19 Reasons I’m Grateful My Dad Is Gay

My dad wears skinny jeans better than your dad.

In 2010 my dad came out.

(That’s him and me in the picture, a few years earlier).

In part thanks to this poster.

My sister, brother and I were huddled round this poster outside our local cinema.

“So, what would you do if this happened to us?” my dad asked. “Imagine I suddenly turned round and told you I was gay?” We shrugged in that typical indifferent teenage way and muttered something about it only being a film. Jeez dad.

The following week my dad came out.

Our version of events wasn’t exactly ‘Hollywood’.

IRL we don’t have big life-changing epiphanies. See, my dad knew he was gay for a long time, my mum knew he was gay for a long time, in fact we all knew.

Of course there were critics.

And the biggest blow came when the worst critics ended up being his parents, my grandparents.

But we soldier on…

Our Christmas dinners are filled with boyfriends, step-children and confused acquaintances but we somehow make it work.

And I couldn’t be more grateful to have a gay dad.

I am freakin’ proud of him, and here’s why.

1. My dad was never the type of dad I was used to seeing on TV.

Or in the films I grew up with.

2. But having a gay dad means you don’t have to do boring dad activities.

3. Or spend all Sunday watching football.

4. Being outdoors = perusing a funky antique market.

Which FYI can still be super tiring.

5. You get a whole other holiday to celebrate all over the world: Gay Pride.

6. Road-tripping with my dad means lots of gay anthems.

7. When my friend’s mothers flirt with my dad it’s kind of hilarious.

But you’ll also encounter the worst type of people… the homophobes.

And they’ll make you want to do this.

8. Gay dads are the best listeners, no matter how trivial your problem.

9. And they’ll still threaten to beat up anyone who hurts you.

10. Gay dads are also pretty nifty around the house.

11. Although, mine needs a little help with the handy work.

Which makes me feel pretty smug (don’t tell anyone).

12. Instead of having a Christmas tree like this…

13. Ours looked more like this. Just so the tree matched the table arrangements.


14. When my dad gives me an item of clothing as a gift, it’s always flattering and on trend.

15. No fugly knitted sweaters (phew!)

16. My dad makes sure I never leave the house like this…

17. He actually enjoys one of my least favourite activities… the brushing of hair.

18. His fashion advice is ruthless yet totally justified.

19. Having a gay parent has made me a lot more open-minded.

And part from that, having a gay dad is actually a lot like having a straight dad.

There is still the inevitable ‘dad dancing’.

And trying to be down with the kids.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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