15 Signs You’re Celebrating Christmas In A Blended Family

Tis the season to be with your step-mom/half sister/adopted brother…wait, how are we related again?

1. 1. Everyone around you is getting excited for the big night…

2. 2. But you know it’s not just one night….

Don’t get me wrong! You’re excited too….but with just a dash of apprehension

3. 3. Shopping for just your immediate family involves lists, plans, & strategizing.

This is not a game, people.

4. 4. Christmas events start WAY before Christmas. And they fill your entire schedule.

Catch a movie on the 18th? Can’t sorry. That’s Christmas dinner for my step-mom’s dad’s side.

5. 5. Multiple holiday outfits are required

6. Or risk getting called out for double dipping!

“Dear, didn’t I see a photo of you in that dress on facebook? You wore it to last night’s dinner, right?” …. Sorry, grandma.

7. 6. Attending this many successive dinners is your gastric marathon

Turkey, do your worst

9. 7. And not just dinners. You’ve got Christmas lunches, brunches, drinks, afternoon teas…

10. 8. At some point, you will be stuck in traffic in the thick of the holiday madness getting from one event to another.

11. 9. You will inevitably forget a relative’s name – there are just so damn many of them!

Pro tip: rehearse in the car! Just as you’re pulling into the driveway, do a quick family tree recap. Confirm with mom via text if need be.

12. 10. You can be selective when bringing a date.

Which event will be the least embarrassing should you guys break up in the next 3-6 months? Great! That’s the one you invite them to!

13. 11. Your living room turns into a wrapping paper war zone. And god forbid you wrap something without labeling it – we have a system people!

Put a red bow on the box instead of a silver one? Get out.

14. 12. “Can you pick up a gift for Alex?”

Sure, did you mean baby Alex? Or your cousin Alex? The girl Alex or the boy Alex? Or Nanna’s new boyfriend Alex? TOO MANY ALEXES!

15. 13. You can’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable when comparing gifts from different sides of the family.

Aunt Debbie got you a new camera and your step-sister got a pair of socks? Ouch.

16. 14. Once the holiday parties are over, you promptly fall into a well-deserved Christmas coma.

Note: the festivities may not actually end until the 27th or 28th.

17. 15. But despite all the crazy, a Blended Family Christmas means more love….


19. Merry Blended Family Christmas!

From the most relatable and happy blended family, The Kardashians!

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