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    A Donkey Mask, Lightsabers, Daft Punk Helmet, Cyborg Arm And More.

    Learn about these 7 brilliantly strange DIY projects.

    1. Donkey Face Mask

    Project by Instructable user Scotttland / Via

    (with working mouth in case you need to talk)

    2. Lightsaber knitting needles.

    Project by Instructable user Random_Canadian / Via

    In case a storm trooper needs a quick uniform fix.

    3. The Supa-Hula

    Project by Instructables user marc.cryan / Via

    These hula hoopers don't mess around.

    4. This Awesome Cyborg Arm

    Project by Instructables user M.C. Langer / Via

    I mean really, how amazing is this?

    5. Daft Punk Helmet

    Project by Instructables user volpin / Via

    This took one Daft Punk fan over four months to make.

    6. Decisive Hedgehog

    Project by Instructables user Kiteman / Via

    For those pointed decisions you have to make.

    And finally...

    7. The Desktop Catapult

    Project by Instructables user bo'meara / Via

    This will instantly make you the king/queen of your office paper ball wars.

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