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    Just 31 Problem-Solving Products From Walmart That People Actually Swear By

    You might not think a toilet paper dispenser will change your life, but these reviewers sure know it will.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An air purifier that has HEPA and smart mode, making it the most cutting edge purifier available. It's compact yet extremely efficient, minimizing the effects of pollution and poor air quality in the home, which we could use now more than ever.

    The air purifier with HEPA and smart mode in white

    Promising review: "I love this product! I used to have very bad allergies and now I don't have any trouble breathing. I definitely recommend this product for anyone who has bad allergies or asthma. It makes enjoying your home a lot better!" —Heather

    Price: $182.61 (available in two colors)

    2. A three-speed electric heater for the person who needs a little warmth — an easy way to cut down on your heating bill this winter and stay cozy, too.

    The three-speed electric fan in black

    Promising review: "Powerful little heater. Love that it can be turned off and on. Love it, for the price great! Quick delivery." —Lisa

    Price: $15.42 (originally $19.99; available in two colors)

    3. An ecoflow handheld showerhead because the only thing worse than bad water pressure is uneven water pressure. It's incredibly easy to install and will give you the peaceful shower of your dreams.

    The ecoflow handheld showerhead in white

    Promising review: "We liked it. The quality seems to be very good. We liked the variety of water flow. Easy to install, no tools needed. Price was excellent for this product." —Lawrence

    Price: $21.97 (originally $34.84)

    4. A cool-mist humidifier so you can relieve congestion and maintain good health throughout flu season. We're all battling winter dryness, including our pets and plants, so if you've been looking for a way to hydrate your environment, this may just be the ticket.

    The cool-mist humidifier

    Promising review: "It works great!! The tank is big enough that it doesn't have to be refilled in the middle of the night. It's bigger than expected. I just ordered another for my mom :)" —Xenia

    Price: $39.86

    5. A bronze toilet paper holder and dispenser that's a total space-saver and a two-in-one item. If your under-sink cabinet space is stuffed with other items, there's really no way around one of these. Plus, it holds a roll of toilet paper so you can say goodbye to reaching behind you only to find you've run out.

    The bronze toilet paper holder and dispenser

    Promising review: "Just as pictured. And it fit perfectly in the spot I picked. It looks really nice with all of my earth-tone accessories too!" —Denea

    Price: $12

    6. A plastic shelving unit for the person looking to get organized this winter. It's ideal for holding cleaning supplies, bulk products, and other items you may not need day-to-day but still need to have on hand.

    The plastic shelving unit in white

    Promising review: "This shelving unit is sturdy and easy to assemble. Perfectly between my washer and dryer to hold those heavy bottles of detergent, etc. Would recommend to anyone who needs a little extra storage." —Shortstop88

    Price: $14.97

    7. An over-the-door coat rack because sometimes we need more areas to store coats, scarves, bags, and anything else the weather may permit. It's perfect for keeping your necessary items in one place for when you're on the go.

    The over-the-door coat rack in bronze

    Promising review: "I love this over-the-door six rack! I can hang so many things on the top and lower level. It's well-made and hangs securely on the door. I highly recommend this item!" —Lyn

    Price: $8.46 (originally $12.99; available in three colors)

    8. A basic water pitcher with a filter so you can drink water without worrying that there's anything yucky hiding in it. It cleans water and allows for more pure hydration by filtering out potentially harmful contaminants.

    The basic water pitcher with a filter in clean and blue plastic

    Promising review: "It gives a great taste after being through the filter, very clean and clear. I would definitely recommend this product for some wholesome clean water!" —Joy

    Price: $14.97 (originally $16.97)

    9. A first aid kit that is essential if you ever go on camping trips or cook relatively often. I don't know about you, but I am constantly getting hurt, and having this on hand has been a serious game-changer.

