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    29 Pet Products From Amazon That Are Just All-Around Smart Purchases

    Everything you need from grooming tools to better ways to reduce dander and uncleanliness.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A treat tote that is perfect for the pet owner on-the-go who needs to transport their pet's goodies with them. It holds up to a cup of treats and has a clip-on feature, making it ideal to hook on belt or pants loops for easy access.

    The reviewer's red treat tote clipped onto their jeans

    2. A FURminator grooming rake for anyone who's constantly finding balls of hair around the house. It has an ergonomic handle for easy usage and metal teeth so it removes tons of hair from your dog's undercoat, while leaving their topcoat looking clean and pristine.

    The reviewer's husky with a pile of hair from the furminator

    3. A food storage container, because all pet owners should know the joy of *not* having everything they own smell like dog food. It has airtight storage to lock in freshness and a simple lid design for maximum ease and accessibility.

    The reviewer's dog with the white food storage container

    4. A swivel rake and bin poop scooper with scented bags so you can make what is easily the most annoying part of pet ownership as easy as possible. It has an extended reach and convenient swivel design, making it an ideal purchase for those who like to keep their pup's poops at arm's length.

    The reviewer's poop scooper in black

    5. The Greenies Pill Pockets that makes giving your dog their medicine something they'll actually look forward to. Its intuitive design makes instructions superfluous so you won't waste any time with getting your pet what they need.

    The reviewer's picture of the inside of the pill pocket bag

    6. A travel dog bed for maximum comfort and security for your favorite fuzzy friend. It's super lightweight, portable, and easy to clean. What could be better?

    The reviewer's dog on the gray side of the travel bed

    7. A slow-feeding bowl, because meal time doesn't have to be so mundane. It promotes healthy eating by slowing down the process, allowing your pup time to digest and avoid upset tummies.

    A reviewer's dog with the pink hound fun feeder

    8. An outdoor shower grooming tool so you can keep your beloved pet from tracking mud inside the house. It's dishwasher-friendly so you can keep your favorite gadget from getting that weird mildewy smell. Plus, it's perfect for after the beach, a long walk, or hiking trip to get your pet's coat back into shape.

    A reviewer bathing their muddy dog with the clear outdoor shower grooming tool

    9. A no-spill dog travel bowl that is perfect for car rides and anything of the like. It's incredibly simple, effective, and efficient to use.

    The reviewer's dog with the blue no-spill dog travel bowl

    10. A no-pull deluxe dog harness for the doggie that needs to develop their manners when it comes to pushing and pulling. It has a chest loop for more efficient walking that doesn't cause you or your pup stress or strain.

    The reviewer's dog using the ocean colored harness

    11. A seatbelt tether, because there should be no greater priority than keeping your pup safe. It's incredibly easy to install and prevents distracted driving to keep both you and your furry loved ones safe.

    The seatbelt tether in orange hooked up to the seatbelt holder of a car

    12. A dog chew toy so you can keep your pet preoccupied and gnawing on their own toy rather than your furniture or other belongings. It's safe from splintering and is perfect for both outdoor and indoor usage.

    The reviewer's dog gnawing on the dogwood chewstick

    13. A stuffing-free squeaky dog toy that reduces mess by taking the tearing factor out of things. It's made to retain its shape even when punctured so you can get the most use out of your dog's new favorite toy.

    The reviewer's dog chewing on the small monkey squeaky toy

    14. A pack of puppy pads for the pets who sometimes have accidents inside the house. They're incredibly absorbent and perfect for crate training, or simply if you have to leave the house longer than your pup's bladder would like.

    A reviewer's image of the puppy pads in charcoal

    15. A pet hair remover because there's nothing better than a clean home, especially if you aren't used to it from having pets around all the time. It's reusable, simple to use, and allows you to pick up pet hair from even the hardest-to-reach of places.

    Reviewer pulling fur out of the removal tool with five-star caption "was hesitant but works great!"

    16. A three-pack self-cleaning cat litter box so you can make sure your pet has the most clean and tidy environment possible. It has odor control and leak protection to keep your cat's litter from smelling and causing a mess, as well as safeguards to keep your cat healthy by providing a tidy environment.

    The self-cleaning litter box with blue litter crystals and its originally packaging

    17. A bag of Wellness natural grain puppy training treats that are perfect for breaking that scratching or barking habit. They're thoughtfully designed for young dogs so all of the ingredients are made to protect and support digestion.

    The reviewer's photo of one of the treats compared to a coin

    18. A dog toothpaste for people who like to have all their bases covered. If we learned anything from our pediatricians, it's that taking care of your oral hygiene now will pay off later. Why shouldn't the same concept apply to your pets?

    The reviewer's dog licking the white bristled toothbrush

    19. A container of hip and joint soft chews made from human-grade ingredients and said to promote healthy joints so they can alleviate pain for pets suffering from arthritis and other ailments.

    A customer holding the hip and joint soft chews container

    20. A pack of ear cleaning wipes designed to help stave off infection and keep your pet's hearing in perfect condition. They're made from an advanced veterinary formula that's gentle enough for your pet and effective enough to get the job done.

    The reviewer's image of the ear wipes in their green and white container

    21. A portable pet gate that's perfect for keeping your pets quarantined to certain areas of the house. It's portable, easy to install, and allows for different shaped doorways with its extendable feature.

    A reviewer's white puppy gate being with the extendable feature being used

    22. A stain and odor eliminator for severe messes that need a miracle to clean up. It also discouraged further soiling and leaves a light scent in replacement of the yucky smell that had previously been there.

    23. A set of nail clippers because if you have a nervous dog who will barely let you near their nails to begin with, an electric clipper certainly won't do. It also includes a safety stop to prevent from cutting nails too short and a hidden nail file for polishing.

    Reviewer holding the nail clippers

    24. A pack of calming chews so your pup can rest easy no matter what the situation. It's perfect for the anxious pet who gets stressed in new environments, when traveling, or when left alone.

    25. A hotspot and itch relief spray that is an essential item for the pet owner whose dog always seems to be itching. Whether it's allergies or a hot spot, this product is designed with anti-inflammatory rapid relief to help offer your pet some freedom from itching and newfound comfort.

    The reviewer's pet's foot before and after use of the spray

    26. A protective inflatable collar for the pet who is always coming home from the vet. It's both scratch- and bite-resistant, making it an ideal purchase for your dog who's always getting into something new.

    The reviewer's dog in the blue inflatable cone

    27. A pet water fountain because remembering to drink water isn't just difficult for humans. Its stimulating nature makes it great for enticing your fuzzy friends into hydrating and it's super quiet so your pet will be the only one distracted by it throughout the day.

    The reviewer's pet drinking out of the blue water fountain with floral design

    28. A folding metal pet crate so you can sleep and potty train your dog with ease. It's collapsible and has a folding door for easy access. Plus it's designed with your pet in mind to keep their paws from getting trapped and for maximum comfort.

    The reviewer's dog sitting on top of the black crate with the sliding door open

    29. A pair of pet grooming gloves that will keep your pet's hair off your couch before it has a chance to get there. It's as simple as petting your animal and letting the grooming brush on the glove's palms do the rest.

    The reviewer's dog with a mound of hair that was removed by the grooming gloves

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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