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    13 Reasons Claire Underwood Of "House Of Cards" Is A Fashion Icon

    That hair! Those tailored shift-dresses! The woman is a stone-cold fox! Let's examine some of her most shining sartorial moments, shall we?

    1. First of all, Claire is the undisputed queen of minimalism.

    World's best haircut? Check. Form-fitting black dress? Check. YSL bag? Check. This woman is clearly a goddess who only deigns to walk among us mere mortals.

    This dress (which she wore to Francis' alma mater) is one of my all-time favorite Claire fashion *moments.* The bolero is such a perfect wink to the military-school setting without being at all gimmicky or overdone (two things Claire is decidedly not).

    Plus, it totally blows Zoe Barnes' little white dress out of the water.

    Claire, you'd better WERK that square neckline.

    Yet another gorgeous portrait neckline. I could talk about how absolutely flawless her haircut is here, and every moment of every day, ever, but I'm like...overwhelmed, you guys.

    2. This one time, she wore a beautiful suit while she was firing half her staff.

    LIKE A BOSS. The white blouse underneath is perfection.

    3. This other time, she wore thick-framed glasses and an Oxford shirt and everyone in the entire world was confused about their sexuality.

    Androgyny at its finest. I'm gonna even go there and say it: Blonde Audrey Hepburn Alert. This is a Funny-Face-level collared shirt/pixie cut moment.

    I mean, RIGHT?!

    4. Her wardrobe is 90% black and white, which made it EXTRA SPECIAL when she broke out this beyond-elegant camel coat.

    Look at how the color bounces off her golden hair. You're officially making the rest of us look bad, Claire. Stop it. No, don't stop.

    5. She wears her power-husband like an accessory.

    Sometimes she causally drapes him over her arm. [Sidenote: I love her grey cashmere scarf.]

    Other times she literally wraps him around her neck like one of those old-fashioned fur stoles where the animal still has its head on and it's staring at you all creepy-like.


    6. The woman can rock the pants off of a boatneck.

    This is a difficult neckline to pull off...but not if you're Claire Friggin' Underwood and your entire existence is one of lithe elegance and swan-like beauty.

    On anyone else, this dress might look stuffy and conservative. Claire manages to look like a sex-goddess while keeping 95% of her body covered by fabric.

    7. Of course, her lingerie game is tight, too. Not that we're surprised at this point.

    This GIF is the best argument for working out I've seen in years.

    8. Speaking of which, her workout gear is just BEYOND.

    A vest? Don't mind if I do.

    The bow printed on her skull-cap is great--it's about as cloyingly feminine as you'll ever see Claire get.

    Notice the contrast between Queen Claire and the unfortunate sweatpants-and-a-windbreaker-wearing jogger she's about to breeze past. I bet that guy's reevaluating all his life choices right about now...

    9. Even her bathrobe is glamorous.

    My finely-honed Cashmere-sensors are tingling! Claire, you would own a Cashmere bathrobe.

    10. And then there's her outerwear. You heard it here first, people: Claire Underwood is single-handedly bringing back the popped collar.

    Sometimes she does a subtle collar-pop...

    But sometimes she goes ALL OUT. This is another one of my all-time favorite Claire Underwood Fashion Moments-With-A-Capital-M.

    ...I loved this ensemble so much, I had to show you a second photo of it. I JUST CAN'T EVEN.

    ...and one more for good measure! It's *sO dRaMaTiC*

    11. Perhaps it's her predilection for high necklines that make her forays into strapless eveningwear all the more jaw-dropping.

    This dress says, "Hello, I'm Claire Underwood and you shouldn't have even bothered leaving the house tonight because I am a thousand times more effortlessly glamorous than you will ever dream to be."

    Even a seemingly uncharacteristic pearl necklace becomes elegant and dare I say modern on Claire.

    She's probably a high-priestess of the dark arts and is using her powers to mold the sartorial world to her will. Yep, that's probably it.

    12. Speaking of jaw-dropping strapless dresses...

    This is, in my mind, THE dress of the entire season. Zoe was right: it is like armor and it does look better on Claire.

    13. So in conclusion? I love Claire Underwood's wardrobe more than a fashion-shark loves Louboutins.

    Oh, Claire, you are so, so significant.