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    25 Splurge-Worthy Things From Amazon That’ll Seriously Upgrade Your Daily Cooking Routine

    We could all use an upgrade.

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    1. A Le Creuset cast iron grill pan that makes BBQing a possibility even for those of us that are shy of outdoor space. Nothing says summer more than grilled meat and veggies and you shouldn't have to miss out just because you don't have a yard!

    The cast iron grill pan holding grilled meat

    2. A sous vide cooker because if you're looking for a meal that's cooked quickly and uniformly, this is for you. All it takes is pressing a button to get a meal that's cooked to perfection.

    3. A 17-piece nonstick cookware set that will take all the fuss out of the cooking process. Nonstick means less clean-up and with this amount of products, you're getting a total deal compared to other kitchen bundles.

    The reviewer's photo of the 17 piece nonstick cookware set hanging in a kitchen

    4. A hot and cold blender for the person who needs a blender for smoothies and pureeing soups and other hot items. This blender truly is the best of both worlds and its shape blade ensures each meal comes out as intended.

    5. An over-the-sink drying rack because sometimes the best cooking solution is the one that helps take the effort out of the most time-consuming tasks. If you spend tons of time doing dishes, this will cut the time in half so you can focus on the fun part of cooking.

    The over the sink drying rack holding dishes

    6. An oil-less air fryer for the people who are all about the air-fryer trend, but aren't sure which reviews to follow to the perfect one. This large no-oil machine has thousands of positive reviews and temperature control so you can have your food your way.

    7. A 10-piece carbon steel cookware set that will definitely inspire some new baking ideas. It's a simple way to add the muffin tins and loaf pans into your kitchen that you may not already have.

    The full set

    8. A countertop steam oven for the person who wants a better way to reheat their food. It's the perfect way to reinvigorate old bread or heat up leftovers on the fly without all the unevenness of a standard microwave.

    The mini steam oven

    9. A wood cutting board because what could be better than a well-crafted cutting board? It has a border to catch stray food items and will surely become your next favorite cooking item since you'll definitely use it daily.

    Reviewer picture of the cutting board

    10. A six-piece cast iron cookware set so you'll never be without your beloved cast iron. It's perfect for making eggs, wilting spinach, and so many other cooking tasks that require super even heating.

    The six-piece cast iron cookware set being used by a reviewer to make dosas

    11. An enameled cast-iron skillet that will make your next cooking project feel way less tedious. With a pan this high quality, it does all the work for you so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the aromas.

    The enameled cast-iron skillet in red cooking salmon

    12. A 18-piece knife set for the person who wants to upgrade their chopping, mincing, and smashing set up. It's a great way to get yourself excited about cooking because everyone knows there's nothing less enticing that using a dull knife.

    The 18 piece knife set in a wooden block

    13. A set of Misen stainless steel frying pans so you'll never have to worry about replacing shody pans again. These stainless steel cooking pans are super high quality and will definitely make the kitchen a place you want to be when your meals turn out much better than they used to.

    the stainless steel frying pan

    14. A touchless stainless-steel trash can so you can keep your place looking nice, while maximizing your trash capacity. It holds 13 gallons of garbage and its stainless-steel exterior makes it easy to clean and keeps it looking fresh.

    The reviewer's photo of two side by side touchless stainless steel trash cans with black lids

    15. An electric stand mixer that will elevate all your baking projects. If you've been scrimping on the part of recipes that call for a mixer, you won't know what you've been missing until you upgrade with this bad boy.

    reviewer's picture of the electric mixer in black

    16. A soup pot because who doesn't love a large batch of soup or stew? It's perfect for families or meal-prepping for a long week ahead and will definitely make not having to prepare individual meals feel nice and relaxing.

    The soup pot in stainless steel

    17. A Moroccan handmade tagine so you can make regional specialties in a more authentic way. It's perfect for preparing Moroccan meals, such as couscous with chicken or lamb and will definitely be a welcome break in your cooking routine to try something new.

    The Moroccan handmade tagine

    18. An 11-in-1 electric pressure cooker that will make meal-prepping for the week a breeze. Whether you're throwing together a meal on a Sunday or mid-week, the instant pot truly makes cuisines of all kinds available at the drop of a hat.

    Reviewer cooking soup with the pressure cooker

    19. A three-piece bakeware set because what could be better than scoring a deal of a set? These baking dishes are so versatile and can support everything from lasagna to meatloaf to roasted veggies.

    A piece of the three-piece bakeware set in aqua holding a lasagna

    20. A set of three cast iron skillets so you won't waste any space with larger pans than necessary. It's perfect for cooking bacon and eggs and is sure to make your breakfast routine a whole lot more exciting.

    The cast iron skillet

    21. A 33 piece cookware set for the person who doesn't like to do superfluous shopping. This is such a great set that encompasses so many cooking essentials in one so you can be confident you already have everything you need to make a tasty meal.

    The 33 piece cookware set in mint green

    22. A five-piece set of baking pans so you can cook and bake to your heart's content without worrying your pans and dirty or already in use. Plus, it comes with a baking rack that will help slow down the cooking process once your items are done or can be used for basting and catching meat drippings from a roast.

    The five-piece set of baking pans in bronze brown

    23. A kitchen thermometer that is truly your new best friend. It will make telling if your items are done that much easier and you won't have to go cutting into every meat in the oven.

    The kitchen thermometer in black

    24. A 14" pizza steel for the person who loves to experiment with new recipes at home. It may be a costly item, but it'll pay off so much in the long run when you consider the cost of a pizza at a restaurant.

    The 14" pizza stone

    25. A deluxe cooking griddle with removable plates because what could be better than *not* ruining your eggs, pancakes, and other delicate kitchen items by squishing them in a round pan? It will make using a spatula ten times easier and you can fit ten times more items that you would in a traditional pan so no cold pancakes or eggs for you!

    Eight pancakes on a griddle

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