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    25 Pet Products From Amazon You’ll Probably Wonder Why You Didn’t Buy Until Now

    You'll be shocked that you didn't think to purchase these until now.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A pack of 270 odor-concealing poop bags that will make clean up way more simple. It's a great way to ensure you always have the necessary equipment on hand when taking your pup out for a stroll.

    A reviewer's image of the poop bag roll

    Promising review: "I have no issues with these bags. They smell wonderful. I wanted something to help conceal the odor before I took out the bags, and it does just that. I use these for scooping kitty litter multiple times a day. I haven’t had any problems with the scoop fitting or the clumps getting inside. It fits a few decent-sized clumps. These would not be good if you do not scoop the litter regularly because they are relatively small. I go through about two to three bags a day with consistent scooping. It’s much better than wasting a grocery bag or liner, which tear often in my experience, and are awkward to hold open. I haven’t had one of these rip yet." —Kate

    Price: $11.99 (available in two sizes and styles)

    2. A pet hair remover for those that are constantly finding hair all over their house, furniture, and clothing. This is an easy way to rid yourself of what's easily one of the most frustrating aspects of pet ownership (rolling their hair off every piece of furniture you own).

    The reviewer's photo of the pet hair roller and their pet's fur

    Promising review: "Where has this been all my cat-loving life? Sticky rollers work fine for clothes but this is the only product that has ever COMPLETELY removed all the cat hair from my bed. I have a long-haired 20-lb. tabby and if you run your hands up his back a few times and fling the hair everywhere, it looks like it's snowing – he never stops shedding no matter what I do. After using the ChomChom, I can put on a black dress and roll around on my bed and not get a single hair on me. It's absolutely amazing. Everyone is getting one for Christmas, even if they don't have a pet. I don't care, it's THAT good." —Stephanie

    Price: $24.95

    3. A pet oral care gel because keeping up with your pet's oral health will definitely pay off in the long term. Daily or even weekly use will keep expensive dental bills and invasive cleanings at bay.

    A reviewer holding pet toothpaste

    Promising review: "I have a 3-year-old rescued Maltese. When we got him, his teeth were not in great shape already, lots of plaque. I tried to brush his teeth, and it was always a struggle. And I kind of just stopped doing it. I know: my bad. I recently noticed that not only does he have plaque but the gum around the base of his teeth is quite red. I felt so bad and was debating if I should take him to do a teeth cleaning. After research, I found it really costs too much money ($500-$1,000) around here. So I came across this product and decided to give it a try first. I brushed his teeth with this gel two times a day. It is still a struggle to brush his teeth, but I feel it will be more effective than just putting the gel in his mouth. After about 2.5 weeks, there is still redness abound the base of his teeth, but I can totally see the inflammation and redness to improve. Too bad I didn't take a picture before I started using this gel. Will continue to brush and to use this gel, good product." —Sharon

    Price: $13.99

    4. A set of pet stairs so your pet can freely walk up to the couch, bed, or wherever you permit. This is especially useful for pets with a disability or older pets who may not be able to jump up or down from surfaces as easily.

    The reviewer's photo of the set of pet stairs

    Promising review: "Best dogs steps ever, and we have tried them all. You can also configure to go out in front of the bed if the dog won't do the wrap around and it doesn't stick out that far. I would give this product ten stars if I could. Durable, easy to put together. It is the first time we have been able to get our furry kids to use the steps up and down. It takes them a couple of days to get fully used to them. Ours started that night after using treats to lure them. The didn't use the wrap around configuration though, we had to switch. It has saved my one dog from an ACL repair." —Gail

    Price: $149.98

    5. An odor-eliminating spray that works wonders. If your pet has ever made an accident on the carpet, you know the importance of keeping a stain solution on hand, and this one has tons of positive reviews.

