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    President Obama Harnessed Energy Through A Ball Last Week

    We got our hands on this kinetic energy powered ball.

    Remember when the President bounced this ball off his head last week?

    Uncharted Play: Soccket / Via

    That ball is called the Soccket

    Uncharted Play / Via

    The Soccket was created by Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman in 2008 when the two paired up on a project during their junior year at Harvard College.

    Uncharted Play / Via

    In May of 2011, both Matthews and Silverman co-founded Uncharted Play, a new kind of social enterprise that would show the world that doing good and doing good business need not be mutually exclusive.

    Impressive engineering makes it possible for the kinetic energy to be converted into electricity

    Uncharted Play / Via

    After the idea was conceived, Victor Angel of Soccket led the design and engineering of the ball.

    This ball is powered by play. For every 30 minutes of play, the ball will power an LED lamp for three hours

    Uncharted Play / Via

    By kicking the Soccket around, developing countries can create free and clean energy

    Uncharted Play / Via

    We kicked around one of the only Soccket's in the U.S.

    View this video on YouTube

    Uncharted Play / Via