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    Just 28 Things BuzzFeed Shopping Readers Are Loving Right Now

    From Glossier's Boy Brow to a wall-mounted toothpaste dispenser to a ring sizer, this list of reader favorites has it all.

    1. A leather cleaner so you can keep your couch, chairs, and ottomans looking brand-spanking-new. It's an easy way to keep furniture in tip-top shape and will definitely keep those feelings of wanting to redo your entire interior at bay.

    the leather cleaner being used on a reviewer's leather couch

    2. A Glossier Boy Brow eyebrow fluffer that's the perfect way to take your brows from drab to fab. It's a super-light solution that will give your eyebrows a little extra depth and volume all the while holding them in place so you won't have to touch them up throughout the day.

    the Glossier boy brow eyebrow fluffer being held in a model's hand

    3. A toothpaste dispenser wall mount because there's nothing worse than getting to the bottom of the toothpaste container and struggling to get out the last morsel. This nifty invention does that for you without you doing any of the strenuous work.

    4. A set of three KitchenAid tool holders so you can keep all your extra attachments within arm's reach. It's a great way to free up some cabinet space and will surely pay off when you're in the midst of your next baking project.

    the set of three KitchenAid tool holders

    5. A nail strength cream that will make your manis shine and your nails feel like the Hulk's. It will make even the most brittle nails feel indestructible, which is great if you've put your fingies through a lot throughout the years.

    reviewer's before-and-after of their brittle nails and then longer and stronger nails

    6. A leather vaccine card holder with a key ring for those that plan to do some traveling soon and want to ensure their vaccine card stays safe, dry, and within arm's reach.

    The leather vaccine card holder with key ring in different colors

    7. A screaming goat book and figurine, because it's a perfect little desk companion that will definitely inspire some de-stressing...mainly since it screams when you press it 🙃.

    the screaming goat book and figurine

    8. A pack of cleaning wipes so your sink sparkles in the way that it should after a proper clean. Plus, these can be used for stainless steel refrigerators and will leave all surfaces shiny and bright.

    9. A charcuterie plank that's the perfect addition to any movie night or drinks with friends. It has different compartments that are ideal for separating your different cheeses, dips, and toppings, so everyone can have their favorite combos.

    the charcuterie plank

    10. A pack of moth traps so that your home stays pest-free. It's perfect for the household with little fruit flies buzzing around or specifically moths since they'll easily land on these disposible traps.

    a reviewer's moth trap absolutely covered in moths

    11. An airtight coffee container that's the perfect way to store leftover grounds without causing them to go stale. If you're a big coffee drinker and want to have the freshest cup possible in the morning, this is for you.

    the airtight coffee container in clear plastic

    12. A two-pack of power perches for the chef that is always watching, listening to, or reading something while in the kitchen. It's perfect for checking recipes while cooking or watching your favorite show while doing meal prep.

    reviewer's picture of their Nest Hub sitting on the perch on a wall

    13. A dryer vent cleaner so your clothes are actually getting all the possible icky stuff out of them. In order for that to be possible, you need a thoroughly clean dryer vent and this nifty trick does just that with shocking results.

    reviewer's photo of the dryer vent cleaner

    14. A faucet splash catcher, because getting water all over the place while doing dishes or just trying to clean up in the kitchen is one of those problems that are easily solvable, but persistent if you aren't proactive.

    the faucet splash catcher in navy

    15. A NYX eyebrow gel for the person who wants to keep their brows in place throughout the day. It's perfect for those who prefer a no-makeup makeup look since the formula is clear, and it will give the desired effect without any of the added color.

    the NYX eyebrow gel

    16. A set of 12 pot-and-pan protectors, because pots and pans won't stay in great condition unless we help them out a little. It's perfect for those who are trying to take better care of their cookware by protecting them from rubbing together when stacked.

    the pot and pan protectors on a reviewer's cookware

    17. A ring sizer that will help you get the most accurate sizing possible. For only a few bucks you'll never again have to deal with the costly and frustrating process that is resizing, and we think that's pretty cool.

    the ring sizer on a reviewer's hand

    18. A garbage disposal foaming cleanser for the person that wants to clean smarter, not harder. It's a convenient bleach alternative and will dissolve all the gunk and grime you'd normally spend hours scrubbing through.

    reviewer's sink getting cleaned out with the foaming cleasnser

    19. A pet hair–removal tool that is perfect for the household with tons of dander. It'll help get rid of all that excess hair lying around and will make all your furniture, rugs, and clothing feel shiny and new again.

    20. A vegan laundry stain remover, because there's nothing worse than a permanent stain that could have been prevented. It's a great way to ensure all your items stay marker-free.

    the vegan laundry stain remover

    21. An over-the-sink strainer for the household that's constantly washing fruits and veggies and dreads the moment one of them inevitably falls into the sink. Plus, it's a great way to drain food naturally without having to waste paper towels to dry them.

    reviewer using the over-the-sink strainer to wash grapes

    22. A set of Command strips for spray bottles, because grabbing the exact item you need to get going on a cleaning project doesn't have to mean rummaging through your cabinets.

    the set of command strips for spray bottles

    23. A guacamole keeper so you can ensure zero food waste. It'll keep your avocados from turning brown and you can be sure that all your leftovers will get eaten.

    the reviewer's photo of the guacamole keeper

    24. A jar of eucalyptus toilet fizzies for the person who wants their bathroom to smell like the sanctuary that it is. It's an easy way to keep your toilet looking fresh and clean.

    the jar of eucalyptus toilet fizzies

    25. A pack of Neuro Gum energy and focus tablets that won't give you those pesky caffeine jitters. It'll give you a little boost without overdoing it, so you won't feel on edge for the rest of the day.

    the pack of nuero gum energy and focus tablets

    26. A plastic egg holder for the egg eater who's looking to cut down on waste or make more room in their fridge by investing in stackable items.

    the plastic egg holder

    27. A pack of spray stove top cleaner, because there's no better feeling than having totally clean cooking surfaces. It's a great way to encourage yourself to cook at home by providing the best possible conditions for a relaxing evening of pasta making.

    28. A screen cleaner so you can keep those fingerprints at bay. It'll take so much stuff off your laptop and phone screens and make your electronics feel like they're fresh out of the box.

    the screen cleaner in a model's hand

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