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    All The Best Deals At Wayfair This Week

    From all your pet essentials to some truly efficient storage solutions, Wayfair has some serious savings on your favorite home staples.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. 47% off a set of four upholstered chairs that will totally upgrade your dining set up.

    The upholstered chairs in yellow positioned around a white dining table

    2. 27% off a home theatre recliner for the movie aficionado whose TV has been getting a big workout in the last few months.

    The home theatre recliner in black leather

    3. 68% off a cat tree because what's better than making your favorite furry child happy?

    The cat tree in slate gray next to a small tree

    4. 51% off a 15 piece nonstick cookware set so you can get excited about making your next meal.

    The cookware set in light blue

    5. 52% off an upholstered platform bed that will totally get you in the mid-century mindset.

    The upholstered bed in a bedroom with a salon wall above it

    6. 35% off a marble coffee table for the person who has been using their coffee table as a dining table as of late, or always, really.

    The marble coffee table with a fruit bowl on top

    7. 64% off a pet mat because there are other places for your pet to sleep after a long muddy walk than the foot of your bed.

    The pet mat with a furry fog sitting atop it

    8. 58% off a cast iron dutch oven so you can take on all the cold-weather cooking projects that you've been planning since last year.

    The dutch oven in cherry

    9. 69% off a three-drawer storage chest that is perfect for closet, office, or bathroom storage.

    The three drawer storage cart next to a desk

    10. 48% off green tea memory foam mattress for the matcha fan who can't wait til morning to get their fix.

    The memory foam mattress sitting atop a bed frame with folded linens at the end of the bed

    11. 39% off an entry console because we all need a place to set our keys, sanitizer, and mask when we're coming and going.

    The entry console housing books and a vase

    12. 49% off a pet stroller so your favorite furry child can get a little fresh air no matter what age.

    The pet stroller in pink

    13. 38% off a nonstick baking sheet that is perfect for roasting chicken and baking cookies alike. Talk about versatile.

    The baking sheet in multiple sizes

    14. 28% off a contemporary laundry hamper for the person who's constantly doing laundry and doesn't want any of it to end up on the floor.

    The laundry hamper in a room full of white storage solutions

    15. 56% off a multifunctional bar cart because whether you're into making new cocktails or just need a place to store extra kitchen items, it's an ideal purchase from Novogratz.

    16. 24% off an end table so you can feel confident knowing you have everything you need an arm's length away while working from home.

    The end table with a coffee cup, book, and vase on it

    17. 55% off a hooded dog cave that is the perfect place for your pup to nap the day away.

    The dog cave in camel

    18. 48% off a nonstick griddle for the chef who loves a good pancake but hates the arduous flipping process of a normal pan.

    The griddle in gray and black

    19. 30% off a storage fabric box because it's a perfect way to store the things that you don't use on a day to day basis.

    The storage boxes in light and dark gray on a rack in the closet

    20. 32% off a side chair so you can cozy up with a book or your favorite tv show of choice all fall long.

    The chair in navy seated in front of a window

    21. 57% off an arm chair that can be used in the living room, bedroom, or office for maximum WFH capacity.

    The chairs in four different colors around a dining table

    22. 58% off a furniture protector for the pet lover who also has an affinity for nice furniture.

    The furniture protector in beige on a white couch

    23. 49% off a nonstick baking liner because there's nothing more satisfying than a sink that's *not* full of dishes.

    The nonstick pan with glazed muffins on top

    24. 58% off a six pair shoe rack so you can keep your shoes organized and ready to grab when you're walking out the door.

    The six pair shoe rack in white holding sneakers and sandals

    25. 40% off a vanity with a mirror attachment that isn't magic but will talk back to you (as long as you're talking into it, technically speaking).

    The vanity with a mirror attachment with a yellow stool

    26. 43% off a bookcase for maximum storage capacity at a time when we're taking up reading and hobbies more than usual.

    The bookcase housing many different books and an alarm clock

    27. 59% off a pet gate because there are some areas that pets just aren't meant to reach (and keeping them out doesn't have to be difficult).

    The pet gate with a puppy sitting in front of it

    28. 47% off a handbag pocket hanging organizer so you can keep all your favorite purses in your sights.

    The handbag organizer hanging in a closet

    29. 23% off a two-piece glass bakeware set that is perfect for both baking and reheating.

    The two-piece bakeware set with orange lids

    30. 43% off a super cozy chair for the WFH student who needs a place to read their course books or just chill after a long day of studying.

    The chair in black next to a red standing lamp in a bedroom

    31. 62% off a storage bench because we know there are a few things you'd like to keep out of sight and out of mind.

    The gray storage bench at the foot of a bed

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