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    31 Lawn And Gardening Products From Target That Reviewers Actually Swear By

    Customer-favorite staples for solving all your garden problems (and helping it look better than ever).

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A stainless-steel compost can that is an incredible addition to a sustainable garden. It's perfect for city dwellers and suburbanites alike looking to reinvigorate their plant growth in an eco-friendly way.

    The compost bucket

    2. An all-purpose plant food for those that aspire to having the most gorgeous garden on the block. It's regarded as an essential item for all plant owners and lasts way longer than expected.

    The plant food

    3. A winter jasmine bush because shouldn't your garden smell just as amazing as your favorite perfume? This low light plant is so easy that even a plant novice will make it bloom.

    The yellow bush

    4. A weed and grass killer so you can protect your precious flowers from any of the dangerous usual suspects. It's rain-proof in ~10~ minutes and even works on cracks and driveways, making this the easiest way to conquer pesky weeds.

    The Round Up

    5. A medium duty hose that makes watering your lawn as simple and efficient as possible. It's super durable and 100 feet long, making it easy to water those hard to reach spots.

    The hose nozzle

    6. A versatile window box for the gardener who's into having herbs, assorted flowers, and veggies all in one incredibly convenient place.

    The window frame

    7. A pair of gardening gloves, because why get your hands dirty if you don't have to? A nice pair of gloves is integral to the experience of starting and maintaining a garden and these ones are a great investment because they're super sturdy.

    The gloves

    8. A set of paper leaf bags so you can keep your lawn looking neat and kempt. With each bag holding up to 30 gallons you'll be able to accomplish some serious tasks with this item.

    The paper bag

    9. A combo patch and repair product that brings together the three garden essentials, mulch, seed, and fertilizer, to bring your new plants to life or to revitalize old ones. It helps fill in bare spots and bring more green space to the base of your garden.

    Hands pouring the soil mix

    10. A garden tool set kit for kids, because it's never too early to teach them about the beauty of nature. When all that work starts to show incredible results they'll be happy they spent all that time raking the leaves.

    The kids with their kit

    11. A watering can thatll make keeping your plants healthy and hydrated an easy task this summer. It's compact, cheap, and easy to use. For five bucks what more could you ask for?

    The green watering can

    12. A simple flower pot so your outdoor summer ambiance dreams can come to life. It's incredibly good quality and is perfect for holding larger plants like fruit trees.

    The large green pot

    13. A pair of pruning scissors that'll leave your plants looking all shiny and new. It's super easy to store, compact enough to transport anywhere, and strong enough to get the job done.

    The pruning scissors

    14. A heavy duty hose for the times that you need a little extra power in water those larger plants and trees. It's easy enough to use for a novice and practical enough to be a staple for experienced gardeners.

    The long hose

    15. A Black Flag insect-killer, because no one should have to deal with the nuisance of keeping pests out of the garden. This compact insect killer gets the job done without requiring any help or maintenance.

    The lamp-like insect killer

    16. An LED grow light planter so you can revive your old plants and invigorate the new ones, just the same. This super chic planter is perfect for regrowing herbs and what else is there to do in quarantine?

    The LED aerogarden

    17. A bag of all-purpose potting soil that'll bring all of your favorite plants, flowers, and vegetables to the next level. It works perfectly for indoor and outdoor plants and is GMO-free, chemical-free, and vegan.

    Hands holding the soil

    18. A three-piece tool set for those that want to amp up both their indoor and outdoor plants. According to reviewers, it lasts years and if you don't want to take their word for it, it has a lifetime warranty.

    The tool set

    19. A durable fly swatter, because we all know there's nothing more annoying than a fly buzzing in your ear that you can't catch. This two dollar find makes frustrating garden pests a thing of the past.

    The large fly swatter

    20. A rake head so you can make rotating gardening tools a breeze. It's lightweight and perfect for leveling or loosening soil.

    The rake

    21. A bucket caddy that'll hold the entire range of your garden tools and then some. It makes keeping your tools organized amazingly simple and doubles as a bucket for soil, leaves, or anything of your choosing.

    The bucket caddy with bordering pockets

    22. A digging tool for amazing aid in planting new garden items, as well as expelling pesky weeds and unwanted grasses. It's a perfect tool for scooping and planting that never bends or loses its shape.

    The digger digging into soil

    23. A 12-piece lawn border because fencing in your garden shouldn't be a difficult task. It's flexible and easy to install. What more is there to know?

    The white fence border

    24. A heavy-duty yard cart so you can transport newly raked leaves or freshly cut wood across the whole yard. With its giant capacity, there's not much this cart can't accomplish.

    The yard cart

    25. A pair of vegetable shears that can be used on a variety of fresh veggies and herbs to bring your garden to your table. It's ideal for precision cuts, has generous holes in the handles and works for any size hands.

    The garden shears

    26. A garden stool for when all the hunching over that comes along with pruning and trimming becomes less of a labor of love and more of a physical labor. It's perfect for sitting back to admire your work and it also doubles as an end table between pieces of cozy backyard furniture.

    The blue and white floral stool

    27. A pest-killing plant aerosol because it's made with natural plant extracts and still eliminates all pests in sight. It's safe for pets and children and will protect your plant babies, too.

    The Raid

    28. A self-watering planter so you don't have to worry about all the maintenance that comes with being being a plant parent Whether you're new to plant care or have a more senior green thumb, this is a great addition to any plant collection.

    The leafy potted plant

    29. A 110 lb-capacity tow that can be used to spread fertilizer or weed control across the entirety of your lawn to create the perfect manicured aesthetic.

    The orange wheeled tow

    30. A roach bait for the times when quickly pests are quick to ruin the painstaking work you've put into your garden. With eight different stations it'll make knocking out pesky insects as simple as ever.

    The roach bait

    31. A gardenia bush because nothing says summer like the smell of flowers in full bloom. Brighten up your garden and deck it out at the same time with this chic addition to an abundant array of plants.

    The potted bush

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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