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    All The Best Deals At Wayfair’s Cyber Week Sale

    Up to 80% off all your favorites, including bedding, indoor and outdoor furniture, and home decor.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Black Friday (and Cyber Weekend) to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    Wayfair's Cyber Week deals are here and they're nothing to snuff at with items starting at just $9.99. If you've been holding out all year for that hot-ticket item to finally drop its price, you're in luck.

    1. 56% off a Cuisinart stand mixer that will encourage you to finally make those recipes from Chrissy Tiegan's cookbook.

    Reviewer's picture of the stand mixer in red

    2. 74% off a quilt set that will give you the best slumber of your life. It comes with a duvet cover and two matching shams so your bed will look put together, even if it's the only thing that does!

    The quilt set in lavendar

    3. 33% off a square arm sofa for the household that appreciates a mid-century modern vibe. It's super comfy and has tufted arm pillows so you can get into full lounge-y mode.

    The square arm sofa in navy blue

    4. 66% off a full-length mirror because we all need a good outfit check every once in a while. It's super sleek and modern so there's really no going wrong in matching it with any decor.

    The full length mirror with a white frame

    5. 56% off a Wayfair Basics sheet set for the person that's constantly doing their sheets. These are so soft that you won't even mind sleeping in your sheets for one night longer if you don't have time to do laundry.

    The sheet set in camel

    6. 52% off a gel memory foam pillow so you never have to worry about flipping your pillow again — welcome to a world where you're *always* sleeping on the cool side. It even contours to cradle your head perfectly!

    The gel contoured pillow

    7. 38% off an elevated dog feeder for the dog that could use a little practice with their posture. It's ideal for big dogs and allows them to eat at their height, aiding digestion, and promoting better health.

    The elevated dog feeder in dark wood

    8. 19% off a knitted acrylic throw because it's never a bad time to buy a new blanket. It's super soft and will definitely make you want to wrap yourself up in it and take a nap immediately.

    The arm chair in gray

    9. 60% off a 20 piece knife block set for the quarantine chef that's been cooking up a storm. It comes with steak knives, chef knives, and a sharpening kit so there will never be a dull moment.

    Reviewer's picture of the knife set

    10. 47% off a standard bean bag chair that is perfect for working, reading, or just chilling at the end of the day. It's light enough to travel around your home, but sturdy enough to support you when you want to collapse into it.

    The standard bean bag chair in stretch limo black

    11. 22% off a set of two striped pillows for the household that's always looking for new pillows to add to their collection. Plus, this classic design goes well in any room.

    The set of two striped pillows in navy

    12. 63% off a stainless steel steamer, because we love making dumplings at home and now you can too! It's great for reheating frozen items and making fresh food, alike.

    The stainless steel steamer

    13. 60% off a cottage dome so your pet can sleep in a little chateau all of their own. It has a super soft lining so they'll be sure to be spending LOTS of time in there.

    The cottage dome in gray

    14. 79% off an alternative down comforter that is perfect for all seasons. It's light enough that you won't end up sweating through the night, but substantive enough to keep you warm and cozy all winter long.

    The alternative down comforter in navy

    15. 42% off an abstract pouf for the person that uses their coffee table as a foot stool. This is a great way to ensure your feet and food stay separate.

    The abstract pouf in ocean blue/ ivory

    16. 26% off a rectangular pillow because sometimes changing up shapes is the best way to bring a little variety to home decor. It has a cute colorful detailing that will bring out the colors in that accent pillow you've been eyeing.

    The rectangular pillow with colorful embellishments

    17. 54% off a furniture protector that is ideal for the owners whose pets have taken a liking to their sofa. It's great for encouraging your pet to relax rather than attack your brand new couch.

    Reviewer's two cats sitting on the protected couch

    18. 82% off a colorful quilt for the person that wants to spruce up their bedroom with a splash of color. It has a crisp white color with a fun splash of color so it'll work well with any color palette.

    The colorful quilt on a bed

    19. 30% off a set of five stainless steel mixing bowls with lids that are perfect for baking bread, marinating chicken, and all the other things you do in the kitchen. If you go through plastic wrap like no other, this is a more eco-friendly way to get the job done.

    The set of five stainless steel mixing bowls with lids

    20. 22% off an automatic pet feeder for the person that often doesn't come home in time for dinner. Keep you and your pet on a better schedule with this nifty device.

    Corgi eating out of the automatic feeder

    21. 82% off a cashmere throw because who doesn't want a cashmere blanket? It's super soft and will look awesome draped over a couch, chair, or bed.

    The cashmere throw in tan

    22. 23% off a TV stand with a built-in fireplace, because real fireplaces are honestly way too much work and this still does the job. The job? Making you super cozy.

    The TV stand with the fireplace lit

    23. 17% off a wooden bath caddy so you can always have a spa-like experience when you take a bath.

    Reviewer's photo of the bath caddy in their bath

    24. 27% off a Roomba vacuum that will make it so much easier to suck up all that pet hair lingering all over the furniture. A typical Tuesday afternoon for me.

    Reviewer's picture of dust- and hair-filled vacuum

    25. 73% off an area rug to elevate your space with a statement piece everyone will compliment when they see it through your Zoom calls.

    The white rug with black line patterns on it

    So don't forget to shop their selection and get MAJOR savings that you'll be thankful for all year round!

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