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    I Got A Tineco Cordless Pet Hair Vacuum And I'm Never Looking Back

    Because the right vacuum can basically change your life.

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    Hey, all you cleanliness enthusiasts out there! I know there's been a lot of hype around a brand that rhymes with Shmyson in recent years, but I'm here to tell you there's a new vacuum in town that can get the job done just as well (and arguably better!).

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    I've never been one to shy away from an investment piece if I know I'll have, love, and use it for a long time, but even I was hesitant to drop $400 on a vacuum... that is, until I tried it myself.

    The Tineco Pure One S11 Cordless Vacuum is a total innovation with a 40 minute run time and a detachable battery. And its four-stage filtration system — which includes a HEPA filter for all you allergy-prone folks — obliterates dust and dander by trapping 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns and delivering cleaner air to the environment.

    the vacuum being used on a checkered green and white rug
    Avery Felman / BuzzFeed

    And if you want it to run *longer* than 40 minutes, you can buy additional batteries on the Tineco website. 

    It easily converts from a full length to a handheld vacuum with just the click of a button. Plus, it comes with a wall mount so you can make charging as easy as possible — say goodbye to all those cords getting tangled together!

    the vacuum mounted on a wall
    Avery Felman / BuzzFeed

    It has an easy release system (all the black buttons you see here) that makes switching out heads a five-second process.

    Pro tip: I set mine up next to a bookcase so it's hidden from the side!

    Not only does it have a super long run time, but it also has smart sensor technology, detecting and picking up dirt before you even know it's there for maximum efficiency.

    Avery Felman / BuzzFeed

    Tineco's advanced iLoop Smart Sensor Technology detects hidden dust and small particles and automatically adjusts suction power in real-time, for longer runtime (because who wants to be running back and forth to the charger all day?) and complete cleaning confidence.

    It's also super quiet so you won't bother your housemates or the neighbors with a noisy disturbance morning, noon, and night (that's how often you're going to be reaching for the vacuum bc it's just that fun). I've used this vac on every surface imaginable and even on the coarse ones like tile it's virtually silent.

    the Tineco being used on a tile bathroom floor
    Avery Felman / BuzzFeed

    "I can't believe it's so quiet!" —everyone that comes in contact with the Tineco. 

    If you're wondering, "Just how well does this actually work?" the proof is in the pudding... these pics are before and after one run over with the hand vac using the multi-surface bristle head attachment.

    Avery Felman / BuzzFeed

    I wouldn't even let my cat sit in this window sill before my good friend Tineco came along.

    Speaking of cats... I have one with so much hair it can literally be braided. The blanket she's laying on? My greatest chore challenge before Tineco.

    cat with braided hairpit hair
    Avery Felman / BuzzFeed

    It's basically the equivalent of trying to vacuum the exterior of a bag of sand — it's a weighted blanket so it's super heavy and a go-over with a regular hand vac has just never done the trick, or anything, really. Which is why I will protect Tineco at all costs! I give it a few quick passes with the hand vac and it makes all the cat hair vanish, which is pretty unbelievable.

    If you have pets, you know things can get messy. Quickly. The Tineco has become my saving grace when it comes to all things cat hair, dander, and even tracked litter. See for yourself!

    BuzzFeed / Avery Felman

    It's also perfect for picking up the tiny fuzz tumbleweeds my cat leaves around.

    Avery Felman / BuzzFeed

    Did I mention it has a night vision light that's both awesome and horrifying? This incredible feature allows you to see just how much gunk (and cat hair) has been caked on your floor, which isn't pretty. But good thing you know it's there now, so your Tineco can take care of it for you!

    the Tineco light illuminating a bunch of floor gunk
    Avery Felman / BuzzFeed

    Another example, you ask? Sure, I've got plenty! This is before and after a quick run-through with the floor vac. It has unbelievable suction technology that's powerful enough to pick up hair (human and pet!) from even the periphery of the vacuum.

    Avery Felman / BuzzFeed

    It's the fastest cleaning vacuum I've ever used AND it's super easy to navigate so I can clean my whole 900 sq ft apartment in 10 minutes flat. Say goodbye to the days of sore wrists and cramped fingers — the Tineco has a setting to hold the power button for you so you can focus your efforts on gliding your vacuum to the areas of your house that need attention. Plus, it's lightweight enough (despite its large battery) that pushing it around your home won't give you a total workout.

    While the vacuum comes two vacuum heads, one for carpets and one for hard floors, it also comes with four extra attachments! Their functions from left to right: 1. Cleans the vacuum filter. 2. Reaches small spaces a hand cannot get to. 3. Does a detailed clean and picks up small particles. 4. Takes your rug from drab to fab.

    the vacuum attachments
    Avery Felman / BuzzFeed

    Some helpful things to know about each: 

    1. I've owned this vacuum for several months now and I have yet to need to clean the filter. I would like to mention I've been WFH and cooking, exercising, and being a pet parent for that whole time span, which has led to a LOT of dander. 

