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Rapiers – Swift And Deadly Weapons

The rapier was faster and lighter than others swords in the Renaissance and very popular among civilians. It was a self-defense tool and a status symbol. However, rapiers were not the sleek tools that feature in celluloid. In many ways, they were just the slimmer, better-looking versions of the medieval swords that preceded them. Still, in the right hands, they were no less deadly. Today, you find several online outlets offering you the "finest" in period swords and weapons. It is easy to purchase something based on attractive images and finely written descriptions. Thus, undertake thorough research before buying these products. Of course, this is not to say that there are no online stores that deliver on their promises. For instance, the following are rapiers which are good on the eye and value for money.

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1. Swept Hilt Rapier


This rapier was quite popular in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. The version has been crafted of high carbon steel and features a diamond cross section. The design gives the blade firmness yet flexibility when used. The all-steel guard and the elaborate pommel are accented with a bleached, polished bone grip.

2. Musketeer Rapier


The musket was the weapon of choice of French Musketeers. For all its benefits, it could be an awkward firearm, to load and to fire. Thus, a good secondary weapon was necessary. The Musketeer Rapier is inspired by a rapier that was in vogue circa 1590. The ambidextrous basket hilt is an effective combination of swept-hilt and cup-hilt styles. The grip is wood wrapped with twisted wire, and parts of the hilt are plated with nickel silver.

3. Deschaux Rapier


The elegant Deschaux Rapier is a symbol of the Renaissance. But don’t let its artistic beauty fool you. In the right hands, it could be a destructive tool. This hand-to-hand combat weapon was ideally suited for the duelists of the period. The three-ringed swept hilt on this version was one of the first designs of this rapier. The bone grip features wire wrapping, which gives it a secure grip.

4. The Christus Imperat Rapier


You can find an identical rapier to the one in the image in The Royal Armouries in London. The Christus Imperat Rapier is a beautiful piece of work. The extravagantly formed hilt is stunning and functional. The forward plates are pierced and feature lavish birds among the foliage. The guard's slender bars are ideal for defending the hand and feature an upward loop to catch the opponent’s blade. The heavy pommel enables balanced feel for dueling. The Latin phrase “Christus Imperat” meaning “Christ Commands” is engraved on the blade on both sides of the ricasso.

5. 17th Century Italian Rapier


This Italian rapier is beautiful with an elaborate hilt and faceted pommel. This type of weapon was deadly in duels. The grip on this version is wound with silver-plated wire and features woven wire rings top and bottom. The hand-forged, high carbon steel, fully tempered blade exhibits a wide fuller to strengthen and lighten it for thrusting strokes. The stout ricasso offers additional strength to the stress area.

6. Brandenburg Rapier

This stunning rapier is expertly crafted and features a beautiful twisted metal basket. The hand wound carved horn grip hand exhibits a single steel accent wire that offers excellent grip while fighting. The high carbon steel blade is hand forged with a flattened oval cross section. Additionally, there is a custom engraved ricasso for strength.

7. Pilsen Rapier


This sword is a classic reproduction of an old German rapier. The design on the hilt is similar to those found on larger swords, but the knot-shaped basket is something that does not feature in most rapiers. The sword is light and offers great balance in hands. The blade is crafted of high carbon steel, and the grip is leather over wood.

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