The Night Before Your First Final: Expectation Vs. Reality

Twas the night before your first final, and all throughout your over-stressed mind….

1. Expectation: You’ve been reading and studying dutifully for the past 2 weeks. This exam can suck it.

2. Reality: Exam? What exam?

Shit. That was this Wednesday?

3. Expectation: At this point, you’ve got studying down to a science.

4. Reality: Turns out, studying just isn’t that much fun.

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5. Expectation: You’ve got the perfect pump-up playlist for exam day.

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6. Reality: You didn’t remember a playlist so you’re stuck with top 40 or talk radio.

7. Expectation: You make sure you get your 8+ hours of sleep before the big day.

8. Reality: The only way you’re going to make a reasonable attempt at this is with all-nighters (plural.)

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9. Expectation: You’ve worked hard. You’ve studied as hard as you could.

10. Reality: You didn’t really work all that hard. In fact, you didn’t really study at all.

11. Expectation: You know there’s a point where you can’t fit any more information into your brain.

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12. Reality: That point just came a bit sooner than you thought it would…


13. Expectation: Where you’ll be at 11:00pm.

Walt Disney Television / Via

14. Reality: Where you’ll be at 11:00pm.

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15. Expectation: Come the next morning, you rise early in time for a proper breakfast.

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16. Reality: You oversleep and only have time for one thing.

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17. Expectation: Exam, do your worst!

18. Reality: WAIT NO PLEASE DON’T.


19. But come tomorrow, it will all be over.

20. Until the next one….

22. So from one of the wisest people we know:

23. And one of the not so wise:

Walt Disney Pictures


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