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    17 Signs Princess Unikitty From "The Lego Movie" Is All Of Us

    Everything is awesome, especially you!

    1. You're a really positive person.

    2. Like, really positive.

    3. But you aren't afraid to get in touch with your other emotions.

    4. Even if it means not being positive.

    5. You've even had a rage moment or two.

    6. You're honest with yourself.

    7. You're appreciative to a fault.

    8. Personal hygiene is important to you (even if that means grooming in public).

    9. You're a gracious host.

    10. You're business savvy.

    11. And it doesn't hurt that formal attire looks great on you.

    12. You like to include everyone.

    13. With a few exceptions of course.

    14. You can pull off any style.

    15. You get along with everyone.

    16. And you are always up for a good laugh.

    17. Basically, you're awesome.