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    9 Stunning Architectural Images: Rendering Or Reality?

    The boundaries between photographs and digital renderings are blurred. See if you can guess which of these images are rendering or reality!

    1. Innie & Outie House

    Peter Guthrie / Via

    Innie & Outie are two different types of courtyard houses. Three of each type, totaling six houses, are sited close to Dianshan Lake—a large freshwater lake in Qingpu, Shanghai, China.

    2. HendeeBorg House

    Peter Guthrie / Via

    The HendeeBorg House in Sonoma, CA is a symmetrical saw-tooth roof house for two artists – a sculptor and a media artist – that includes a pair of large artist studios, a gallery space, and a sequence of domestic spaces.

    3. House Hafner

    Peter Guthrie / Via

    The House Hafner is located in the countryside next to a forest in Southern Germany. This secluded home is surrounded by stunning views of the forested landscape.

    4. Engel Residence

    Image Courtesy Ed Taube / Via

    This house in Scottsdale, AZ doubles as the Engel's office and design studio, and includes a gallery and art studio that wraps around a large existing mesquite tree.

    5. Allandale House

    Peter Guthrie / Via

    The Allandale House is an A-frame home that utilizes the acutely angled corners meeting the floor as opportunities for built-in storage and thickened walls.

    6. The Umubano Primary School

    This school, designed by MASS Design Group, has unique settings for learning with a mix of interior rooms, exterior teaching areas, and terraced play spaces for children.

    7. Tind by Claesson Koivisto Rune


    Tind house was created by designer Claesson Koivisto Rune. Each house features a roof with a gentle incline to match the housing vernacular in Sweden. The peak of the roof is flat, which the designers compare to the profiles of the Scandinavian Mountains.

    8. Butaro Hospital

    This hospital, designed by MASS Design Group and located in the rural Burera district of Rwanda, has an innovative design that maximizes airflow to prevent the spread of airborne diseases.

    9. House in Suffolk

    Peter Guthrie / Via

    Designed by Strom Architects, this private house in Suffolk, UK is a country home that is set among the ruins of an old home that burned down eight years ago. The building is entered via a bridge that spans through the ruins.


    1) Rendering

    2) Rendering

    3) Rendering

    4) Reality

    5) Rendering

    6) Reality

    7) Rendering

    8) Reality

    9) Rendering

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