    The first aid kit in its plastic packaging

    Promising review: "The Equate 85 Piece First Aid Kit is comparable in quality to other first aid kits of its kind but at a more economical price. This first aid kit on the go is perfect for traveling, office, car or the outdoors-specially camping due to its compact size. For a lightweight and easy-to-carry kit, it has comprehensive first aid treatment products. Great for minor cuts and scrapes. The carrying kit has easy slide latches and internal dividers for easy access. It is a great beginner's first aid kit. Definitely everyone should have one!" —Nuzim2175

    Price: $4.84+ (available in two sizes)

    10. A chrome shower caddy for the person with lots and LOTS of products. It's great for keeping your items organized and ensuring that they all get their moment in the sun.

    The shower caddy in chrome

    Promising review: "Really liked this product. However, my husband and I really struggled to put it together. It looks simple enough but the height of the shower varies so the instructions have to be customized to your shower's height. We didn't realize this as we were setting it up and so it took us a good while to realize there was a chart in the back that explains how you can customize it based on different heights. Big mistake on our part! Should of read the directions fully. Anyway, aside from that, once we finished the setup and put it in the shower it really stuck on there perfectly. No wiggling or anything. The metal is SOLID so it feels really good quality. The chrome is very pretty too! No more shampoos all over the place!" —HilC

    Price: $21.46

    11. A pack of 16 felt furniture pads because having furniture slide all around the floor is never fun. Plus, it prevents against floor scratches and can be a real lifesaver when dealing with uneven furniture.

    The pack of 16 felt furniture pads in brown

    Promising review: "Love this brown color, I use these for craft projects as well as what they are intended for. Grips well and seems to hold tight like it won't start slowly peeling off over time as I have found with some others. So far I have not had any problems. Perfect to keep chairs from sliding across and scratching up the floor. Wish I had bought years ago when my kids were little and always climbing on the furniture. Will definitely be buying more! Highly recommend." —Bella

    Price: $2.47 (available in two color and four count packs)

    12. A pack of 12 command hooks so you can hang your stuff, well, anywhere! It eliminates the need for an over the door hanger or something that needs to be drilled into the wall. It's as simple as removing the backing and pasting it wherever you please.

    The 12 pack of command hooks in their packages

    Promising review: "The Command Hook strips hold so well. I bought them during the holidays and they have held since then. The hook held a huge heavy wreath that I believed would fall but it held it. The picture shows the strip it has been attached like that for months. I will be keeping them attached to use throughout the year. These Command strips work so amazingly. I also took off my other hook and it came off easy. All you do you hold the Command Hook and pull the strip down and it comes off and it does not hurt your wall or doors at all, not at all!!!" —RachelleW

    Price: $15.99 (available in two count packs)

    13. A wireless outlet and remote that is ideal for the holiday season and will light up your tree and your home. If you absolutely can't get enough of string lights, this may just be the helpful solution to the holiday decorating problem you've been facing.

    The wireless outlet and remote

    Promising review: "This a great product for year-round use. Great during the holidays to turn on and off the Christmas tree, and other decor items, plus lamps, etc. Other times of year I use it to control lighting in the living room. Gave one to each of my sisters for Christmas. They love them too." —Bonnie

    Price: $16.98

    14. A five-pack of cloth face masks for the person who is constantly running out of masks, complete with adjustable ear loops so you can get the best fit.

    Model in black face mask

    Type Of Fit: Adjustable ear loops

    Pocket For Filter: No

    Fabric Type: Cotton

    Shipping Time: Standard shipping

    Promising review: "I've tried lot of different masks, and this one is no doubt the best. I highly recommend getting the L/XL.....It fits a big face nicely and because of the adjustable ear bands they even fit well on a smaller face!! very comfortable and easy to breathe though." —Mark

    Price: $23.39 for a five-pack (available two sizes and 12 styles)

    15. A set of four storage containers, because we all have some things that we don't need lying around all the time, but nowhere to put them — this will let you tuck them tidily under a bed.

    The set of four latching storage container in clear

    Promising review: "Trying to organize my office and ALL the school supplies! I am a teacher and needed 'bins' for some of the 'small stuff' and these are PERFECT! I think a bundle of six would have been better but maybe this is a sign that I should be tossing what has not been used." —Maryanne

    Price: $28.98 (available in two colors)

    16. A six-outlet 6-foot long surge protector so you can plug in all of the things. It makes life a little easier for those of us who have a million devices charging at a time, and it'll protect them from a short circuit, too.

