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    29 Things From Amazon Pet Owners Swear Are Worth Buying

    From efficient cleaning tools to fan-favorite toys, here's everything you and your pet need to enjoy all life has to offer.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A dome-shaped litter box that's perfect for the cat who appreciates a little privacy. Plus, it's enclosed so you won't have to be faced with anything unsightly and it masks the smell better than an open box.

    The dome-shaped litter box in silver

    Promising review: "Well worth the price. My cat can easily enter and exit. He used without hesitation. He is a big boy at 30 lbs and he has no trouble using his new box (he's a rescue, came to me overweight, don't judge) a big bonus is my dog can no longer help himself to cat-made Tootsie Rolls. I did not bother with box liner. I've never been a fan of them. My cat might be warped but he doesn't like to do his business in the dark so I've always used a small motion activated light in his enclosed boxes. This box is considerably darker inside than others. So if you have a warped cat like mine a light will fix that. With the shape of this box it's going to be a must for using scoopable litter." —Missy

    Price: $34.99 (available in three colors)

    2. A swivel rake and poop scooper for the person who loves taking their pet out but detests the end result. It's a great way to ensure your pet can do their business and you won't have to come close to it while doing the clean up.

    The swivel rake and poop scooper in black

    Promising review: "I used to buy other waste bags. That can get expensive when you have three large dogs like I do. I scoop as much poop as I can until the swivel bin is about half full, dump it into a trash bag, and continue until the back yard/front yard is spotless and clean. The rake is fabulous for collecting poop when my dogs choose to go in the rocks we have surrounding the pool or the palm trees. Fabulous product and well worth the money." —Natalie Smith

    Price: $17.94

    3. A food storage container, because it's never a bad idea to have extra food on hand. Plus, it's airtight so your pet's food will stay fresh for as long as you need it.

    The large container

    Promising review: "Perfect for my cat food! I normally buy 17 lb bags. I have issues with ants in the summer, so we shall see if it really is ant-proof. If not, I'll update my review. I also bought the larger 60 lb container for koi food, and I have them stacked. They both work out great so far. Stackable." —DNFF

    Price: $20.64

    4. A ball launcher so your dog can get all the exercise they need, without you having to break a sweat. Sometimes we have the energy to take our dogs for a run and sometimes we don't. However, they always have the energy and we always need them to get it out. This is the solution of dreams.

    The ball launcher in blue

    Promising review: "If you have a dog, and you don’t have one of these you’re doing it wrong. I’ve had one for all of my dogs, and it is a staple. The ball it comes with is standard, but you can swap for the rubber ones. Mine just chews and pops all of the regular balls, so it is what I do. However, the thrower itself it much more durable, and it makes fetch easier for me since I have a bad shoulder." —Lydia Ehr

    Price: $7.95 (available in two colors)

    5. A ChuckIt! ultra ball that your pet is sure to become obsessed with. It fits perfectly in the ChuckIt! ball launcher (above) and together, they're a team that your pup is sure to root for.

    Dog holding ball in its mouth

    Promising review: "Well, this is the ONLY toy that our dog LOVES. The ChuckIt Ultra is her obsession. She has them strategically hidden around the house for quick/easy access, she follows us around with one, she sometimes even brings one to bed with her. Squeaky toys are ... well ... FINE in a pinch, but really, nothing in her world compares with this ball. They are easy to throw (with or without the ChuckIt stick), they bounce great, they FLOAT, they are super easy to wash off (that alone is worth the 5 stars for anyone out there who has tried to wash off a tennis ball) and they are really durable." —P. Hanson

    Price: $4.75+ (available in four sizes)

    6. A dog life vest for the pet that likes to go on adventures. It's perfect for kayaking and other water sports, or even just a day at the lake or beach for the dog that's water-shy.

