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This Device Will Revolutionize Swimmer Safety

This device can help save drowning victims lives through it's sleek and innovative design.

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Worn around the neck, the device is set off when submerged in water.!how-the-seal-works/cna1 / Via!how-the-seal-works/cna1

With four levels of alarm, it can be set to sensitive for infants/toddlers the second it is submerged, or slightly delayed for more experienced swimmers.

When the alarm goes off, it alerts the parent/guardians band and the central hub.!how-the-seal-works/cna1 / Via!how-the-seal-works/cna1

A high intensity audio, visual and vibrating alarm will trigger on each of these devices, including the one the swimmer is wearing. A mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad can be used to monitor the bands as well.