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    All The Best Deals At Wayfair Right Now

    From major steals on kitchen appliances to all the best homewares, Wayfair has everything you need to bring a little pizazz to your home this holiday season, at a good price.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. 14% off a medium-firm mattress that's a super cost-effective way to ensure a great night of sleep. It's hypoallergenic and has a breathable construction so it's an ideal mattress for guests or those with very particular requirements for their mattress.

    The medium-firm mattress in queen white on top of a wood bedframe

    2. 48% off a foosball table for the person who can't get enough entertainment. There's never been a better time to up your home gaming system and this one's fun for the whole family.

    The foosball table in gray being used as a coffee table

    3. 52% off a geometric duvet cover set because there's never been a better time for geometric patterns (aside from the '70s). It's a super trendy style and its double sidedness makes it super versatile, too.

    The geometric duvet cover set in taupe

    4. 46% off a set of bar stools so you can create a cozy atmosphere while allowing yourself space to eat at the kitchen island. It's ideal for small spaces and creates dimension in the living space through elevation.

    The set of bar stools in honey

    5. 20% off a 10-piece ceramic cookware set that's perfect for the chef who knows their stuff. Everyone knows copper is a great conductor of heat, which is why it makes such great cookware. Treat yourself or the chef in your life to a kitchen upgrade this holiday season!

    The ten piece ceramic cookware set in copper

    6. 59% off a mid-century modern armchair for the person who loves their home to have a mid-century modern feel, while still being super comfortable. Plus, it comes in seven neutral colors so it'll go perfectly with any home's interior.

    The armchair in gray faux leather

    7. 19% off a manual recliner chair because we all need to kick back and relax from time to time so why not have a chair that encourages it? Plus, it was created with comfort and style in mind.

    The upholstered manual recliner chair in dove gray polyester

    8. 13% off a steel platform bedframe so you can have the most supported sleep possible. It's super sleek and if you've ever had a bed frame that starts to fall apart after a few years, you know how satisfying it is to have one that lasts.

    The steel platform bedframe in queen size

    9. 14% off a counter height dining table that's a perfect way to save on space in a small apartment. Call it a kitchen island or your breakfast nook or both! Either way it's multipurpose and is easy on the eyes, too.

    The counter height dining table in white

    10. 16% off a Le Creuset cast-iron skillet for the chef that knows the value of *not* cleaning the pan. It's never a bad idea to invest in quality cookware and with Le Creuset, you really can't go wrong.

    The Le Creuset cast-iron skillet in flame

    11. 42% off a platform bed because simplicity is key, right? There's no better way to take the fuss out of decorating than making design choices that are clean and hard to go wrong with.

    The platform bed in white

    12. 17% off a coffee table with storage so you can keep your table space free for practical things like your laptop and morning coffee, while still making room for candles, books, and other trinkets underneath.

    The coffee table with storage in rustic brown

    13. 51% off a sheet set that you will give you the most comfortable nights sleep possible. They're constructed with comfort in mind and are super breathable, as well as being super soft.

    The sheet set in light gray

    14. 10% off a set of two wood shelves for the person who loves to display flowers, knickknacks, and other goods. It's a stylish way to save on storage, too.

    The set of wood shelves in dark walnut

    15. 39% off a 10-piece bakeware set because the holidays are coming and you know what that means: cakes, pies, and everything in between. Don't be caught unprepared when you're asked to bring a batch of cookies to your friend's potluck.

    The ten-piece baking set with a muffin tray, loaf pan, and much more

    16. 43% off a two-drawer nightstand so you can keep all your most important items within arm's reach. Say goodbye to the days of getting up to turn out the light and plug your phone in to charge before bed.

    The two drawer nightstand in acorn wood

    17. 25% off a round upholstered chair that's perfect for keeping you cozy while working from home or even just curling up with a book at night. It's super comfortable and its rattan frame gives it a modern feel that will look great in any home.

    The upholstered chair with a rattan base in black microfiber

    18. 46% off a cotton pillow cover and insert for the person that loves mixing and matching patterns. It's a great way to add a little dimension to your home by mixing different colors and designs.

    The cotton pillow cover and insert in gray

    19. 48% off a set of four upholstered chairs because it's a great way to freshen up the living space within spending a ton of cash. They have a sleek mid-century feel and13 incredible colors to choose from.

    The set of four upholstered chairs in yellow

    20. 19% off an empanada press so you can try your hand as something new in the kitchen. It's super easy to use and its nonslip handle ensures safety and that your empanada will come out looking near-professional.

    The empanada press in stainless steel with a black grip handle

    21. 16% off a five-drawer chest that will make storing things 10 times easier. I've said it once and I'll say it again: vertical storage is the answer! I can personally attest to that fact and to this dresser's star power.

    The five drawer chest in black

    22. 18% off a chaise lounge for the person who values the importance of a day bed. There's never been a better time for napping and with this incredible addition you'll never wake up with a stiff neck again.

    The chaise lounge in blue in a neutral-colored room

    23. 21% off a comforter set because there's never a bad time to upgrade your bedding. It's incredibly cushy and comes with a comforter and two shams so it's a total money saver.

    The comforter set in farmhouse white

    24. 25% off a cabinet door organizer so you can keep all your spices and condiments organized and keep your kitchen looking sleek and polished. It has eight tiers so you'll never be wanting for space and it's a nice clean white color that'll brighten up any kitchen.

    The cabinet door organizer in white

    25. 10% off a 1.5-quart glass electric tea kettle that makes getting a pot of coffee on in the morning so much faster. It's a great way to speed up cooking projects or just make a quick cup of tea before bed.

    The electric glass tea kettle in white

    26. 63% off a set of side chairs for the person who appreciates comfy seating in every corner. It comes in nine different vibrant colors so you'll have plenty to choose from.

    The set of side chairs in orange

    27. 27% off a convertible sofa because sofas are an integral part of our day to day lives, especially these days. Don't want for a sofa that can do more! Opt for one that has a cup holder, built-in pillows, and comfortable seating.

    The convertible sofa in brown faux leather

    28. 48% off an all-natural cotton blanket so you can feel as good as your new blanket does, knowing your product is made from real materials. It's a great way to cozy up in the winter months or just throw it over the side of your couch as a nice accent.

    The all-natural cotton blanket being used as a throw on a bed

    29. 64% off a storage shelf that's integral to any pantry. It'll help keep your kitchen and life organized with its four-tier shelving. Bonus points if you store stuff on top!

    The storage shelf in red holding cleaning items

    30. 10% off a set of six ceramic ramekins for holding spices, condiments, olive pits, or absolutely anything else! It's never a bad idea to add more trays and small bowls to your kitchen and these are a classic.

    The set of six ramekins in white holding berries

    31. 63% off an upholstered storage bench because there's never a bad time to re-up your storage. This clever solution is perfect for creating a little less clutter and a little more seating, which we always love!

    The upholstered storage bench in beige at the foot of a bed

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