    The dog life vest in red and blue

    Promising review: "Great life jacket! I ordered this for my mini long-haired dachshund, who tries hard but is not a strong swimmer. He's able to stay afloat with this vest (we're still working on keeping his head above water, but the neck piece on this vest helps a lot). We ordered a size small. For reference, he is only 9 pounds (which is in range for size XS), but all of his measurements put him in the small range. I was worried it would be too big, but he fits (almost) perfectly in the small since the straps cinch him in. It's a little big in the back, but he's still young so he's got room to grow." —Kristina Circelli

    Price: $22.18

    7. A fun feeder, because sometimes we need a little entertainment with our food. Think of it as a TV dinner for your pet. Plus it'll make sure they slow down when gobbling up their food, so they can digest it better.

    The fun feeder in three different colors

    Promising review: "These dog bowls are amazing! This version has larger spaces so it's easier for my dog to get the food than in the spiral and the flower shape one but for a dog with a large snout or bit tongue, this is still effective. My smaller dog (45-lb) doesn't get much of a challenge with this shape, but the larger one does. My dogs had gotten into a competitive eating thing all of a sudden and the younger (4-year-old) and a much bigger one (80-lb ridgeback) started eating so fast she vomited every meal. I bought these to force her to slow down. I got three different shapes so I could switch them out to keep eating a challenge which is good mental stimulation for dogs. This completely solved the easing too fast problem. Both dogs adapted easily to using them. These were well worth the money. These bowls do make them drool more when eating but I just throw them in the dishwasher regularly and that takes care of the cleaning." —Rachel

    Price: $11.99 (available in four sizes and six styles)

    8. A self-warming pet bed so your favorite fuzzy friend can stay warm all winter long. It's a great way for pets to choose their own temperature, since, as we know (and love), all pets are different.

    The reviewer's cat hanging out of the self-warming bed

    Promising review: "We bought this bed, and our cat showed no interest in it. We sprayed it with Cat Nip, and nothing — not interested. Then, I picked the cat up while he slept, and placed him in the bed. He slept in it for three hours, and he loved it! This is perfect for him! Though he is a slender and long cat, he curls up and still fits in it. I will buy another. :)" —Rosemary Knight

    Price: $17.68+ (available in three styles, five sizes, and two colors )

    9. A pet hair remover that's perfect for all those hard-to-reach areas and will leave your furniture looking fresh and new. Plus, it's reusable and incredibly durable so you can use it for years to come.

    Reviewer holding chunk of fur with pet hair-removal tool with five-star Amazon caption, "Buy one, buy two, buy one for your friend, buy one for a stranger this is amazing."

    Promising review: "This might be my favorite cleaning tool ever! I developed allergies to my cat after having him for seven years; I thought I had been able to keep my home pretty clean, but still my allergies got to me at night. My cat loves to sleep on my bed during the day, and next to me at. In the first picture (above) is what my bedspread looks like after maybe two nights. I HAD NO IDEA HOW MUCH MORE HAIR WAS THERE! This picks up ALL the hair, and is so easy to use. 30 seconds before I go to bed saves me waking up with itchy eyes and morning congestion." —Jessi S

    Price: $24.95 (available in two colors)

    10. A wool dryer ball set for the person who is constantly covered in pet hair. If you've lived with a pet for years, you know how essential lint brushes are, but this newest invention takes all the work out of de-hairing your clothes, making it a total winner.

    Reviewer holding the penguin wool dryer ball

    Promising review: "These dryer balls are great! I did some research about how to help with drying times, fur, and softness and I figured I would try some wool dryer balls. From the first time I used them, I could tell the difference. They also help loosen up pet hair. I have spent a lot of time de-furring before I wash. Now, it helps cut down on that big time. Clothes comes out softer and it dries more even than before." —DR

    Price: $28 for a set of six

    11. A professional strength stain and odor eliminator because sometimes our pets make mistakes, too. It's a great way to ensure an accident doesn't become a permanent staple of your home.