    The six-outlet six-foot long surge protector in black

    Promising review: "I really like this surge protector 6-outlet cord. It works perfectly with my 50-gallon aquarium. I like to shut down my filter pump when I feed the fish. It's a big powerful pump. With this surge protector turning off the pump is a press of a button. Plus my fish pump is surge protected. And the gloss black looks classy." —Starhoney

    Price: $10.97 (originally $38)

    17. A slow close toilet seat cover that prevents that slamming sound that we all can't stand.

    The slow close toilet seat cover in white

    Promising review: "I like this toilet seat. It is slow-closing. It was also easy to install. I would recommend it. I like that it isn't heavy and I don't have to worry about it slamming or breaking."—Gail

    Price: $17.84

    18. A faucet water filter for the person who is constantly refilling the Brita. It's an ideal solution to the age-old question: who put the Brita back in the fridge empty?

    The faucet water filter in black

    Promising review: "I am so happy with this water purifier. It is easy to install, and simple to use. I should have bought this along time ago. Sometimes it is hard to find bottled water and save me money by just using tap. Thank you for making this product." —BB

    Price: $21.94

    19. Plus a faucet replacement filter so you can keep it fresh — it's so easy to think the work is done once you've bought the product, but now you have to maintain it! You'll be happy you did when your water tastes like it came from a glacier.

    The faucet replacement filter in blue

    Promising review: "Our filter was off for a day and the tap water was not good. Did not realize the filter made such a difference in water quality. We had been on bottle water for years and bought the snap-on Pur Water system a few months ago and need a replacement filter. Replacement in place and water quality is better again." —ejwiejwi

    Price: $16.47

    20. A battery-operated carbon monoxide detector because if your house or apartment doesn't have one of these, you need to get one ASAP. It tells you when gas levels are unhealthy, allowing you to keep your environment as safe as possible for you and your loved ones.

    The battery-operated carbon monoxide detector

    Promising review: "Last one lasted 16 years, no complaints. Comes complete with batteries. Free two-day shipping, great deal!" —George

    Price: $35.97

    21. A bamboo bathtub caddy so you can truly relax because you *definitely* deserve it. Say goodbye to the days of wet hands grabbing for your phone and getting your snacks soggy.

    The bamboo bathtub caddy

    Promising review: "I love the wood and quality of the whole tray. I don't like the little removable trays because I have to store them upright because of the limited space in the bathroom and the trays fall out. It serves its purpose so I am happy with it." —JoAnn

    Price: $31.49 (originally $50.39)

    22. A Hyper Tough cordless drill that is perfect for those home maintenance projects you've been wanting to take on. If you're like me, you've been looking (and finding) potential home renovations everywhere — this drill is perfect for easy installations, because you won't have to figure out where to plug it in first.

    The hyper tough drill in red and black

    Promising review: "Very good cordless drill. Used on very tough project! This is the main tool I used to rebuild a pontoon boat. I must of screwed in over 2,000 screws into heavy plywood for more than a week. I also used it to drive at least 100+ lag bolts through metal supports into 2x4 deck supports. I have used it on several projects since then. I purchased it on sale thinking that it may not last but it did great! It is still running strong. I have two now." —tsm17236

    Price: $29.64 (originally $44.46)

    23. A blue tarp because it's an ideal solution for keeping pets of furniture, repotting plants, or anything in between.

    The blue tarp

    Promising review: "I wrote this because I wondered what quality these were. I have them hanging to shade my patio door and they hang nicely — heavy enough to not flap with every little breeze — light to medium weight, I would say, and match the price point. I attach bungees to made a shaded porch — they are a nice size for that and again, because of the large size and weight, didn't flap everywhere yesterday when I first put up. Don't expect heavy-duty but good value for the price. I would use it for a picnic/concert under a blanket and also as a ground liner for sitting outside my camper. It's a nice size for that as well. I will buy more...very happy." —attikus88

    Price: $5.98 (originally $9.99)

    24. An LED flashlight so you'll never have to wander to the bathroom in the dark again. Sometimes it's easier to whip one of these out than to go turning on lights and waking up the whole house.

