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41 Thoughts Everyone Has When They're Buying A Car

Probably. Take the hassle out of buying your next car with You'll thank yourself later.

1. Are Transformers a real thing?

2. If I get a red convertible, I'll need to make sure it runs on the tears of my haters.

3. Do I need a car loan? What the heck is an APR? Is that an abbreviation for "April"?

4. I should get a really cheap car and then pimp the ride.

5. Do I want a used car or a new car?

6. Does the color of the car affect speed? That's why fast cars are always red, I think.

7. I wonder if you could get a speeding ticket in a self-driving car. Isn't that the car's fault?

8. I need to sell my car, but we've shared a lot of memories.

9. Should I go to the dealership with the giant gorilla or the one with wavy arms tube man?

10. Is there a type of seat material that will eliminate the odor of stale fast food?

11. If fuel economy is anything like the economy I took in college, I probably won't understand it.

12. If I get a car with manual transmission, I don't need to go to the gym anymore, right?

13. Can I get a key fob that looks like a wizard wand?

14. Where do I get one of those giant red bows?

15. Front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive? Hmm. How many mountains will I need to drive over?

16. More cylinders is good, right?

17. What is the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof?

18. Do I really "need" power steering?

19. What are my unpowered steering options?

20. Legally, how powerful can the headlights be? I want it like Raiders of the Lost Ark.

21. Is it customary to break a champagne bottle on the car once I buy it?

22. How can you supercharge a car? Doesn't it come, like, fully charged off the lot?

23. Let's talk trunk space. Mama's got a lot of junk. A lot of junk for that small trunk.

24. I can get remote start on this bad boy? That is some Batmobile-level s#!%.

25. Can I program my voice recognition to be a sassy British lady? That's just the essence of this vehicle, IMO.

26. Do they make a car that is both a convertible and not a convertible?

27. What are my accessory options here? Mama's a sucker for swag…

28. I mean, I deserve a new car and can totally swing a car payment that is almost as much as my rent… I just won't eat.

29. This car totally says sexy, yet practical.

30. Seat coolers are a must… nobody likes sweaty drawers.

31. I. Must. Be. The. Biggest. Car. On. The. Road.

32. I need a car that I am not ashamed to valet.

33. What's the return policy on this car? Because I kinda just need this for my high school reunion.

34. Waterproof seats… Is there such a thing?

35. I'm ready to earn my pass to no man's land in every grocery store parking lot.

36. I need a car that makes me look good with the windows down and radio up… even though most of my time behind the wheel is spent in rush hour traffic.

37. I need an interior that will hide coffee stains.

38. This car is way too nice for my friends.

39. What other purpose does the mirror in the visor serve other than checking mascara… It only makes sense to make full use of every feature.

40. How long does new car smell last?

41. I think that's the car I want! Whew. OK, now where can I get an inflatable tube man?