    Reviewer's before and after of pee-stained white rug and then clean rug

    Promising review: "I've tried Nature's Miracle advanced formula and this Rocco & Roxie formula. Rocco & Roxie formula works every time. It kills and completely eliminates odor. Okay, so not only does it work for cat pee but armpit odor removal in shirts too! Rocco wins against the other brand, crushed the competition!" —Katherine Wright

    Price: $19.97

    12. A fuzzy donut pet bed so your pet can sleep in the most comfortable of environments. It helps with joint pain and is perfect for seniors and young pets, alike.

    The fuzzy donut pet bed in cream

    Promising review: "My cat loves this cat bed! It’s soft and plush. He fits just right and is surrounded by plushy warmth! I highly recommend this for any pet!" —M

    Price: $21.66

    13. A pet water fountain that is sure to provide as much entertainment as it does hydration. Plus, it's silent so you won't have to worry about the noise waking you up in the night.

    The pet water fountain in white and gray

    Promising review: "This is awesome. Super quiet. Holds plenty of water for the day. Cats were very interested in it the minute I filled it up. Did I mention you can not hear it run?? That a huge plus, as my last one was loud. Came with two extra filters too. Easy to install and put together. Great buy." —Dazite

    Price: $29.50 (available in four colors)

    14. A pet camera for the anxious pet owner that wants to know what their pet is up to at all times. It's a great way to ensure your pet is eating regularly or to know which (if you have more than one pet) is the one making accidents inside.

    The pet camera in white with a black lense

    Promising review: "I already had purchased one camera from this brand, but from an older model (CP 540). I really liked the older camera, the image quality and the cost-benefit was amazing. My only con was the up and down angle, that I wished it was better. Not that was a problem, but it would be nicer to tilt a bit more than on that camera. This upgraded model solved this issue and for me was already my favorite just for that. But they didn't stop there, they also improved the image quality and it's crispier. They also have a new app that looks better than the old one and it's more user-friendly. Anyway, I would definitely buy again and recommend to others." —Daniela S.

    Price: $25.99

    15. A pet-training reward treat, because there has never been a better time to focus the time necessary to train your pets. It's a great way to reinforce good behavior and your pet will love the way they taste.

    The pet training reward treats next to a quarter

    Promising review: "These are wonderful treats for obedience / positive reinforcement training. We’ve used them for potty training as well. Each treat is 3 calories. The ingredient list is impressive. They are a little bit bigger than a similar product that begins with the letter Z. I’ve accidentally left a couple of them in my pocket. I couldn’t figure out why my dog kept pestering me. She stuck her snout in my coat and fished out one of the treats that had gotten a little stale. Even after having been in my pocket for a bit, my girls still LOVE these." —CajunDrawl

    Price: $3.49 (available in three styles, five sizes, and five flavors)

    16. A storage container so you can keep your pet's food fresher longer. Plus, it's a great way to store heavy items like litter and because it comes with two storage containers, you won't have to choose just one thing!

    The pet food storage container in clear plastic with a blue lid and blue scoop

    Promising review: "Just arrived and I already got it set up!😁🤣 We hated picking up litter and food bags heavier than us so this is definitely a gamechanger! It's an awesome find and organizing idea. My husband was so happy to see that it came with a scoop! He was already mentioning it when we saw it inside during the unboxing. It helps make life easier, that's for sure." —P Bocanegra

    Price: $18.74

    17. An extreme weather heat pad that's a great way to ensure your pet stays warm enough during the cold months. It's perfect for keeping your pet toasty and it's chew-resistant so you can be confident that they won't destroy it.

    The extreme weather heat pad in white

    Promising review:"I am so pleased that I purchased the K&H Extreme Weather Outdoor Kitty Pad and so is my cat! She’s as snug as a bug. I put it inside an old dog house that she wouldn’t use before but now it’s her favorite haven. I feel confident about leaving it plugged in 24/7." —Linda K.

