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    Just 33 Things BuzzFeed Shopping Readers Are Loving Right Now

    A no-frills office chair, the perfect all-purpose lip balm, and a FitBit. Doesn't get much better than that.

    1. A tub of Fly By Jing Sichuan chili crisp sauce so you can ensure every meal that you make is a total star. I've been wanting to try this company's products forever and if you're wondering why check out their reviews.

    the reviewer's image of the Fly By Jing sichuan chili crisp sauce on dumplings

    2. An acid potion liquid exfoliator that will leave your skin glowing. It'll resurface your skin and promote cell turnover while getting rid of dead skin and feeling super hydrating.

    the acid potion liquid exfoliator

    3. A high waisted biker short to hold you in while still allowing for maximum flexibility. They fit seamlessly to all body types and will definitely become your new favorite hiking/biking/walking attire.

    the high waisted biker short in black on a reviewer

    4. A pair of round sunglasses for the skincare aficionado who wants to protect every inch of their skin from the sun. Not only are they large enough to provide protection for half of your face, but they're super stylish at an amazing price point.

    the pair of Sojos sunglasses in black on a reviewer

    5. A phone tripod because what's better than not having to hold up your phone during a lengthy FaceTime call? It's perfect for voice recording too, and won't accidentally mute your audio when you cover the speaker during a phone call.

    the reviewer's image of the phone tripod in black

    6. A FitBit so you can track your fitness and keep your physical health top of mind. It's an easy way to check in on your steps for the day and ensure that you're incorporating movement into your day-to-day.

    the Fit Bit in silver on a reviewer's wrist

    7. A Calvin Klein racerback bralette that is perfect for holding you up without squeezing you too tight. If you aren't a big underwire bra-wearer, this is for you.

    reviewer wearing the cotton bralette in pink

    8. A macrame fruit hammock for the person who loves fruit but doesn't love the space it takes up on their counter. It's the perfect storage solution and makes a great use of space.

    the macrame fruit hammock

    9. A Balm Dotcom universal skin salve so you can leave your lips feeling hydrated, replenished, and oh so smooth. Plus, it comes in tons of incredible flavors so every time you reapply, it will be like a little treat for your mouth.

    the Balm Dotcom universal skin salve in coconut balm

    10. A complete set of The Office DVDs for the person who's completely Office-obsessed. It'll definitely keep you entertained when there's nothing new on TV you want to watch (hello, Netflix) and is great to have for bingeing marathons.

    reiviewer's image of the office DVDs

    11. A ruffled lace-up swimsuit, because this suit will make any beach vacation feel super luxurious. It's a great way to start out any trip on a confident note and will definitely earn you lots of compliments.

    the ruffled lace swimsuit in floral and white on a model

    12. A two-person camping hammock that allows you to get extra cozy while you're enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it's reading a book or just taking a cat nap, you'll feel totally carefree hanging from a tree.

    the camping hammock being used at a camp site

    13. An eyeshadow primer for the person who wants to ensure their makeup goes on perfectly every time. If you don't have extra minutes in your day to go back and fix smudges and beauty mistakes, this investment might be the thing that saves you time in your morning routine.

    the eyeshadow before and after on a reviewer

    14. A four-pack of Stasher food storage bags, because I can't get enough of these incredible eco-friendly solutions to the plastic default. It's like Tupperware without all the excess weight and I think that's pretty cool.

    the silicone pouch storing guacamole

    15. A pair of Adidas slides so you can easily slip in and out of your shoe. It's great for when you need to run out and pick up a package or lounging poolside to keep from slipping.

    the Adidas slides on a reviewer's feet with five-star caption "The MOST COMFY shoe I’ve ever had! I’m getting another pair!"

    16. A lightweight sheet set because there's no better feeling than sleeping on a fresh set of sheets. It's super breathable and comes with four pillowcases so you won't need to order any additional pieces to make a complete set.

    the mirabel sheet set in white

    17. A reusable water bottle that is as chic as it is efficient. If you've been looking for a new eco investment, this might be the best one you could make.

    the reviewer's image of the water bottle with a gold top

    18. An anti-chafe balm for the days when it's just too dang hot. If you tend to get those bumps between your thighs that come from walking in the sweltering weather, this will leave your skin in way better shape.

    reviewer wearing the balm on their hand with caption "no film left on skin"

    19. A jumpsuit with pockets, because who came up with this idea that women don't need pockets? It's super comfy, makes for an instant outfit, and allows you to carry all the stuff you'll need.

    the reviewer wearing the jumpsuit in black

    20. A cold brew maker so you can have coffee ready in 10 minutes flat in the morning. And honestly who wants to squander their whole morning when it's this easy?

    the cold brew maker next to a reviewer's cup of iced coffee

    21. A cross-body bag that is as cute as it is spacious. It holds tons of stuff and for the price, you really won't find a better deal.

    reviewer wearing the chain purse in black

    22. A four-pack of cooling towels for the perfect workout accessory. It'll help you tolerate those incredibly hot summer days and might even inspire a little extra effort in your daily movement.

    person wringing out sweat from the cooling towel

    23. A cooling bamboo blanket because there's no reason you can't use a blanket in all seasons. We get it, it's summer, but we still want to get cozy under a blanket and who can blame us?

    the cooling bamboo blanket in light gray

    24. A two-pack of Chuckit! dog balls so your doggie can enjoy all the playtime they deserve. It's super easy to throw either by hand or with the throwing tool, and they're pretty indestructible, so at least it'll buy you some time between visits to the pet store.

    the balls next to a reviewer's dog

    25. An electric pressure washer that will help keep your home super clean. It's perfect for rinsing stains off your outdoor walkways and will definitely become a go-to on chore day.

    the reviewer's image of an electric pressure washer

    26. A 10-count of water balloons for the family who wants to engage in some serious bonding time through a good old fashioned water balloon fight. There's enough for everyone, but might as well get a few packs to have as backup.

    a reviewer's image of water balloon in a little toy truck

    27. A pack of cat grass seeds because if your cat is experiencing gnarly hairballs you might want to incorporate this into their diet. It's a great way to keep up with your cat's health and give them a little something to chew on that isn't say, furniture.

    reviewer's cat eating the grass

    28. A giant bubble wand kit so you can have fun with the whole family. It's a classic playtime activity and I don't think it'll be going out of fashion any time soon.

    the giant bubble wand kit

    29. A running belt that will hold your phone, keys, and other essentials while you break a sweat. Plus, it's adjustable so it'll work for everyone!

    reviewer wearing the running belt in camo print

    30. A SunPrint paper kit for the person who wants to preserve their family's art forever. It'll make for great memories and is decidedly a great way to pass an afternoon.

    the reviewer's photo of the sunprint paper kit

    31. A hand weeder tool because let's face it, there's nothing worse than a garden being ruined by a few pesky weeds.

    Person weeding with the tool

    32. A neck fan so you can stay cool no matter where you are. It's perfect for trips to the amusement park, beach, or anywhere outside on a hot summer day.

    reviewer using the neck fan in black

    33. A desk chair that's the perfect addition to any WFH setup. It's truly a great deal for the price and won't leave you feeling all hunched up at the end of a long day.

    the reviewer's image of the desk chair in white

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