17 Reasons Why Everyone Should Envy Jessie James’ Life

We’re pretty sure Jessie James is living the life everyone wants

1. She’s absolutely gorgeous

2. She’s the hottest pregnant woman

3. She looks good even when she’s sick

4. She has amazing hair

5. She’s married to the hottest NFL player, Eric Decker

6. Seriously, look at them

7. She gave Eric the best wedding present ever, a song written about their relationship

8. Speaking of, she has an amazing voice!

9. She has the perfect body and she doesn’t even workout

10. She can color her own hair without messing it up

11. She can actually cook

12. She can rock a one-piece bathing suit and heels without it looking trashy

13. She has a hit reality show on E! with her husband

14. She’s not afraid to put her baby bump on display

15. Seriously, who looks this good while they’re pregnant?!

16. She had the wedding every girl dreams about

17. She can totally rock shirts with Mean Girl quotes on them!!

To sum it all up, Jessie James is just perfect

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