    The reviewer's photo of the stain and odor-eliminating spray

    Promising review: "I've tried Nature's Miracle advanced formula and this Rocco & Roxie formula. Rocco & Roxie formula works every time. It kills, completely eliminates odor. Okay, so not only does it work for cat pee but armpit odor removal in shirts too! Rocco wins against the other brand, crushed the competition!" —Katherine Wright

    Price: $19.97

    6. A furminator pet hair removal tool for the pet that's constantly shedding. This will help your carpet shed some layers of fuzz and prevent your pet's hair from spreading to further corners of your house.

    The furminator pet hair removal tool

    Promising review: "This thing just plain works. We got a mature golden retriever last year and were told he didn't shed. Then in the spring, he started shedding badly. We were tired of hair everywhere and somehow I realized that dragging my shoe across the carpet balled the hair up. I found this product on a whim one day and knew it had to be better than my shoe! I ordered it and it was tough at first. The bristles pulled the hair up but then caught the tufts and spread them around. I found that using short quick strokes with the rake turned upside down got the best results. The backside is more like a squeegee and helps pull the hair up in long rolls and keeps the hair in one big pile." —Nick V.

    Price: $12.98

    7. A dog training collar because sometimes pets need a little guidance. It has three safe training modes, is rechargeable, and the calm vibration sends a signal to your pup that their behavior is being monitored.

    The reviewer's dog in the training collar

    Promising review: "This remote training collar is amazing!! It took some time for my dog to get used to what the beep and vibration mean, but now it corrects him immediately (I have not been using the shock on him, as the beep and vibration are enough to correct him). It has been wonderful for keeping his face off our kitchen table and counters! I have a very large dog (Neopolitan mastiff/cane corso mix - 125 pounds), and the collar is large enough to fit him well. I highly recommend this training collar!! Please mark if you find my review helpful. Thank you so much!" —Peggy

    Price: $42.99

    8. A car seat cover so you can keep your interior's protected and your dog safe in a moving vehicle. It'll prevent deep scratches on your cat seats and your pet won't be tempted to sit on our lamp while you're driving.

    The reviewer's image of the car seat cover with their dog

    Promising review: "Very impressed with the quality of this seat cover/ barrier — installs in under a minute. It fits my vehicle perfectly, but I have a Kia Forte H/B so I am not sure you could say the same for the back seat of a pickup (just keep that in mind). My dog is a 65-pound pit-mix who has a habit of jumping into the front seat, so I was hoping it would also ride high enough on the front seat back to create a barrier also. It has only been a few days but he has only jumped once and tried twice to get into the front seat - we are getting there. Super happy how it says in place with the dog getting in and out, keeping the back seat clean too." —Will Zytka

    Price: $34.96

    9. A clump and seal litter that makes keeping your house smelling nice way easier. Its odor and dust-free formula has made it a favorite for cat owners for years and the reviews highlight its fresh scent.

    The reviewer's photo of the arm and hammer clump and seal litter

    Promising review: "Let me start this off by saying I only have one cat. I have an almost 4-month-old kitten and we’ve been using Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Clumping litter since we got her. That litter clumped well but it did not seal in odor. I also noticed that she was not covering her poop so I had to cover it for her. Well, I decided to switch litter, and just like that she covers her poop! The odor is nonexistent. With the Dr. Elsey’s we all knew when she does #2 but with this one we NEVER know until we go to scoop her box. It truly seals it all in. It clumps great and all is well in my home. I recommend this for people that have a single cat and can’t find a litter that truly seals the smell in!!!!" —Britt

    Price: $28.99

    10. A rolling two-tier pet food storage bin that makes keeping your pet's food fresh as simple as popping it in these tightly-sealed bins. Plus, it has two tiers so you can use one for open dry food and the other for treats, toys, or whatever else you'd like to keep on hand. Say goodbye to the days of chip-clipping your dog's food bag!

