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    The 10 Best Parts Of Dinner With Your Girlfriends

    Friends are the family you choose.

    10. Having people to split a pitcher of sangria with.

    Because a pitcher for one is usually frowned upon.

    9. Feeling no shame when requesting to sit in a booth.

    OF COURSE all five of us adults will fit into this four-person booth!

    8. Ordering the same food as everyone else.

    Waitress: "So that's four chicken lasagnas?" You: "Actually, can we make it five?" If it's good enough for your BFFL, it's good enough for you!

    7. Always having a bathroom buddy.

    No girlfriend pees alone!

    6. Having someone to go halfsies with on dessert.

    A slice of chocolate cake is usually a bad idea. But half a slice? Nothing wrong with that!

    5. Laughing so hard you can't keep your eyes open.

    No one does LOL better than a group of girlfriends.

    4. Being able to discuss everything from TV shows and shopping to soulmates and careers, without missing a beat.

    3. Pulling a "tourist" and getting your waiter to take a group photo.

    2. The bill's never awkward.

    Separate bills, or whatever other agreed-upon system you and your girls flawlessly execute every time you're at a restaurant.

    1. Looking around and realizing how grateful you are for the love, laughter and support of these exceptional women.

    Preach. #lovemyladies