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    13 Reasons Claire Underwood Of "House Of Cards" Is A Fashion Icon

    That hair! Those tailored shift-dresses! The woman is a stone-cold fox! Let's examine some of her most shining sartorial moments, shall we?

    1. First of all, Claire is the undisputed queen of minimalism.

    2. This one time, she wore a beautiful suit while she was firing half her staff.

    3. This other time, she wore thick-framed glasses and an Oxford shirt and everyone in the entire world was confused about their sexuality.

    4. Her wardrobe is 90% black and white, which made it EXTRA SPECIAL when she broke out this beyond-elegant camel coat.

    5. She wears her power-husband like an accessory.

    6. The woman can rock the pants off of a boatneck.

    7. Of course, her lingerie game is tight, too. Not that we're surprised at this point.

    8. Speaking of which, her workout gear is just BEYOND.

    9. Even her bathrobe is glamorous.

    10. And then there's her outerwear. You heard it here first, people: Claire Underwood is single-handedly bringing back the popped collar.

    11. Perhaps it's her predilection for high necklines that make her forays into strapless eveningwear all the more jaw-dropping.

    12. Speaking of jaw-dropping strapless dresses...

    13. So in conclusion? I love Claire Underwood's wardrobe more than a fashion-shark loves Louboutins.