    Price: $34.44 (available in two sizes and two styles)

    18. A tall pet gate for the escape artist pet who needs a little restriction in order to stay where they're meant to. It's tall enough that even the most agile of pets won't be able to jump over it, and it's adjustable so it can fit in tons of places.

    The tall pet gate with a reviewer's modification

    Promising review: "This is a nice gate and is pretty easy to open. Only goes one direction due to a stopper on the bottom. The cat door is too big and my 23-lb Schnauzers can get through so I modify it with a $2 pipe clamp and some zip-ties. I also zip-tie the cat door open. It keeps my dogs out of the cat food!" —Mindy

    Price: $41.79

    19. A car seat protector, because scratch marks on your leather seat is not something that anyone desires. It's a great way to keep your pets and your car's interior safe all in one fell swoop.

    The car seat protector in black

    Promising review: "Today was the third time I used the product, it covers my back seats completely and as you can see by my attached photos my dog also loves it! The quality is great. Easy to install in the car with easily adjustable straps. I really like it a lot. I like that it easily converts from a hammock style into a bench style with a simple unclip of the straps. It's also fun knowing you can share with your dog while maintaining the integrity of your seats at the same time." —Tally

    Price: $27.96 (available in two sizes)

    20. A set of pet stairs so your pet can easily access the couch or bed without you having you pick them up every time. It's a perfect solution for older pets who aren't able to jump like they used to. Plus, it has a removable cover that's machine-washable for an easy clean up.

    The set of pet stairs in lambswool

    Promising review:"Perfect, amazingly better quality than what was available at Petco/PetSmart. Worth every cent, my 14-year-old dog can walk up them just fine, and it's saved his little life not having to try and jump! If you have a bed that raises off the floor, definitely get the four or five steps. Three steps are good for couch/ground level bed access. I had to return my three-step for a four-step, and it is well worth the extra money. Love these steps." —Borf

    Price: $42.99 (available in 16 colors and three sizes)

    21. An automatic pet food feeder that is perfect for those with irregular schedules that their pets do not appreciate. It's a great way to ensure your pet is being fed on time and even better for short trips when you don't want to hire a sitter.

    The automatic pet feeder with smart phone features

    Promising review: "Great product to help regulate portion-sizing and eating schedule for your pet! I have a small domesticated cat that is on a strict eating schedule with two meals and a snack. I have an irregular work schedule so I’m not always able to feed her on time. I’ve noticed her weight fluctuates from the abnormal feeding times. So, I got her this auto feeder and she has been loving it! It works great with the smartphone programming app which includes a feeding log, customizable feeds and notification when food supply is low. It’s all you can ask for from a dispenser. Not to mention the great design for wiring at the bottom. It’s a USB-C cord that plugs into the wall." —Julie Nguyen

    Price: $89.95

    22. A pet hair removing brush for the person whose furniture and clothes are constantly covered in pet hair. It's a great way to preemptively help your pet shed some of their excess hair before it shows up on all of your stuff.

    Reviewer's picture of fur-filled pet glove

    Promising review: "My cats LOVE these." —DMSN1220

    Price: $13.99 (available in two colors)

    23. An all-weather pet harness because it's never a bad idea to take your pet for a little adventure. It has a black clasp for extra security and it has a breathable mesh material that even the fussiest of pets will love.

    The all-weather pet harness on the reviewer's cat

    Promising review: "Seems comfortable on my 2-year-old Maine Coon. He gets right into it with no trouble since the buckle is on his back and not his belly. The clasp is sturdy, and with the Velcro flap, I feel confident that he will not slip out. Well designed so his long hair does not get caught in the Velcro or buckle. What do you think of my little boy?" —Shopaholic21

    Price: $13.99 (available in seven sizes and 27 colors)

    24. An electric nail trimmer so you can eliminate scratches on your furniture and hard wood floors. Plus, it comes with two speeds and is easy enough for a first-timer to use on their own.

