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    All The Best Presidents’ Day Deals At Wayfair

    There's no reason to hold back when the savings are this good.

    Here's the scoop: Wayfair is offering savings up to 70% off fully priced items across all departments. So if you've been looking to upgrade your living room furniture, kitchen appliances, or pet essentials, better act now because this deal only lasts for one short week.

    1. 48% off an upholstered platform bed frame for the person who likes to feel fully put-together when they're ending or beginning their day. Since both of these things start at the same place (your bed), it's important to make it feel like a place that you actually want to be.

    The upholstered platform bed frame in sea blue

    2. 60% off a self-sharpening 20 piece knife block set because there's never a bad time to upgrade your kitchen supplies. This self-sharpening knife block may just give your kitchen the boost it needs to entice you into cooking more.

    The self-sharpening knife block set

    3. 25% off a manual recliner that is perfect for the person who loves to kick back and relax after a long day. It is super comfortable and is certain to become your next favorite napping spot.

    4. 31% off a litter box enclosure so you can truly ensure your home feels like, well, a home, and not just a place overrun by pets and bad smells. This is a perfect addition to any entryway or mud room and will make the whole litterbox thing a little more chic.

    The litter box enclosure in black

    5. 28% off a square arm sofa that is seriously a mid-century lover's dream. It's an incredible price for a sofa and will jazz up any living space with its universally beloved boxy shape.

    The square arm sofa in gray

    6. 37% off a wood platform bed for the person who wants to take their love of mid-century furniture to the next level. A bed with a wood headboard is practically begging you to read a book with a cup of coffee in it and if we were you, we'd definitely take it up on the offer.

    The wood platform bed in castanho

    7. 48% off a 13-piece nonstick cookware set because if your kitchenware is starting to look more dull than usual, it may be time to level up. Plus, nonstick only lasts for so long. Chances are if one pan from your set is looking drab, they all are.

    The 13 piece nonstick cookware set in purple shimmer

    8. 42% off a dog sofa so you can keep your pet's furniture looking as fresh and stylish as yours. It's perfect for the person who doesn't let having a pet dictate their lifestyle, which is decidedly chic.

    The dog sofa in blush

    9. 24% off a mid-century modern accent chair that will bring a little 60s feel to any home without bordering on old. Its wood frame is timeless but its crisp contemporary shape makes it a perfect blend of styles.

    The mid-century arm chair in gray

    10. 23% off a set of nesting tables for the person who maybe doesn't have the most space and needs their furniture to be adaptable. This is ideal for the apartment dweller who works from home and needs an end table, coffee table, and small desk all in one.

    The nesting tables in white and gold

    11. 22% off a cast iron Dutch oven because what is a kitchen without a Dutch oven? If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the Dutch oven is the heart of the kitchen and this one seriously couldn't be a better deal.

    The cast iron dutch oven in red

    12. 51% off a set of foam pet stairs in camel beige so your pet can climb freely onto your bed. It'll be a huge help for older dogs or pets with arthritis and can help puppies get down in the night to use the restroom.

    The stairs in camel beige

    13. 72% off an ottoman pouf that is a foot rest, coffee table, and stool all in one. It's such a versatile item and is sure to brighten up any home with its trendy wicker fabric.

    The ottoman pouf in natural

    14. 51% off a metal nightstand for the person who truly values having a place to put a lamp, candles, or whatever else you like to have close by. It can also double as a side table or entry table so even if it's not the perfect nightstand for you, it'll definitely have its place in your home.

    The metal nightstand in green

    15. 35% off a wooden cutting board because we could all use an extra cutting board in our kitchen. If you have several dishes going at once and are relying on the same cutting board for everything you'll definitely be breathing a sigh of relief when your flavors no longer blend together.

    The wood cutting board

    16. 69% off a six-foot tall cat tree so you can keep your pet entertained and on their toes. It's so important for cats to get proper exercise and with this larger than life tower they'll keep themselves busy for hours on end.

    The six-foot tall cat tree in black

    17. 21% off a large classic bean bag chair that is certain to be the coziest part of the home. It's the perfect place to take a nap, relax after a long day, or change up your work seating and opt for this recharging cushiony cloud.

    The large classic bean bag chair olive

    18. 31% off an end table with storage for the family with lots of things to store. Whether it be books, plants, or other household items this is a great way to display your decor.

    The end table with storage in white

    19. 30% off a Le Creuset enamel tea kettle because a nice tea pot really goes a long way. It'll heat super evenly due to its enamel construction and if you're familiar with Le Creuset, you know that you really can't go wrong with this brand.

    The Le Creuset enamel tea kettle in carribean

    20. 65% off a dog sofa with storage so you can ensure your pet stays as comfortable as possible on their solo bed. Plus, it comes with storage so you can put their leash in there to surprise them with a walk after naptime.

    The dog sofa with storage

    21. 29% off a storage ottoman that will definitely be a conversation piece. It's super cute and petite but has a good amount of storage for the person that likes to keep spare items tucked away.

    The storage ottoman in black

    22. 58% off an end table for the family with tons of family albums, coffee table books, and other items usually reserved for living room surfaces that would better suffice in a bin under an end table.

    The end table in wood and metal

    23. 62% off an 18-piece nonstick bakeware set because baking doesn't have to be intimidating! This set provides you with everything you need to get down the basics of baking and have fun doing it. It's made of silicone so you can be sure that your food won't stick to the bottom, too.

    The 18 piece nonstick bakeware set

    24. 64% off furniture protector so you can keep your couch clean from accidents (because they do happen!). Whether you have a puppy being potty trained or an older dog that can't always make it outside, this will ensure protection for you and your furniture.

    25. 42% off a bean bag chair and lounger that is seriously the coolest half-chair half-bean-bag we've ever seen. You can sit upright and still feel like you're back in the den of your childhood home. It's truly perfect.

    The bean bag chair and lounger in blue

    Be sure to check out the rest of their deals before they sell out!

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