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The New Industrial Revolution Is Coming In 3-D

Manufacturing is becoming leaner and smarter.

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“Digital technology is transforming manufacturing” / Via

says John Koten of The Wall Street Journal. Technology is ushering in a New Industrial Revolution focused on creating a manufacturing environment that bears little resemblance to the grimy shop floors of the past.

For big companies, it means a swath of new tools to build smarter, leaner factories and explore innovative new products, materials and techniques that weren't possible before. And thanks to plummeting prices, small companies have access to better, cheaper manufacturing equipment and design tools—giving even one-person startups the chance to create market-shaking innovations.

Additive manufacturing makes it easier to create designs or structures in an automated way.

"The factory is so advanced that you almost don't need to turn on the lights because the machines are doing everything, and what they are making is other machines." / Via

– Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk Inc. on the Japanese company Mori Seiki and it’s automated factory.