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15 Adorable Ways To Fill Your Baby's Room With Wonder

Your baby is your treasure. Transform their space into a cozy haven with ideas both you and your bundle of joy will love. And remember that for a happy and healthy-looking baby, there's AVEENO® Baby Daily Care.

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7. ...that will Inspire them to see the world and more.

Maike Jessen / Getty Images

Spark early feelings of wanderlust and curiosity using objects that will make their imagination soar. Check out this world map made especially for kids.

8. Create a cozy corner where they'll love to be and play.

Mix items like this inviting, enchanting teepee with contemporary pieces like circular mirrors, great for adding light to any space. Include a little greenery to make the room vibrate with liveliness.

9. Transform the changing table area into an adorable cluster wall.

Joshua Wong Photography / Getty Images

Put together a seriously cute wall with a handmade illustration of a floating bunny or a precious print featuring a little elephant with an inspiring message. Mix and match vintage frames with modern ones for a unique look.

10. Envelop your little one in impossibly plush items.

Exquisite materials are ideal for your baby's sensitive skin and also give a delightfully luxurious touch to any room. A velvety hypoallergenic rug is a safe option for your baby to play on, and a super-soft blanket made with organic cotton knit will keep him warm and cozy. Decorate with a sweet teddy bear that can eventually become their steadfast companion.

11. Experiment with minimalist pieces and accessories for an artsy vibe.

Geometric patterns can make any space go from bland to fab in minutes. A playful toy box or gorgeous contemporary owl night-light will make a chic (and simple!) addition that anyone would swoon over.

12. Place a delicate tree sticker close to or above their crib.


Consider a larger decal if your baby's room is spacious. If you're feeling minimalist, opt for something simpler, like this white tree mural sticker, or create the illusion of a beautifully windy day with these other wall decals.

13. Drape their name in a rainbow of colors.


Hang a personalized banner (in ombré!) to perk up any bland space. Seriously, can it get more beautiful than this? Pastel-colored tissue pom-poms are another lovely way to have cheerful days.

Create beautiful spaces with your sweetie in mind and use AVEENO® Baby Daily Care, also designed especially for them.