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Now Detensor Back Pain Treatment Mat Available In US.

Avazo Co. offers the return of a Detensor distribution center to the shores of the United States. The treatment method is safe, cost-effective and suitable for patients with acute or chronic back pain.

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Avazo Co is pleased to announce that it will be bringing its Detensor® Spinal Traction (Decompression) Method back to the United States. The product was last in the United States in 1987, when the Los Angeles distributor's office was closed. In other parts of the world, the Detensor® Long Term Traction Therapy continued to be used and is praised by more than 3000 institutions globally. The method is unique in that it can be used at home and has no negative effects.

More than two dozen dissertations and over 160 scientific articles have been produced in support of the principles of the unique method and treatment. The findings indicate that the Detensor is the most efficient and cost-effective type of treatment on the market today. Its simplicity is a strong reason for choosing the Detensor method. It allows back pain sufferers to simply sleep away back pain.

In the United States, an estimated 31 million people suffer from back pain. One in two complain of back pain at some level each year. One-third of adult Americans have visited the doctor with symptoms of back pain during the last five years. For many of these back-pain victims, there may be no single answer about the cause of the pain. A sedentary lifestyle is a key reason, as is the tendency of people to sit at work, followed by sitting to watch television when not working. Other causes of pain include nutritional problems, poor lifting habits and posture.

Traditional medicine often prescribes drugs or in chronic cases may recommend surgical procedures. Drugs can cause long-term damage to internal organs. Pharmaceuticals may lose effectiveness when used over time.

For patients with a desire for more holistic approaches, the Detensor may be the most satisfactory solution. The Detensor intervertebral discs treatment mat has been used successfully since 1982. The traction system consists of a therapy mat and traction bed which applies mild stretching to the spine using redirected body weight. No straps or weights are required. The body position is fully supported during the traction sessions.

The newly established US distributor's office is located in Warminster PA. As the product availability is strengthened and the installation of the product progresses, the general public, manual therapists and chiropractic authorities and institutions will be kept informed. The professionals in the United States will join those in many other countries as part of their patient care plans daily.

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