    The electric nail trimmer in white

    Promising review: "I've always been a little afraid of trimming my dogs' nails for fear of cutting too short. I have two small dogs and their nails grow fast, so I finally decided it was time to learn because paying to have them trimmed so frequently was too expensive. This grinder came with information on how to trim the nail which made me feel more confident. The grinder worked great and it was my first time using it. I was able to use by myself without having someone else hold my dogs. Both of my dogs did really well with the grinder. I allowed them to get adjusted to the sound first and rewarded them with treats throughout the process. The wiggled a bit at times, but overall stayed still and allowed me to trim. I love how quiet the grinder is. I included a video so hopefully you can hear that it is quiet. The video was taken after I had trimmed my dogs' nails and as you can tell they were not fearful of it at all afterward. Highly recommend!" —fashion lover

    Price: $29.99

    25. An elevated pet bed that is perfect for keeping your pet's temperature regulated. It's a great way to ensure your pet (even the large ones) can sink into a cozy bed and get their proper rest.

    The elevated pet bed in gray with metal legs

    Promising review:"Great bed. Easy to assemble. I order the large for my Cane Corso. He’s 115 lbs and pretty tall. He fits it perfectly. Great price for this bed compared to other brands." —wynne

    Price: $27.99

    26. A set of 18 poop bags for the pet owner who is constantly on the go (and running out of doggie bags). Believe me, you never want to be caught without one and this is a great way to ensure you won't!

    The poop bags

    Promising review: "I have three dogs and we use a lot of poop bags. I was concerned with the waste since my previous bags material was plastic. I was looking for a more environmental-friendly option and I found this!!! The quality is amazing, the smell is so good and I can say it has fulfilled all my expectations. I will continue to repurchase this product. Also, customer service is on point. Received an email from them that showed the care and appreciation was heart warning." —Pimpollita

    Price: $11.99

    27. A bag of dental treats, because it's never a bad time to work on your pet's oral hygiene. It helps prevent gum disease like gingivitis and will keep your pet's health in tip-top shape.

    Reviewer's dog eating the treats

    Promising review: "I give Greenies to my two dogs every Saturday night after I wash the dishes. I don't know how they do it, but they seem to know when it's Saturday. They sit in the kitchen eagerly waiting for me to finish the dishes. When I'm done, I say to them 'what's next?' They coax me upstairs to get their beloved Greenies. I guess they like them!" —Audrey Troyka

    Price: $2.75 (available in eight sizes)

    28. A silicone dog tag so if your pet ever gets lost (we hope this never happens!) whoever finds them will be able to safely return them more quickly.

    Reviewer's picture of the personalized pet tag

    Promising review: "Great quality! I’m loving these tags! Picture shows the thickness compared to an average dog tag which I was super impressed with. Felt like I was replacing tags all the time because the metal ones eventually rubbed all the info off! Also makes less noise with the other tags since it’s rubber. Ordered one for my female to see how I liked it and immediately ordered another for my male." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $29.95 (available in nine colors)

    29. A leak-proof portable puppy waterbottle that's a great way to ensure that your pet is getting the hydration that they need. It's portable and super easy to use and we promise your puppy will thank you for it after a long day of running around.

    The leak-proof puppy watter bottle in blue and clear plastic

    Promising review: "This water bottle is truly a godsend! I cannot imagine using any other travel water bottle for my pups! It is slim, fits perfectly in a bottle slot in my travel bag; it is lightweight and has a loop to put around my wrist when I walk with my pups. It is extremely convenient on car rides, when my pup is thirsty and needs a quick pick-me-up! I especially love the fact that it sucks the water back in, so that I am not wasting unused water. The 12-oz bottle is perfect for tiny dogs. Anything bigger than 10 lbs, I would recommend you purchase the larger bottle." —LV4NMLS

    Price: $18.99 (available in two sizes and two colors)

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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