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    All The Best Deals At Wayfair Right Now

    Because post-holiday shopping can sometimes be just as good.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. 68% off a round pouf ottoman that is perfect for kicking your feet up at the end of a long day. It's made with woven rope for a rustic feel but is versatile enough to fit into any home.

    The round pouf ottoman in natural

    2. 58% off an end table for the person who likes to have multiple beverages on hand at once. Water, coffee, and tea? No problem with this sleek and modern end table that'll look great next to any couch, chair, or bed.

    The end table in white and brass

    3. 56% off a wide sideboard, because there's never been a better time to add a little extra storage to your home. It's perfect as a TV stand, dishware holder, or just as an extra place to hold all the games you've surely been hoarding as of late.

    The wide sideboard in gray wash

    4. 40% off a wall shelf so you can keep your lotion, candles, flowers, and knickknacks organized and well displayed. It's a simple way to keep things looking functional and clean.

    The wall shelf in silver

    5. 24% off a standard litter box with a scoop that is an essential item if you are a cat household. Its removable side guards make it easy for cleaning and because it comes with a scoop, it's a great two-for-one purchase.

    The standard litter box with a scoop in black

    6. 11% off wide square arm convertible sofa for the house that can always use a little extra seating. It comes in seven vibrant colors and is a great way to inspire relaxation time.

    The sofa in green

    7. 35% off a platform bed, because we could all use a little home furniture upgrade. If your bed frame is squeaky and has been around forever, this purchase is sure to be a hit.

    The platform bed in sea blue

    8. 37% off a set of two upholstered chairs so you can make room for guests even in the smallest of apartments. Or mix and match with another set of two in a different color for a fun contrast.

    The set of two upholstered chairs in pink

    9. 64% off a tall mirror that is a must-have if you've been leaving the house lately without outfit verification. It's sleek enough to work well as just a piece of decor in the home and functional enough that you'll use it every day.

    The tall mirror in silver

    10. 33% off a luxury pet bed for the person who wants their pet's bed to feel as glamorous as their own. Its midcentury design is super contemporary and will fit well with any home's decor.

    The luxury pet bed in navy blue

    11. 21% off a tufted ottoman with storage, because sometime out of sight, out of mind is really the best policy. Use it to store extra pillows and blankets or your favorite board games and use the top as a foot rest or coffee table.

    The tufted ottoman in dark teal

    12. 27% off a three-drawer dresser so you won't have to limit your shopping to just what will fit in your closet. If you've been looking to revamp your wardrobe, but are working within a small space, this practical and compact dresser may be just the ticket.

    The three drawer dresser in white

    13. 51% off a set of bar and counter stools that's ideal for the person who has a kitchen counter or high-top table. If you've been working from home, I'm sure you're well aware of the seating challenges at hand. This seat can fit perfectly in a breakfast nook or at the kitchen island, or even serve as a little respite from the work day as a high top lounger.

    The set of bar and counter stools in brown

    14. 41% off a cotton pillow cover and insert for the household that loves throw pillows almost as much as they love neutral colors. This is a great addition to any couch, bed, or chair that's in need of a little extra comfort.

    The cotton pillow cover and insert in gray

    15. 67% off a 62" cat tree because if you have an active cat, this is your new best friend. Not only will it keep them occupied during the work day, but it will also inspire them to play with something that isn't a precious piece of furniture or rug.

    The cat tree in beige

    16. 46% off a standard bean bag chair so you can kick back and relax while still maintaining the back support you need. Switch between this and your traditional desk chair during the work day for a fun shake-up in your routine.

    The bean bag chair in mint

    17. 16% off a two-drawer nightstand that will hold all your most prized items and keep them organized, safe from being knocked over, and within arms reach. Plus, its super clean-cut white color lends itself to being perfect in any home.

    The two drawer nightstand in white

    18. 27% off a sideboard for the person who loves to entertain. Let this be your home media set up. Use it to hold your TV, games, speakers, and more!

    The sideboard in wood and white

    19. 67% off a square cushion because there's never been a better time or occasion to sit on the floor. It's perfect for working from home (floor) or chilling after a long day.

    The square cushion in purple

    20. 17% off a cat perch so your cat can adventure with minimal limitations. It's great for encouraging playtime and keeping your cats off your furniture.

    The cat perch in white and gray

    21. 14% off a midcentury armchair that's neutral enough to fit well with even the most colorful decor. It has a slight recline that encourages relaxation but is structured enough that it looks high quality.

    The mid-century armchair in taupe

    22. 44% off a midcentury standard bed for the bedroom that could use a little pizzazz. Bring yourself back to the 1960s with this wood frame that is simple, elegant, and up and coming in the trends for 2021.

    The standard bed in caramel

    23. 23% off a three-piece dining set because sometimes buying things in a set is not only a great idea, but a great deal. This sleek product is not only modern and clean-looking, but since the seats can be placed under the table, it's a total space-saver, too.

    The three-piece dining set in black

    24. 28% off a wood wall shelf so you can display all the trinkets, plants, and books that your heart desires!

    The wood wall shelf

    25. 19% off a hooded dog bed that is an ideal cozy castle for your favorite furry friend. The hood will keep your pet extra warm during cold winter nights and its fuzzy interior will ensure the best sleep of their life.

    The hooded dog bed in gray

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