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    Visit The Smithsonian From Your Couch (or Classroom)

    Some of the most iconic artifacts at the Smithsonian are now accessible to you in 3D.

    "Do not touch" does not apply

    You might not be able to fly it, but you can 3D print it

    In addition to interacting with these exhibits online, you can download and print you're own replica.

    Or, get up close and personal with the Gunboat Philadelphia

    Intruducing 3D in classrooms will give students the opportunity to create imaginative and innovative work

    Smithsonian educators are creating a totally new resource scheduled for release in the Spring of 2014.

    This is only the beginning...

    Smithsonian aims to digitize all 137 million artifacts in their museums. Use the X3D Explorer that Autodesk created in partnership with the Smithsonian to get up close and personal with these exhibits.

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