    Two tiered rolling storage bin full of food

    Promising review: "This container is great! The bigger container is perfect size. We bought a 15-lb bag of dog food and it fits perfectly. I would not recommend buying a bag that is more than 15 lbs. There is a little room. Left at the top but I do not believe it is enough for an extra 5 lbs or more. The smaller container fits perfectly on top of the bigger one. With a little cut out to secure the top to the bottom makes it easy to move around. The smaller container is perfect for bags of treat, toys, scoops etc. These containers worked out perfectly for us and we will probably buy another one or bigger one, if they have one, when we get another dog. I definitely recommend keeping the pet food, whatever size you get, in the bag while in the container because it makes it easy for cleanup and ensuring that all the dog food is used." —Kenneth Davis

    Price: $27.99 (available in 10 colors)

    11. A tub of immune supplements made with salmon oil that may help with immune support, seasonal allergies, and gut health. Plus, they're made with all-natural ingredients so you can feel 100% about what you're feeding to your pet.

    The reviewer holding the immune supplements with their dog in the background

    Promising review: "We are on our second container of Allergy Immune Bites. It has worked wonders for my golden retriever and chihuahua. The golden retriever scratched constantly and the chi licked her paws. I could tell a difference in about a week and now I forget that they have allergies. They love these treats! I am very particular about what I feed to the dogs and I approve of these. I am going to try the Calming treats for my anxious golden retriever so I’ll keep you updated." —Cindy G.

    Price: $25.96

    12. A grooming brush so you can keep your pet and home neat and tidy. If you're worried about your pet shedding during transitional seasons, this is a great way to get ahead of the curve.

    The reviewer's image of the grooming brush in black and purple

    Promising review: "My cat has short hair, but a thick undercoat. I have tried other types of brushes and they don't get much hair at all. Now, I KNOW this cat sheds cause when I go to pet him, it's like a puff of hair in the air. I was on Amazon and found this one and thought I'd give it a try and I am SO glad I did! I brush him 2-3x a day and I always find a good amount on the brush. I didn't think I would care that it was self-cleaning, but it is seriously the best feature about this brush. So easy! He loves how it feels and I love how it works. I do have another cat who doesn't care for it, but she is picky about everything, so oh well! Haha! It is worth a try cat owners!" —Addo90

    Price: $15.99

    13. A calming Furhaven pet bed that will lull your pets to bed so you can both sleep soundly through the night. If you have a puppy whose energy is hard to contain or an older dog that needs extra joint support, this naturally relaxing bed will take your pet to snooze town faster than you can unbox it.

    Dog resting on large pet bed

    Promising review: "We absolutely love this bed! My lab is 100+ pounds and getting up there in age (11 years) and this bed is perfect for him. I was genuinely surprised at how large/soft it ended up being. It's perfect to snuggle up with them on! It did take a little bit of getting used to...they are used to their Costco beds (which are also nice!) But once they realized it was a comfy bed it's all they lay on! I know once it gets colder in Washington it's going to be a favorite place for them to rest." —HT

    Price: $25.99+ (available in four sizes and 12 colors)

    14. A 10-poung bag of bird food for pets or friends of the fire escape, alike. The sunflower seeds in the mixture help attract them so you can enjoy feeding them from your window sill or provide your pet bird with a nutritious meal that blends multiple seeds.

    The reviewer's image of the bird food being used to feed outdoor birds

    Promising review: "Birds love it, arrived quickly and feel like I’m feeding the whole city now! My cats love to watch them." —Nick

    Price: $14.99

    15. A 30-ounce tub of cat treats because there's never a bad time to re-up your cat's favorite treats. Temptations have a ridiculous amount of rave reviews and satisfies even the pickiest of eaters.

    The reviewer's image of the Termptation's treat bin

    Promising review: "My 10-year-old cat is not one for snacks and treats and he has a sensitive stomach so I only give him a treat once in a while and he's always meh about what I give him. I saw this mammoth canister of Temptations and I knew he kind of liked them because I had offered him some before. I took a chance and bought it. My cat loves loves loves these treats. I don't know what is in them but he goes wild when I give him some. And thankfully, they stay down. No throwing up from these treats." —PattyT

    Price: $15.78 (available in three flavors)

    16. A pack of five-layer training pads so you can ensure nothing leaks through to your beloved hardwood floors and rugs. If you have a new puppy that's still working on potty training, these will be a godsend, as they're super absorbant and turn liquid to gel upon contact.

