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    31 Affordable Things From Target That’ll Help Update Just About Every Room In Your House

    All the best home essentials for a great price.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A mid-century modern media console that has ample storage. Use it to organize your CDs or speaker system. Plus, it doubles as a TV stand so it's multifunctional!

    The mid-century modern media console in gray

    2. A firwood side table for the person that wants to add a subtle modern touch to any room of the house. It can be used as a nightstand, side table, entry table, or even a small laptop stand. Any way you use it you can't go wrong.

    The firwood side tablein wood and steel

    3. A set of two counter height bar stools because chairs don't have to be expensive to look expensive. Their faux leather construction gives them a well-kempt look, while still being neutral enough to go well with any home decor.

    The counter height barstools in vintage brown

    4. A cow ottoman so you can bring a little humor and happiness to your living room. It's perfect for kicking your feet up at the end of a long day or even holding a cup of tea or coloring books for the kids.

    The cow ottoman in black and white

    5. A storage ottoman that's an easy upgrade for any room in the house. Place it at the foot of the bed as a trunk, in the living room as a coffee table, or in the entryway to store extra shoes and lesser used items.

    The heathered storage ottoman in charcoal gray

    6. An industrial bookcase for the reader who likes to have a nice place to display their favorites. It's classic enough to go in any room and the price is so good you might just want to put it in every room.

    The industrial bookcase made of wood and metal

    7. A set of two Novogratz dining chairs because sometimes less is more. Use them to elevate your breakfast nook or even as desk chairs for you and your partner.

    The set of two dining chairs

    8. An upholstered bench that's a cushy dream. It can be used for entryway seating, for the foot of the bed, or for a little more room around the breakfast table.

    The upholstered bench in blue

    9. A three-tier shelf for the person who is always looking for more storage. It's great for organizing and displaying plants, books, and other knickknacks.

    The three-tier shelf in wood

    10. A fleece tufted rug because who wants to walk on cold floors in the winter? It has a neutral palate so it leaves room for splashes of color in other areas of the house.

    The fleece tufted rug in cream

    11. A spa bath towel so you can keep every arena of your home looking and feeling shiny and new. There's no greater luxury than a good towel and these are a serious steal for the price.

    The spa bath towel in white

    12. An extra firm down alternative pillow that is great for those with joint pain. Plus, it's a clean and crisp white that will look good on any bed, couch, or chair.

    The extra firm down alternative pillow in white

    13. A 10-cup water filter pitcher for the household that's constantly refilling glasses. This is an easy way to make the simple task of drinking enough water every day even simpler and look more polished.

    The 10 cup water filter pitcher

    14. A microplush blanket because there's never a bad time to add a blanket to your home. It's perfect as a throw over your bed, couch, or an accent chair.

    The microplush bed blanket in metallic blue

    15. A decorative toy storage basket so you can keep your home tidy and look stylish doing it. It's great for human and canine toys!

    The decorative toy storage basket in white

    16. An Instant Pot that will definitely update your kitchen in a major way. It has different settings for rice, porridge, and anything else you could think of so your kitchen and mealtime will feel brand-new.

    The electric pressure cooker

    17. A double soap pump for the person who doesn't *love* the look of dollar store soap bottles. It's an easy and inexpensive way to make your bathroom or kitchen sink look more polished.

    The double soap pump

    18. A Novogratz accent chair so you can relax with a book anywhere in your home. It has a simple modern look that works well in any room of the house.

    The wide accent chair in  gray

    19. A striped bathmat because stripes never go out of style. If you've been staring at a ratty old bathmat for the past few months deciding whether it's time to replace it, consider this your official affirmation.

    The striped bath mat in white and black

    20. A brushed nickel wastebasket so you can keep your trash out of sight and out of mind. It's a simple way to keep your bathroom or under desk area looking clean and tidy.

    The brushes nickel wastebasket

    21. An acacia and glass canister that is perfect for storing grains, coins, marbles, or literally anything else you could imagine. Anything looks good in matching jars — you heard it here first!

    The acacia and glass canister

    22. A triangle stitched jersey pillow for the family who likes a little pop of color. It's perfect on any bed, couch, or chair and comes in three eye-catching colors so you can choose what speaks to you.

    The triangle stitched jersey pillow in citron

    23. A sherpa weighted blanket with a removable cover because if you're like us, you've spilled on one or two blankets in your day. It's an easy way to ensure your blanket stays in good condition and your home stays looking fresh.

    The sherpa weighted blanket with removable cover

    24. A pattern glass-top accent table so you can keep everything you need (coffee, book, or lamp) right next to you while you're lounging on the couch. It's an easy way to elevate any room.

    25. A wood console table that is great for setting your keys, phone, and books. It makes remembering where you put all your important items a whole lot easier.

    The wood console table

    26. A striped pillowcase set for the person who wants to mix and match their bedding. If you aren't looking to get a whole new set of sheets, but your pillowcases are looking tired, look no further!

    The striped pillowcase set in navy/gray

    27. A single pod coffee maker because it makes coffee cleanup a whole lot easier. If you're always on the go, this is a great solution to the never-ending cleanup that is breakfast.

    The single pod coffee maker

    28. An electric heated oversized throw so you can stay warm and toasty all winter long. It's perfect for getting cozy in bed or on the couch and is nice enough that you won't want to hide it when guest are over.

    The electric heated oversized throw in gray

    29. An electric kettle that is ideal for coffee, tea, or even just boiling water for pasta. Trust us, you'll always have a use for this item and it will make your home feel brand-new to have a fun new kitchen appliance.

    The electric kettle

    30. A milk frother for the person who can't get enough of their morning coffee (and is looking to spruce it up a bit). It's perfect for lattes, hot chocolate, and matcha so you can enjoy it no matter your preference.

    The milk frother in peaches & cream

    31. And a stick lamp because there's nothing better than having a lamp on your bedside or side table so you can read, work, and watch Netflix under the warmth of a lamp's glow.

    The stick lamp in white

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