engaging them through the light-up feature. I can personally attest to its star power.

    Cat playing with the spinning light-up toy

    4. A SmartyKat concealed motion toy so your cat can play jump-and-attack all day long. It replicates the movement of potential prey and engages pets in the excitement of the unknown.

    The reviewer's cat with the smartykat toy

    5. An 11-piece retractable toy set that's perfect for the cat who gets bored easily. It comes with two retractable poles and nine different attachments so if your pet has destructive tendencies, they'll be sure to get proper use out of this.

    The 11 piece retractable toy set with a reviewer's cat

    6. A cat roller toy for the pet parent who wants to make sure their cat is set up for a day full of fun and excitement. This toy will encourage your cat to run in circles and bat the ball, giving them a two-in-one exercise incentive.

    Reviewer's cat playing with the toy

    7. An interactive cat toy laser, because there's never been a better time to keep your cat occupied and off your keyboard than right now. It has two different play modes and can take a break to allow your pet to catch their breath and keep the game exciting.

    The interactive cat toy laser

    8. A two-pack of collapsable pet tunnels so your pet can dart around their own furniture instead of yours. It's a perfect place for households with two or more cats so they can surprise each other and engage in playtime.

    The two pack of collapsable pet tunnels in orange and yellow

    9. A cat scratcher that is perfect for the cat that needs something to focus on. If your cat has energy but just doesn't quite know where to channel it, this may just be your new best friend.

    The cat scratcher in round

    10. A cat scratcher toy for the cat whose preferred mode of exercise is scratching at your furniture. This is a great solution to furniture damage by encouraging your cat to play elsewhere.

    The cat scratcher toy in blue

    11. A string cat toy because sometimes we aren't around to play with our cats, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to get just as much exercise as if we were.

    The string cat toy with the reviewer's cat

    12. An electric flutter cat toy so your pet can have tons of fun and get some exercise, too. The movement of the butterfly encourages cat's hunting instincts, and the best part is they'll be able to play with or without your help.

    13. A cat hunting wand that will engage your cat and lead to fun playtime for the both of you. It'll encourage and cultivate your cat's adventurous side by calling upon their hunting instincts.

    The reviewer's cat with the butterfly cat hunting wand

    14. A robotic mouse toy for the cat that loves to help out around the house. It'll give them a good run around and they'll feel satisfied that they're keeping your house pest-free.

    The robotic mouse toy with the reviewer's cat

    15. An electric hide-and-seek cat toy because if there's one thing we know, it's that cats love a good challenge. Your cat will love the thrill of playing whack-a-mole with their new favorite toy.

    Reviewer's cat swatting at the whack-a-mole like toy

    16. A cat tent activity center so your cat can keep themselves constantly entertained all the while laying on their backs. Consider it strength training for your cat — they're sure to be tuckered out after an hour of this.

    The cat tent activity center with the reviewer's cat

    17. A pack of cat toy balls that are perfect for the cat who likes to play fetch. It's super easy to just kick the ball around and watch your furry friend sprint down the hall.

    The cat toy ball being carried back the reviewer's cat

    18. A swimming robot fish toy for the cat who has taken a little too much interest in your fish tank. It's perfect for curious cats that really have killer instincts, and owners who want to give their pets a healthy outlet.

    The swimming robot fish toy with the reviewer's cats

    19. A robo interactive cat toy because we can't always be interacting with our cats, especially when working from home. This is an ideal way to ensure your pet gets the exercise they need and you can stay focused, too.

    The robo interactive cat toy

    20. An interactive chirping bird toy so your cat can simulate catching their prey. They'll be super proud of themselves and you can be proud, too, knowing they've found a new way to entertain themselves.

    Cat chewing on the bird toy

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