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11 Parents Explain The Cutest Thing Their Baby Does

A baby who plays the harmonica?! Keep your baby happy and healthy with AVEENO® Baby Daily Care.

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"The first time Genevieve experienced a 'bouncy castle,' she hadn't been walking for longer than a month. She tried her hardest to balance herself, and, once she got her footing, she would run as fast as she could until she full-on face-planted, and she thought it was THE MOST FUN THING EVER."

—Jillian Owens, mother of Genevieve (2)


"Alani likes to play peek-a-boo and keep an eye on you at the same time. She uses both her hands but makes sure one eye is uncovered so she can peek at you as she plays."

—Ishmael Shotonwa, father of Alani (10 months)


"Our one-year-old twins just got a new tent. With their combined strength, they roll it all over the living room, steamrolling anything that gets in the way."

—Rachel McKinney, mother of twins Hazel and Beatrice (1)


"My husband got a harmonica this past Christmas from one of my brothers, and when Cecilia saw him play it, she wanted it, so she started playing it. The harmonica is now her thing."

—Maria Elena Sermons, mother of Cecilia (18 months)

Illustrations by Faye Kahn / BuzzFeed.