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    29 Pet Products Under $50 On Amazon That’ll Probably Never Stop Being Useful

    All the best pet problem-solvers at prices you won't want to miss.

    1. A swivel bin and rake that is perfect for those that always seem to be cleaning something up. It's great for eliminating contact with icky stuff while still allowing you to get the job done.

    The swivel bin and rake in black

    2. A dog harness for the pup owner who wants to ensure their pet's full comfort. It's as easy as slipping it over their head and legs so it'll be a no-muss no-fuss situation when it comes to walk time.

    The dog harness in apple

    3. A Furminator grooming rake, because sometimes finding tiny tumbleweeds of dog hair around your house can be avoided. It gets under the top coat of your pet's hair to weed out all the extra fuzz they're carrying around.

    The furminator at work on a reviewer's dog

    4. A Chuckit treat tote so you can keep your pet's most valuable possession on you 24/7. It's perfect for dogs still being trained because you won't have to go looking for treats to reward them for good behavior.

    The Chuckit treat tote in red

    5. An airtight pet food storage container that's an ideal purchase for pet owners who buy in bulk. It's a great way to ensure your pet's food stays fresh and you can buy in larger quantities, which means major savings.

    The airtight pet food storage container

    6. A pack of Greenies Pill Pockets for the person who has elderly pets or those that need to take medication regularly. It makes medicine time a whole lot easier and even enjoyable for some pets.

    The pill pocket next to pills and a coin for scale

    7. A water fountain, because it will keep your cat hydrated and hold their attention for hours. If your cat is finicky about their water bowl, this may be just the thing to entice them into drinking more water.

    The water fountain in white and green

    8. And! A silicone placemat so you can keep your pet from making the mess you know they want to make. It's as simple as popping their food and water bowls on top of the mat and letting your fear of mess wash away.

    The food and water silicone place mat in gray

    9. A pack of Greenies dental treats that are a lifesaver when it comes to your dog's oral hygiene. It's a great way to ensure your pet is getting the cleaning they require, so they can maintain a clean bill of health.

    The Greenies treats being fed to a reviewer's dog

    10. A cat seatbelt for dogs for the adventurous dog who loves the journey more than the destination. This amazing contraption will keep your pup safe so they can do what they love most (being with you no matter where you go).

    Reviewer's dog buckled in the backseat

    11. A chew stick for dogs because there's no reason that your couch legs should turn into a dog bone. It's a simple way to ensure they get the playtime they require, while preventing damage to your valuables.

    The chew stick for dogs in dogwood

    12. A stuffing-free squeaky toy so you won't have to pick up tons of fuzz from all around your house. It's an efficient solution to preventing destruction and keeping your pet's toys lasting longer.

    The stuffing free monkey squeaky toy

    13. A travel dog food bin that is ideal for the pet owner on-the-go. Whether it's for a day trip or just a few hours in the park, this handy dandy food holder is sure to come in use.

    The travel dog food bin in  blue

    14. An airtight and leak-proof lid for the pet owner who buys in bulk. It's a simple solution to the timeless question "How do I keep my pet's food from going stale?"

    The airtight and leak proof lid in green

    15. A Chuckit!! ball launcher because chances are your pet has more energy than you do. This is a perfect invention to help your dog get his ya-yas out and all you have to do is swing this contraption and watch his ball go 10x farther than it would have with just your arm.

    TheChuckit! ball launcher with the reviewer's dog

    16. A tub of Milk-Bone dog treats so your pets can enjoy a little snack time. These treats are a fan favorite and are sure to brighten any pup's day.

    The tub of milk-bone dog treats with a reviewer's dogs

    17. A clumping cat litter that is ideal for the person with more than one cat. As we all know, changing litter is a pain, but this clumping litter will reduce the frequency and smell of swapping litter.

    The clumping litter with a reviewer's cat

    18. A pack of poop bag rolls for the pup owner who can be a bit forgetful. We all know the feeling of running out of an essential item. Don't let that be you!

    The poop bags tied to a reviewer's leash

    19. A ChomChom pet hair roller because it's worth spending $25 to not wake up to a house full of hair. Plus, it'll save you big time on grooming costs.

    The ChomChom pet hair roller on a reviewer's bed

    20. A Petstages tower so your cat with stay busy all day long. They truly never tire of this toy so you'll definitely get your money's worth.

    The Petstages tower in orange

    21. An electric flopping fish that is great for engaging your cat's hunting instincts. Plus, it comes with catnip which we all know gets cats more interested in their toys.

    The electric flopping fish in dark gray

    22. An assortment of cat toys for the super particular pet. It'll keep you from spending tons of money on toys and it will teach you what your pet's favorites are.

    The assortment of cat toys in use

    23. A pet gate because there are places that pets should not go. If you're looking to train your pet or keep them out of the parts of your house containing valuables, this is a killer deal.

    The gate for children and animals

    24. A pet odor and stain eliminator so you can let your puppy or kitten be their young rambunctious selves without worrying about the wind-up. It's proven to reduce odors and will leave your house looking as good as the day they entered it.

    Reviewer's before and after of the peed on rug and then clean rug

    25. A calming donut pet bed that is a lifesaver for pets with anxiety and elderly pets with arthritis and other health issues.

    The calming donut pet bed with a reviewer's dog

    26. A pair of pet nail trimmers for the person who detests cutting their pet's nails almost as much as their pets do. It making grooming time simple by being sharp enough not to split nails and easy enough to use that you won't mind doing it.

    The pet nail trimmers in blue

    27. A cup of cat nip because we all know how our cats feel about this product. It's never something you won't be buying so might as well opt for a larger tub which equals larger savings in the long run.

    The cup of cat nip

    28. An N-Bone puppy teething ring so your favorite pair of shoes doesn't become their new go-to chew toy. Why not curb their excitement for your precious belongings and get ahead of the curve with this awesome product?

    The N-Bone puppy teething ring

    29. A tub of hip and joint soft chews that is a serious must for older pets and those with hip issue and arthritis. It'll make you and your pet feel good to know you're prioritizing their health.

    The hip and joint soft chews in a container

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