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19 Reasons I'm Grateful My Dad Is Gay

My dad wears skinny jeans better than your dad.

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In part thanks to this poster. / Via

My sister, brother and I were huddled round this poster outside our local cinema.

"So, what would you do if this happened to us?" my dad asked. "Imagine I suddenly turned round and told you I was gay?" We shrugged in that typical indifferent teenage way and muttered something about it only being a film. Jeez dad.

The following week my dad came out.

Our version of events wasn't exactly 'Hollywood'. / Via

IRL we don't have big life-changing epiphanies. See, my dad knew he was gay for a long time, my mum knew he was gay for a long time, in fact we all knew.

And I couldn't be more grateful to have a gay dad.

I am freakin' proud of him, and here's why.

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