    2. Pro tip: this attachment is perfect for nooks and crannies and while it may be tempting to use it only with the hand vac, if you use it on the floor vac, you can get behind beds, radiators, and under furniture.... the world is your oyster! 

    3. This is perfect for surfaces and is a great way to pick up dust from the stairs and corners of rooms. 

    4. This might be my favorite attachment there is! Not because it does anything extraordinary, but because of how WELL it works. I've never had such a pristine rug until I used this attachment. It has an asymmetrical rolling cleaner that works like an absolute charm at removing fine particles and dander from rugs and carpets.

    Not only is this vacuum a total lifesaver when it comes to dropped food bits, dust, and dander on hardwood floors, thanks to those attachments, it's also perfect for rugs, bathmats, and nooks and crannies that you forget could use a little sprucing up. Tineco really can do it all!

    Avery Felman / BuzzFeed

    It took less than 10 seconds to pick up a week's worth of gunk on this bathmat. While Tineco is impeccable on rugs and carpets, its powerful suction can sometimes be a bit much for bathmats. To avoid a corner getting sucked into the vacuum's mouth, gently rest a foot on the corner of the mat you want to avoid and voilá!

    If you're wondering just how effective it really is, take a look for yourself! It picks up tons of grime and I'm always slightly grossed out yet amazed when emptying the tank — in this pic, it had only been one day since my last vacuum. Plus, emptying it is as simple as pressing a button and dumping all the gunk in the trash.

    the vacuum canister full of fuzzy grey refuse
    Avery Felman / BuzzFeed

    Yes, this is after one use. I spent all of 5 minutes doing a fast go-over on my rug (green fuzz shown in the left corner), the hallway outside my door, kitchen floor, and various corners of my apartment that tend to collect dust and dirt. 

    Just in case you had any doubts about how well your Tineco will work for you, you can check out the just shy of 1,000 reviews on Amazon singing its praises. If you appreciate well-researched products with thoughtful construction that you'll have for years, go get this vacuum!

    Promising reviews: “I am thrilled with this vacuum. We almost bought a Dyson but after seeing the Tineco Pure One S11 was rated higher on Consumer Reports (actually the highest rated stick vacuum) we decided to give this a try. We actually purchased the new Bissel Crosswave MAX to do both sweeping and mopping at once and returned it because it honestly was not worth the money and did not get the floors that clean. Easy to put together. Easy to use, moves around like a dream. I love that the battery is removable and the charging dock has space for an additional battery if one is purchased later. The docking station was easy to install. We were shocked with how much fine dust and dog hair this vacuum picked up in such a short amount of time. We bought the Tango simply to get the additional soft roller, and it does a fantastic job. It does better than the included roller BUT the included roller still does a phenomenal job. The filter cleaner attachment is also really neat. The Tineco App sends reminded when filters need to be cleaned or replaced. So glad we have this vacuum instead of the Bissell or Dyson. You will not be disappointed!” —ReviewWhenBored

    "I have hardwood floors with some low-pile area rugs. I was looking for a lightweight vacuum for everyday use and I came across the Tineco vacuums, which I had never heard of. I have a Dyson handheld vacuum, but it drives me crazy that it can't be locked into the on position. I also have a Miele canister vacuum that is very good but I don't want to lug it out all the time. I decided to give this brand a chance after reading other reviews. The Tineco Pure One is really good, I haven't read the owner's manual or anything, so I'm sure I'm missing some of the key features, but most importantly the charge lasts a long time, the vacuum can be clicked into the on position, it picks up pet hair better than any vacuum I have, it's relatively lightweight, and it is easy to grab for a quick pass through the kitchen and mudroom without having to deal with a cord. I like that it has a sensor that turns red if it senses dirt so I can spend a little more time on those areas. I live near the beach and this vacuum picks up sand and pet hair that I can't even see. I also like the LED light on the front which highlights pet hair I might have otherwise missed. I'm not sure how this would do on deep pile carpets, but for wood floors with some area rugs, I am very happy." —GG

    "This vacuum will change your life! I research all my purchases thoroughly before buying, (this one was ranked higher than the Dyson 700.00 stick vacuum) it’s had raving reviews and it did not disappoint! I have hardwood floors with area rugs. It handles them beautifully. IT EVEN TELLS YOU ON AN LED LIGHT IF THERE IS STILL DUST! I mean wow you can also connect it to your WiFi to sync with Alexa I have no idea what the advantage is but it’s there if your a techy who likes that stuff. Easy to maneuver around everything, dog hair... this is your vacuum. I could go on and on." —Mama Bear

    If you feel like vacuuming your pet directly is a better use of your time than using your current vacuum, make sure to check out the Tineco Pure One S11. You can get it from Amazon for $399.99 and I can assure you it's a gadget you'll be shocked you lived without for this long.

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    It's like Houdini for shed hair!

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