    The reviewer's image of the 5-layer training pad

    Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE these! They are amazing! I have a medium/large-sized senior dog, and she sometimes has accidents in the house. I am amazed at how well these work...they are almost magical. Because I am always home I tend to catch her accidents right as they happen. Before using my steam cleaner, all I do is place a pad over the spoiled area, step on it (making sure to step on the entire spoiled area), and remove it. No leaks, whatsoever, and the absorption strength of the pads is unreal! It's almost like there was nothing ever there on the carpet...though I know there was, which is why I also use the carpet cleaner! I love these so much that I have started using them for everything from spills in the kitchen to the arts & crafts table! You can absorb so much liquid into them without the worry of them leaking, it's amazing! These are the BEST! I plan to keep buying these, and I highly recommend them! I hope this review helped make your decision easier! :-)" —tarafarah7: Tara Brown

    Price: $18.99 (available in four sizes and seven styles)

    17. A bag of high-protein dog food that is made from super high-quality ingredients. It will keep your pet full longer and keep them consuming the kind of nutrients that promote their overall health.

    The reviwer's image of the bag of dog food

    Promising review: "My golden retriever is still in great shape after 14 years because of this dog food; 1 cup twice a day. He looks and acts half his age. My next dog will eat nothing but Iams... well, maybe the occasional banana or carrot too." —A. Allen

    Price: $31.64

    18. A swivel scooper for anyone with an aching back who dreads clean up day in the yard. It's a stress and contact-free way to keep your grass clean.

    The reviewer's image of the poop scooper in black

    Promising review: "With three dogs, two small and one large, scooping the yard is a never-ending job. But with the Arm & Hammer swivel bin and rake, there is no more bending to pick of the doggy droppings. I am able to easily use the rake to push the droppings into the bag covered bin. When I am done cleaning up the yard, I just simply remove the plastic bag from the scoop, tie it off, and dispose of. I do spray the rake-off with the hose sprayer and then clip the rake onto the scooper for easy storage. I really like this handy scooper. It makes a very icky job much easier to handle." —Kelly Eldred

    Price: $19.99 (available in two colors)

    19. A dog travel bag because if you often travel with your pet, you'll be thankful to have a place to store their toys, kibble, poop bags, leash, and extra treats. That's a lot to fit in your carry on and you'll definitely notice the way this lightens the load.

    The zip top travel bag full of toys and grooming products in various pockets

    Promising review: "So glad we purchased this for our french bulldog, we love taking him with us on trips! It hold several sweatshirts and sweaters, leash and harness, Doggles (sunglasses), boots, nail trimmer, blanket, toys, meds, treats, food and water bowls, and best of all each food pouch hold a gallon size bag of food, I use ziplock bags so crumbs don't spill and it keeps the dog food from getting wet or ruined. There are cheaper bags out there but this one is sturdy, looks great, holds everything you would need and it's perfect size dimensions for airline travel!" —Tbear

    Price: $37.99

    20. An interactive treat toy for dogs so you can keep them preoccupied while you do all the things you need to. Dogs go wild for these and the best part is you get to choose what treats to include so you'll know the nutrition behind your pet's treats.

    The reviewer's image of their dog with the interactive treat toy

    Promising review: "My standard poodle mix who is 10 loves this puzzle. He is difficult to buy for, since almost every puzzle toy I've bought for him is too easy to keep him entertained. This puzzle was challenging for him when I first got it out of the box (I didn't show him how to work the drawers and locks at all as an extra challenge), and it quickly became one of his favorites. This is also durable, as it was tested a few times during his frustrations when he would pick it up and throw it or try to dig the locks apart. I bought this back in February and I've waited to write a review until he finally mastered it to see if it would survive. Overall, a well-made, difficult puzzle for a wicked-smart old man!" —ANWFlock

    Price: $14.99

    21. A pack of training treats that will help your pet learn new tricks, master crate training, and manage their behaviors. It's a great way to positively reinforce good behavior instead of punishing the bad when it arises.

