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    Just 32 Things BuzzFeed Shopping Readers Are Loving Right Now

    These reader faves are sure to be a hit.

    1. A set of closet hooks that are a sleek way to organize your hoodies, coats, and other items that don't quite fit a regular hanger, so they don't end up crumpled in a pile on the floor or on your designated laundry chair (you know the one).

    2. A watermark remover so you can live your life without the fear of ruining your nicer pieces of furniture with a sweaty water glass. Life happens and so do water rings, but that shouldn't keep you from enjoying your investment pieces on a daily basis.

    the watermark remover being used by a reviewer

    3. A jet tub cleaner that is perfect for keeping your bath squeaky clean. It'll be so satisfying to see all the gunk that comes out of the nozzles — plus, you can rest easy next time you hop in the bath, knowing it's cleaner than a hotel.

    4. A 10.25" Lodge cast-iron skillet so you can make big batches of super-tasty food (for a group or just for yourself). Whether it's pizza, paella, or anything in between, this large cast iron has you covered in the kitchen.

    the reviewer's image of the Lodge cast iron skillet

    5. An XL wool dryer ball because they're a simple, eco-friendly upgrade from regular dryer sheets. They help your clothes dry static and wrinkle-free — plus, they're as cute as can be. And if you put a few drops of essential oil on them before you start the dryer, you can dry your clothes with any scent you want!

    the XL wool dryer balls

    6. A bedsheet holder so you can avoid the eternal struggle of keeping your fitted sheet from slipping off in the night. If you're a bit of a tosser and turner (hello, it's me!) this is a great solution to the issue of having to remake your bed every morning.

    the reviewer's photo of the bed sheet holder

    7. A pair of Amazon Basics silicone baking mats because there's nothing more satisfying than *not* having to clean the baking sheet every time you use it.

    the Amazon Basics silicone mat holding the reviewer's macaroons

    8. A pair of high-waisted leggings that are perfectly compressive while still having enough give for all types of exercise. You can do anything from yoga to pilates to strength training in these — just take a look at the reviews!

    the reviewer in the high waisted leggings doing yoga

    9. An eyelash-enhancing serum for anyone looking to lengthen, strength, and thicken their lashes. It can help improve the feel and appearance of eyelashes in just a matter of months, and if that's not a high return, IDK what is.

    the reviewer's lashed from March to June

    10. A cat dancer interactive toy because cats need stimulation, but keeping them entertained doesn't have to mean jumping through hoops. This toy activates their hunter instincts and will provide them with hours of playtime.

    the reviewer's cat playing with the toy

    11. A Star Wars–themed Bluetooth portable speaker so you can take your love of music (and Baby Yoda) with you everywhere you go.

    a speaker shaped like baby yoda

    12. A pair of round vintage-style sunglasses that are on-trend and ideal for super-bright days, because they're large enough to protect pretty much half of your face.

    the sunglasses on a reviewer

    13. A Dungeons & Dragons essential kit because having fun at home is as easy as deciding which of your friends will be the Dungeon Master. This kit provides the basics to play this unique game, which uses character-building, story-telling and imagination — so expect way more than your basic board game.

    the reviewer's photo of the Dungeron & Dragons essential kit

    14. A six-piece stacking block set that's made of high-grade silicone and also squeaks — it's quite the upgrade from those rigid plastic Playskool stacking blocks you probably played with as a baby.

    the reviewer's image of the six-piece stacking block set

    15. An extendable rear-facing car seat so you can rest easy knowing the child in your life is fully protected — it flips for forward-facing seating when your child becomes too big for rear-facing seating.

    the car seat in a reviewer's car

    16. A patterned rug that will spruce up any room in the house. Its beautiful design goes nicely with any interior style and will definitely become a conversation piece among friends.

    the reviewer's photo of the artistic weaver rug

    17. A six-pack of running socks for folks who love to get out and break a sweat, but don't like the constriction of typical knee-high or crew socks (or the sweatiness and friction of running in socks that aren't designed for exercise).

    the pair of running socks on a reviewer in white and blue

    18. A weekender duffle bag with handles and a shoulder strap, because now your bag will be as cute as your weekend plans. It's airline compliant, and has a special "wet" pocket for all your spillables.

    the reviewer's photo of the duffle bag in pink on top of a carry on suitcase

    19. A bag of BLK & Bold whole-bean coffee so you can enjoy a delicious daily caffeine boost and support a Black-owned business at the same time.

    the reviewer's photo of the BLK & Bold coffee bags

    20. A two-pack of silicone ice cube trays that will make getting your frozen cubes out way easier than a rigid tray. It's a great way to encourage yourself to stay hydrated and will definitely inspire some fun drink ideas.

    one of the silicone ice cube trays in blue with a reviewer's glass

    21. A Sunday Riley night oil for the beauty lover who loves to wake up feeling like their skin has had a total refresh overnight. The oil helps boost plumpness and improve the appearance of redness, pores, and wrinkles.

    the Sunday Riley night oil

    22. A three-piece Paw Patrol dining set because getting your child to eat a full meal doesn't have to be an uphill battle. Incorporating their favorite show into mealtime will make eating those veggies way more exciting.

    23. A Catan board game so you can stay occupied when it's so hot outside — or whenever you and your pals want to hang out away from your screens.

    the reviewer's photo of the Catan board game

    24. An overall jumpsuit that is super comfortable while still being stylish. It has a perfect relaxed silhouette that can take you from day to night without you even having to think about changing.

    the overall jumpsuit on a reviewer in camel

    25. A stick-and-peel kitchen backsplash for revamping your space without spending tons of dough. It'll keep your kitchen looking fresh while ditching the crazy price tag (people in rentals know what I'm talking about!).

    the stick and peel kitchen backsplash

    26. A V-neck bra because there's never a bad time to invest in a super-comfortable bra. It's ideal for folks who despise anything underwire, but are looking for a super cushy and supportive bra. Plus, the V-neck and back make it easy to wear with tons of clothes.

    the reviewer's image wearing the bra in black

    27. An at-home foot bath so you can skip an expensive day at the salon and give *yourself* the pedicure of your dreams. It's an easy way to pinch a few pennies, save time on transport, and relax around the house.

    the at-home pedicure machine being used by a reviewer

    28. A cable-management box that will keep all your cords hidden, untangled, and generally in order. It's perfect for stashing all those ugly extra wires that live below your desk or TV.

    the reviewer's image for the cable boxer hider

    29. A winged eyeliner marker for the person that loves the retro cat's eye look, but maybe doesn't have the steadiest hand. It will help you accomplish the classic winged eye, without all the extra aggravation of a Q-tip cleanup.

    the winged eyeliner marker on a reviewer

    30. An extra-thick down alternative bed topper because there's no better way to ensure a super cozy night's sleep. The super-cushy topper will help regulate temperature and make your bed the comfiest spot in the house.

    31. A jewelry organizer so you can keep growing your collection without having to worry that you're taking up too much dresser-top real estate. Plus, it's a great way to display your favorite items, so they'll always be within reach when you're getting dressed.

    the reviewer's image of the jewelry organizer

    32. An Oral-B electric toothbrush that will help keep your teeth as clean as possible. This model recognizes your brushing style and adjusts so you don't brush too hard. It also holds a charge for two weeks, so you won't have to wait for it to charge every night.

    the reviewer's image of the Oral B toothbrush in white

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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