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    28 Things From Wayfair That’ll Create More Space For Even The Smallest Places

    These finds are sure to put the organization back in your life.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of hanging baskets that is a perfect addition to any entryway. Use it to store your PKWM (phone, keys, wallet, mask) for easy access on your way in and out of the house.

    The hanging baskets in jute/ white

    2. A plastic storage tub for the person who's visually inclined. If you're someone that constantly misplaces things, this may be just the solution to your organizational woes.

    The plastic storage tub holding sneakers

    3. A wicker basket because even the smallest of apartments deserve a place to store extra blankies and pillows. Set it next to your two-seater couch and call it a design choice.

    The wicker basket in brown

    4. A wire basket so you can keep your kitchen organized. It's perfect for storing fruits and veggies and keeping your kitchen kempt and tidy.

    The wire basket holding onions

    5. A wire accessory basket that is great for holding cookbooks, magazines, and more. If you've been looking for a reason to buy that cake-baking book you've had your eye on, now is your chance.

    The wire basket in black

    6. A cat-shaped storage basket for the family with youngins, furry or human. It's a great way to store all kinds of toys and will act as a reminder for cleanup time.

    Cat-shaped basket with white scarf inside

    7. A fabric under bed shoe storage container because there's never been a better time to utilize your under-bed space. It's ideal for storing seasonal and dressy shoes that don't get as much use.

    The fabric under bed shoe storage container

    8. A set of two floating shelves so you can create vertical space. There's never a bad time to finally find a decoration solution for those knickknacks that have been sitting in a box under the bed.

    The set of floating shelves in white

    9. A reclaimed wood wall shelf that has hooks and a shelf for dual storage. It's a great addition to any bathroom or entry-way and creates space in two ways.

    The reclaimed wood wall shelf

    10. A shelf with hanging hooks for the person looking to jazz up their entryway. It holds keys, mail, and all the little trinkets that you might need.

    The shelf with hanging hooks in white

    11. An upholstered flip top storage bench because it's ideal for storing extra blankets, pillows, and all the other essential items that you'll need on hand all winter long.

    White flip-top storage bench next to bed

    12. A tufted cube square so you can be smart about utilizing all of your space. It doubles as a storage unit and footrest, making it an excellent purchase for the price.

    The tufted cube square in charcoal

    13. A bookshelf that is ideal for storing books, pictures, and all your most essential media. It's slim enough to fit in small spaces and offers tons of vertical space for those lacking in square footage.

    The bookshelf in antique white

    14. An over-the-toilet storage shelving unit for the person who wants to add a little more space to their bathroom or laundry room. It fits over most washers for max storage capability and can be used over the toilet for keeping toiletries organized.

    The over-the-toilet storage shelving unit in white

    15. A cube bookcase because there's never been a better occasion to show off your vinyl collection. It's perfect for the person whose record collection exceeds their space capacity.

    The cube bookcase in black

    16. A drawer organizer so you can keep your cookware looking shiny and new (especially those metal ones that scratch up rattling around in a drawer).

    The drawer organizer

    17. A four-piece drawer organizer that is ideal for those with minimal drawer space. It's great for holding intimates and keeping everything looking tidy and kempt.

    The four-piece drawer organizer in white

    18. A five-piece bamboo drawer organizer for the person whose desk is looking more shabby than chic these days. It's made of high-quality materials that are made to last and will give your desk the polish and professional look it desires.

    The five-piece bamboo drawer organizer

    19. A two-piece drawer organizer set because sometimes we need items to hold miscellaneous kitchen and bathroom items. Grab some command strips and hang this in your bathroom for hair ties and toiletries or in your kitchen for your most used spices.

    The two-piece drawer organizer set in clear plastic

    20. A shoe storage cabinet so you can keep your prized possessions organized in a way that's just as stylish as they are. It's perfect for small apartments and can function as a TV stand or shelving unit as well.

    The shoe storage cabinet in wood and white

    21. A drawer organizer that will keep your plates, bowls, and cups from clanking together every time you shut the drawer.

    The drawer organizer

    22. A drawer organizer for pans and cutting boards that will keep them off your counter and in the places they should be. It's a great space saver for the home cook that's serious about organization.

    The drawer organizer in silver

    23. A 12-pair over-the-door shoe organizer because you don't have a shoe problem, you have a space problem. This is a tried-and-true solution to the classic shoe debacle that so many of us face.

    The over-the-door shoe organizer

    24. A clear cosmetic organizer so you can see all your makeup, making it more likely you'll actually use it. I can personally attest to this product's star power. It's a lifesaver when it comes to reminding me to use my makeup before it expires and keep my under-sink area way more organized.

    The clear cosmetic organizer on a bathroom sink

    25. A palette organizer that's an ideal purchase for the cosmetically inclined. If your bathroom is littered with palettes such a these, why not take the extra step to clear up some counter space and make your space look pretty?

    The palette organizer in marble

    26. A sunglass organizer for the household that has tons of glasses. Whether they're for reading or basking in the sun, this will keep all your eyewear organized and not splayed loosely around your home.

    The sunglass organizer in clear plastic

    27. A bathroom organizer because everyone can benefit from a little extra room in your cabinet. Use it to hold nail polish or grooming tools like tweezers and Q-tips for a sleek and organized-looking space.

    The bathroom organizer in clear

    28. And a stacking rack so you can utilize vertical space in your kitchen, since we all know kitchen counters tend to fill up quite quickly. It's nice enough looking that you'll actually want it displayed on your counter and it's perfect for making your most-used items handy.

    The stacking shelf in white and wood

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