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12 Insane 3D Designs That’ll Make You Wish The Future Is Today

Are time machines real? Designers everywhere understand that great software can mean a world of difference, so check out all the amazing things you can create with Autodesk's free educational software. It’s free!

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2. This tactile-surface cell phone for the blind:

Dr. Aurelian's prototype is designed to have electroactive polymer that generates not only braille but also relief of images and maps.

4. An innovative safety and water helmet with organic shapes and fierce features.

Courtesy of Autodesk, Yolegmma Marquez / Via

Students from around the world, along with the guidance of an awesome professor, are creating this cutting-edge helmet.

10. This showerhead that’ll make your showers more efficient:

This new kind of showerhead is designed to let you control water pressure by just twisting. As easy as it sounds, an individual can save up to 35% of water usage in one 20-minute shower!

All of these designs were created with Autodesk Fusion 360 software. Have a cool concept? Autodesk is here to help! Did we mention it’s totally free?