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    Our Favorite Part Of The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    The gap between technology and fashion is shrinking and we're excited about it.

    3D Printing played a big part in the 2013 Victoria Secret Fashion Show

    Wired / Via

    Image credit: Eli Schmidt

    The lead designer envisioned an outfit based on a snowflake

    Bradley Rothenberg / Via Bradley Rothenberg Studio

    Bradley Rothenberg focused on creating something that is at the intersection of art, design and architecture. (this image is a render of the bustle plan)

    To create this custom costume, designers had to 3D scan the model who would be wearing the piece


    The main designer is a trained architect who sees the body as an architectural system

    Bradley Rothenberg Studio

    Victoria's Secret, Shapeways and Swarovski collaborated to create the final design, entitled the "Snow Queen." (this image is a render of the full outfit from the front)

    Bradley was able to quickly perfect his design using Maya design software

    Bradley Rothenberg Studio

    This was an initial corset render that Rothenberg created.

    Check it out: can you believe that's 3D printed nylon plastic?

    Wired/Eli Schmidt / Via

    Image:Eli Schmidt

    Learn more about Bradley Rothenberg.

    Learn more about Autodesk.

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