    The LED flashlight in black

    Promising review: "So far so good! Just received delivery today. I love this little flashlight. It is just the right size and ‘heft' for this old lady and has three different lights...a low beam, high beam and flashing strobe light. Will be perfect on my bedside table. I think I will order another for downstairs. The light comes with the three triple-A batteries needed and it is the copper-top Duracell ones, not some off brand." —Kay

    Price: $9.62

    25. A two-in-one paint and primer that's great for repairing minor wall scuffs and will come in handy whenever it's *inevitably* time to move again.

    The two-in-one paint and primer in a white canister

    Promising review: "I have been using Walmart's paint for over 20 years. I LOVE it. I have used it to hand-paint furniture. Painted at least 100 walls and ceilings. My husband and I love the color Iced Mocha, Blue Grey Sky and Platinum Ring which are all available off the shelf. Iced Mocha looks just like an Iced Mocha. Blue Grey Sky looks blue or light grey depending on the lighting. In our sunny bedroom, the Platinum Ring looks blue in the afternoon." —jill

    Price: $16.84 (originally $19.99)

    26. A bathroom storage linen tower for the person with a LOT of products. If you don't have under-sink storage (or even if you do) this is a great way to keep all your most necessary items in view.

    The bathroom storage linen tower in white

    Promising review: "I received this Mainstay Linen Tower and it's a perfect fit for my bathroom and it doesn't take up a lot of space. It was easy to put together so it didn't take long. I love the extra storage space under the bottom. I am using this to store extra towels and some of my personal items." —Ariesjmc

    Price: $38.74

    27. A window AC unit because heat is not kind to our sleep schedules, especially when we're sweating through the night. Keep your home a regular temperature and end that sleepless night syndrome you've been suffering from.

    The window AC unit in white

    Promising review: "This Article King window air conditioner may be small but it does not disappoint. It is made for small rooms, maybe your central air isn't too efficient in one room and you need something small, this is for you. My room is small so this is the perfect size for me. Puts out a ton of cool air, I will sleep well this summer!!" —Kathoust

    Price: $149

    28. A counter hand towel holder so your towels don't get all mildewed and wrinkly. It's a great solution to the eternal issue of having towels balled up in the corner.

    The counter handtowel in satin

    Promising review: "This is a nice size, looks great in my bathroom. I'm very pleased with this hand towel holder." —Viola

    Price: $15.02 (originally $18.99; available in two colors)

    29. A mini electric fireplace that will help mitigate some of your central heating issues. It'll warm up your home and your heart by providing heat and a cozy fireplace scenery.

    The mini electric fireplace in black

    Promising review: "Super impressed by this little heater!! We use it in our small camper and it heats every inch even the bathroom! It works better than the built-in propane heater! Love the fact that it's under 1,500 wattts, which is perfect for our camper! All sides stay cool to the touch and it has a safety shutoff so I feel very comfortable having this around our small kids and dog. Also used inside the home and after a while it heated the whole house to a comfortable temp! Very impressed! Kids are asking for one for their room now!" —Chelsea

    Price: $39.98 (available in three colors)

    30. A five-drawer tower for the person with lots of stuff to store. Whether this is going in your closet or office, it's perfect for keeping all your items organized and ready to use.

    The five-drawer tower in black

    Promising review: "I bought two of these for my son to use in his dorm room. I didn't realize they come apart. He was able to remove the bottom two drawers of one to make one that fit under his desk, and one to be storage in his closet. It's way more helpful to be able to change the configurations as needed. He's very pleased with them." —Forhisdorm

    Price: $64.27 for a set of two

    31. An air sanitizer because we would all definitely sleep a little better knowing our air is supremely clean. It has UV capabilities that penetrate all the gunk in the air and leave it feeling fresh.

    The air sanitizer in white and metal

    Promising review: "I purchased this product on the advice of a family member. He has had great results after owning for one year. The home is completely scent-free despite having various pets in the home. I am looking forward to being in an odor-free environment and germ-free environment with the flu season around the corner." —crossboarderhunter

    Price: $33.95

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