    The reviewer's image of the pack of training treats

    Promising review: "I was about out of the original treats I was using for clicker training, and went in search of a couple of other brands/flavors to mix things up. Bought a small bag of duck and rabbit, and they were both hits with our 7-year-old AmStaff and 5-month-old AmBully, with a preference for duck it seems. In fact, our older one loves them so much that when we started more complex training with teaching her the names of objects to grab, hold, and carry on command, she started to grab anything I put in front of her before I'd even said anything! Now that makes it easy to teach her names of things, that's for sure!" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $10.49 (available in 11 flavors and nine sizes)

    22. A plush dog toy for medium-sized dogs for the pet who needs all-day entertainment. It's a great way to allow your pet the freedom to play on their own schedule so you can stick to yours and it's super durable so they'll be able to use it for months to come.

    The reviewer's image of their dog with the plush dog toy

    Promising review: "I've ordered these12+ times now, my pup still loves these things. Totally worth the money! My dog loves these things! This is my fourth or fifth order in the past 1.5 yrs or so. Can't beat the price for three, sure she kills the squeakers relatively quickly but she still loves them and even sleeps with them. We have a whole basket of them." —A. ARF

    Price: $10.99

    23. An Easy Step pet gate because sometimes it's easiest to keep your pet in the areas where you know they won't cause any ruckus. It provides easy access for humans through the latched door but keeps curious dogs and cats at bay.

    The reviewer's image of the pet gate

    Promising review: "For the reviewers who claim this gate is cheap or defective, you are wrong. Take a moment and read the instructions. Out of the box it appears to be "warped" as others have referred to it but it is actually designed that way on that you can tighten it and create the proper amount of tension. I had it assembled and working in less than 10 minutes. It is durable, strong, and fits my door opening perfectly. I have two five-month-old golden retrievers who destroyed the two wooden gates we had before I found this one. They can't chew through this gate nor are they able to knock it down through brut force! I am 100% satisfied." —Nancy McMullen

    Price: $38.99

    24. A de-shedding mitt so you can reach all angles of your pet's coat to give them the best grooming experience possible. It'll keep their coat lighter and your house cleaner.

    The reviewer's image of the de-shedding mitts with the cat hair they collected

    Promising review: "First let me say that I almost NEVER write product reviews, but feel like I would really like to write one for these pet grooming gloves. We have two hairy, senior, sister German shepherd dogs. Lots of dog hair to be had. It seems that just looking at them makes hair fly off of them. Regular grooming with the Furminator removes a lot of hair but the dogs will only tolerate its use on their backs and sides, due to tender arthritic joints and generalized soreness from aging. So, I thought I would give this product a try and what a difference ! While the gloves do not remove quite as much as hair as the Furminator, there are other distinct advantages for their use. First, they can be easily used over the whole body - including legs, soft belly, tail, and even the head. All areas can actually be massaged, which the dogs clearly enjoy. The dogs LOVE this. In fact, as soon as they see the gloves they go into their happy dance, happy face mode, while hip-checking each other out of the way to be first in line. Since using the gloves for a while now it seems that the quality of their coats is actually better. Perhaps a benefit of massaging the skin and stimulating hair growth (more hair?? Better hair). Their coats are softer and more glossy." —celticwife

    Price: $13.99

    25. A pet nail clipper that has ergonomically designed handles so you can say goodbye to the days of your fingers slipping out of the handles. If you'd like to keep your floors scratch-free, this is an essential item that is sure to keep your pet healthy and your furniture safe.

    The reviewer holding the blue pet nail clippers

    Promising review: "I am really excited about all the features on these puppy nail clippers! It has a locking mechanism to prevent accidents and also has a special metal guard on the backside to keep you from clipping the nails too far. I didn't even notice it at first, but there is a built-in nail file that slides conveniently into the handle! These are sharp enough to get the job done right on the first try. These clippers arrived on time and even came with a coupon." —Cara

    Price: $13.95

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